In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1



Old Testament

1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
Song of Solomon
Wisdom of Solomon
1 Maccabees
2 Maccabees

New Testament

1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John

Old Testament

Gen. Genesis

1:1—2:3 Six Days of Creation and the Sabbath
2:4-25 Another Account of Creation
3:1-24 Fall of Man
4:1-16 Cain and Abel
4:17-26 Beginnings of Civilization
5:1-32 Adam’s Descendants to Noah
6:1-10 Wickedness of Mankind
6:11-22 Noah Makes the Ark as God Commands
7:1-24 Great Flood
8:1-19  Flood Subsides
8:20-22 God’s Promise to Noah
9:1-17 Covenant with Noah
9:18-29 Noah and His Sons
10:1-32 Nations Descended from Noah
11:1-9 Tower of Babel
11:10-26 Descendents of Sham
11:27-32 Descendents of Terah
12:1-9 Call of Abram
12:10-20 Abram and Sarai in Egypt
13:1-18 Abram and Lot Separate
14:1-16 Lot’s Captivity and Rescue
14:17-24 Melchizedek Blesses Abram
15:1-21 God’s Covenant with Abram
16:1-16 Birth of Ishmael
17:1-27 Sign of the Covenant
18:1-15 Son Promised to Abraham and Sarah
18:16-33 Abraham Intercedes for Sodom
19:1-11 Immorality of Sodom
19:12-29 Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
19:30-38 Shameful Origin of the Moabites and Ammonites
20:1-18 Abraham and Sarah at Gerar
21:1-7 Birth of Isaac
21:8-21 Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away
21:22-34 Abraham and Abimelech Make a Covenant
22:1-19 God Tests Abraham
22:20-24 Children of Nahor
23:1-20 Sarah’s Death and Burial
24:1-67 Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah
25:1-6 Abraham Marries Keturah
25:7-11 Death of Abraham
25:12-18 Descendents of Ishmael
25:19-26 Birth of Esau and Jacob
25:27-34 Esau Sells His Birthright
26:1-33 Isaac and Abimelech
26:34-35 Esau’s Hittite Wives
27:1-29 Isaac Blesses Jacob
27:30-40 Esau’s Lost Blessing
27:41—28:5 Jacob Escapes Esau’s Fury
28:6-9 Esau Marries Ishmael’s Daughter
28:10-22 Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
29:1-14 Jacob Meets Rachel
29:15—30:24 Jacob Marries Laban’s Daughters
30:25-43 Jacob Prospers
31:1-21 Jacob Flees with His Family and Flocks
31:22-42 Laban Overtakes Jacob
31:43—32:2 Laban and Jacob Make a Covenant
32:3-21 Jacob Sends Gifts to Appease Esau
32:22-32 Jacob Wrestles at Peniel
33:1-17 Jacob and Esau Meet
33:18-20 Jacob Comes to Shechem
34:1-24 Shechem Defiles Dinah
34:25-31 Dinah Is Avenged by Her Brothers
35:1-15 Jacob Returns to Bethel
35:16-26 Birth of Benjamin and the Death of Rachel
35:27-29 Death of Isaac
36:1-14 Esau’s Descendants
36:15-43 Chiefs and Kings of Edom
37:1-11 Joseph Dreams of Greatness
37:12-36 Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers
38:1-30 Judah and Tamar
39:1-23 Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife
40:1-23 Dreams of Two Prisoners
41:1-36 Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream
41:37-57 Joseph’s Rise to Power in Egypt
42:1-25 Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt
42:26-38 Joseph’s Brothers Return to Canaan
43:1-34 Joseph’s Brothers Bring Benjamin to Egypt
44:1-17 Joseph Detains Benjamin
44:18-34 Judah Pleads for Benjamin’s Release
45:1-28 Joseph Makes Himself Known to His Brothers
46:1-27 Jacob Brings His Whole Family to Egypt
46:28—47:12 Jacob Dwells in the Land of Goshen
47:13-26 Famine in Egypt and Canaan
47:27-31 Last Days of Jacob
48:1-22 Jacob Blesses Joseph and His Sons
49:1-27 Jacob’s Last Words to His Sons
49:28—50:14 Jacob’s Death and Burial
50:15-21 Joseph Forgives His Brothers
50:22-26 Joseph’s Last Days and Death

Exod. Exodus

1:1-7 Sons of Israel
1:8-22 Israelites Are Oppressed by the Egyptians
2:1-10 Birth and Youth of Moses
2:11-25 Moses Flees to Midian
3:1-12 Moses and the Burning Bush
3:13-22 God Reveals His Name
4:1-17 God Gives Moses Help for His Mission
4:18-31 Moses Returns to Egypt
5:1—6:1 Bricks without Straw
6:2-13 God Promises Deliverance
6:14-27 Genealogy of Moses and Aaron
6:28—7:7 Moses and Aaron Obey God’s Commands
7:8-13 Aaron’s Miraculous Rod
7:14-24 First Plague: Water of the Nile Turned to Blood
7:25—8:15 Second Plague: Frogs
8:16-19 Third Plague: Gnats
8:20-32 Fourth Plague: Swarms of Flies
9:1-7 Fifth Plague: Death of the Egyptian’s Livestock
9:8-12 Sixth Plague: Boils
9:13-35 Seventh Plague: Thunder and Hail
10:1-20 Eighth Plague: Locusts
10:21-29 Ninth Plague: Darkness
11:1-10 Warning of the Final Plague
12:1-28 Passover Instituted
12:29-32 Tenth Plague: Death of Egypt’s First-born
12:33-42 Exodus: Rameses to Succoth
12:43—13:2 Obedience of the Passover
13:3-10 Feast of the Unleavened Bread
13:11-16 Consecration of First-born Males
13:17-22 Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire
14:1-25 Crossing the Red Sea
14:26-31 Egyptians Drown in the Sea
15:1-21 Songs of Moses and Miriam
15:22-27 Bitter Water is Made Sweet
16:1-36 Manna from Heaven
17:1-7 Water from the Rock
17:8-16 Amalek Attacks Israel and is Defeated
18:1-27 Jethro’s Counsel to Moses
19:1-15 Israelites reach Mount Sinai
19:16-25 God Speaks to Moses on the Mountain
20:1-20 Ten Commandments
20:21-26 God Gives Moses Laws about Sacrifice
21:1-11 Laws concerning Slaves
21:12-36 Laws Concerning Violence and Harm
22:1-15 Laws of Restitution
22:16-31 Social and Religious Laws
23:1-9 Laws concerning Justice
23:10-13 Sabbatical Year and the Sabbath
23:14-19 Annual Feasts
23:20-33 Conquest of Canaan Promised
24:1-8 Blood of the Covenant
24:9-18 On the Mountain of God
25:1-9 Offerings for the Tabernacle
25:10-22 Ark of the Covenant
25:23-30 Table for the Bread of the Presence
25:31-40 Lampstand
26:1-14 Tabernacle
26:15-30 Framework
26:31-37 Veil and the Screen
27:1-8 Alter of Burnt Offering
27:9-19 Court and Its Hangings
27:20-21 Oil for the Lamp
28:1-4 Holy Garments for the Priests
28:5-14 Ephod
28:15-30 Breastpiece of Judgment
28:31-35 Robe of the Ephod
28:36-43 Other Priestly Garments
29:1-37 Ordination of Priests
29:38-46 Daily Offerings
30:1-10 Alter of Incense
30:11-16 Half Shekel for the Sanctuary
30:17-21 Bronze Laver
30:22-38 Anointing Oil and Incense
31:1-11 Bezalel and Oholiab
31:12-17 Sabbath Law
31:18 Tables of the Covenant
32:1-35 Golden Calf
33:1-6 Command to Leave Sinai
33:7-11 Tent of Meeting
33:12-23 Moses’ Intercession
34:1-9 Tables of Stone
34:10-28 Covenant Renewed
34:29-35 Shining Face of Moses
35:1-3 Sabbath Regulations
35:4-19 Preparations for Making the Tabernacle
35:20-29 Offerings Brought for the Tabernacle
35:30—36:7 Bezalel and Oholiab Receive the Offerings
36:8-38 Construction of the Tabernacle
37:1-9 Making the Ark of the Covenant
37:10-16 Making the Table
37:17-24 Making the Lampstand
37:25-28 Making the Altar of Incense
37:29 Making the Anointing Oil and Incense
38:1-7 Making the Alter of Burnt Offering
38:8-20 Making the Laver and the Court
38:21-31 Materials of the Tabernacle
39:1-31 Making the Priests’ Garments
39:32-43 Work Finished
40:1-33 Erection of the Tabernacle
40:34-38 Cloud and the Glory of the Lord

Lev. Leviticus

1:1-17 Burnt Offerings
2:1-16 Cereal Offerings
3:1-17 Peace Offerings
4:1—5:13 Sin Offerings
5:14—6:7 Guilt Offerings
6:8—7:10 Law of Offerings
7:11-38 Further Instructions
8:1-36 Rites of Ordination
9:1-24 Aaron’s Priesthood Inaugurated
10:1-20 Nadab and Abihu
11:1-12 Clean and Unclean Foods
11:13-47 Unclean Creatures
12:1-8 Purification of Women
13:1-59 Skin Diseases
14:1-32 Cleansing of Lepers
14:33-57 Cleansing of Leprous Houses
15:1-18 Concerning Men’s Bodily Discharges
15:19-30 Concerning Women’s Bodily Discharges
15:31-33 Law concerning Discharges
16:1-34 Day of Atonement
17:1-9 Slaughter of Animals
17:10—18:5 Eating of Blood Forbidden
18:6-30 Laws concerning Sexual Relations
19:1-37 Ritual and Moral Holiness
20:1-27 Penalties for Violations
21:1-24 Holiness of Priests
22:1-16 Use of Holy Things
22:17-33 Acceptable Offerings
23:1-3 Sabbath
23:4-8 Passover
23:9-14 Offering of First Fruits
23:15-22 Feast of Weeks
23:23-25 Feast of Trumpets
23:26-32 Another Day of Atonement***
23:33-44 Feast of Booths
24:1-4 Lamp
24:5-9 Bread for the Tabernacle
24:10-23 Blasphemy and Its Punishment
25:1-7 Sabbatical Year
25:8-55 Year of Jubilee
26:1-13 Rewards for Obedience
26:14-46 Punishment for Disobedience
27:1-34 Votive Offerings

Num. Numbers

1:1-54 First Census of Israel
2:1-34 Order of Encampment and Marching
3:1-4 Sons of Aaron
3:5-13 Duties of the Levites
3:14-39 Census of the Levites
3:40-51 Redemption of the First-born
4:1-20 Kohathites
4:21-33 Gershonites and Merarites
4:34-49 Another Census of the Levites
5:1-4 Unclean Persons
5:5-10 Confession and Restitution
5:11-31 Unfaithful Wife or Jealous Husband
6:1-21 Nazirites
6:22-27 Priestly Benediction
7:1-89 Offerings of the Leaders
8:1-4 Seven Lamps
8:5-26 Levites’ Consecration and Service
9:1-14 Passover Kept at Sinai
9:15-23 Cloud and the Fire
10:1-10 Silver Trumpets
10:11-36 Departure from Sinai
11:1-15 Complaining in the Desert
11:16-30 Seventy Elders
11:31-35 Quails
12:1-16 Aaron and Miriam Speak against Moses
13:1-33 Spies Sent into Canaan
14:1-12 People Rebel
14:13-25 Moses Intercedes for the People
14:26-45 God’s Punishment of the Disobedient
15:1-31 Various Offerings
15:32-36 Punishment for Violating the Sabbath
15:37-41 Tassels on Garments
16:1-19 Revolt of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
16:20-40 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Are Punished
16:41-50 Plague Strikes the Rebels
17:1-13 Blossoming of Aaron’s Rod
18:1-7 Duties of Priests and Levites
18:8-32 Priest’s Portion
19:1-10 Ceremony of the Red Heifer
19:11-22 Laws concerning the Dead
20:1-13 Waters of Meribah
20:14-21 Passage through Edom Refused
20:22-29 Death of Aaron
21:1-9 Bronze Serpent
21:10-20 Journey to Moab
21:21-30 Sihon the King of the Amorities Defeated
21:31-35 Og the King of Bashan Defeated
22:1-20 Balak Summons Balaam
22:21-40 Balaam, His Donkey, and the Angel
22:41—23:12 Balaam’s First Oracle
23:13-30 Balaam’s Second Oracle
24:1-9 Balaam’s Third Oracle
24:10-25 Balaam’s Fourth Oracle
25:1-18 Worship of Baal of Peor
26:1-65 Another Census of Israel
27:1-11 Daughters of Zelophehad
27:12-23 Joshua Appointed Moses’ Successor
28:1-8 Daily Offerings
28:9-10 Sabbath Offerings
28:11-15 Monthly Offerings
28:16-25 Offerings at Passover
28:26-31 Offerings at the Feast of Weeks
29:1-6 Offerings at the Feast of Trumpets
29:7-11 Offerings on the Day of Atonement
29:12-40 Offerings at the Feast of Booths
30:1-16 Keeping of Vows
31:1-12 War against Midian
31:13-24 Return from the War
31:25-54 Division of the Booty
32:1-42 Conquest and Division of the Trans-Jordan Lands
33:1-49 Stages of Israel’s Journey from Egypt
33:50-56 Instructions for the Conquest of Canaan
34:1-15 Boundaries of the Land of Canaan
34:16-29 Tribal Leaders
35:1-8 Cities for the Levites
35:9-15 Cities of Refuge
35:16-34 Concerning Murder and Revenge
36:1-13 Concerning Married Women’s Inheritance

Deut. Deuteronomy

1:1-8 Events at Horeb Recalled
1:9-18 Appointment of Heads of the Tribes
1:19-33 Israel’s Refusal to Enter the Land
1:34-46 Punishment for Israel’s Rebellion
2:1-25 Years in the Wilderness
2:26-37 Defeat of Sihon the King of Heshbon
3:1-22 Defeat of Og the King of Bashan
3:23-29 Moses Views Canaan from Pisgah
4:1-40 Moses Commands Obedience to God
4:41-43 Cities of Refuge East of the Jordan
4:44-49 Moses Sets Forth the Law
5:1-21 Ten Commandments
5:22-33 Moses the Mediator of God’s Will
6:1-9 Great Commandment
6:10-25 Caution against Disobedience
7:1-11 Chosen People
7:12-26 Blessing for Obedience
8:1-20 Warning Not to Forget God
9:1-29 Consequences of Rebelling against God
10:1-11 Second Pair of Stone Tables
10:12-22 Essence of the Law
11:1-32 Rewards for Obedience
12:1-14 Pagan Shrines to be Destroyed
12:15-28 Concerning Eating
12:29—13:18 Warning against Idolatry
14:1-21 Pagan Practices Forbidden
14:22-29 Regulations concerning Tithes
15:1-18 Concerning the Sabbatical Year
15:19-23 Regulations concerning Livestock
16:1-8 Keeping the Passover
16:9-12 Keeping the Feast of Weeks
16:13-17 Keeping the Feast of Booths
16:18-20 Appointing Judges and Officers
16:21—17:7 Forbidden Forms of Worship
17:8-13 Legal Decisions by Priests and Judges
17:14-20 Limitations of Royal Authority
18:1-8 Privileges of Priests and Levites
18:9-22 Abominable Practices Prohibited
19:1-13 Cities of Refuge
19:14 Concerning Landmarks
19:15-21 Concerning Witnesses
20:1-20 Concerning Warfare
21:1-9 Concerning the Slain
21:10-14 Women Taken Captive
21:15-17 Right of the First-born Son
21:18-21 Rebellious Sons
21:22—22:12 Miscellaneous Laws
22:13-30 Concerning Sexual Relations
23:1-8 Exclusion from the Assembly
23:9-25 Sanitary, Ritual, and Humanitarian Precepts
24:1-4 Laws concerning Marriage and Divorce
24:5—25:4 Various Laws
25:5-10 Duty to a Brother’s Widow
25:11-19 Various Commands
26:1-15 First Fruits and Tithes
26:16-19 Concluding Exhortation
27:1-10 Inscribed Stones and Alter on Mount Ebal
27:11-26 Twelve Curses at Mount Ebal
28:1-14 Another Blessing for Obedience***
28:15-68 Warning against Disobedience
29:1-29 Covenant Renewed in Moab
30:1-10 God’s Fidelity Assured
30:11-20 Exhortation to Choose Life
31:1-8 Joshua Becomes Moses’ Successor
31:9-13 Rereading of the Law Commanded
31:14-29 Moses and Joshua Receive God’s Charge
31:30—32:47 Song of Moses
32:48-52 Moses’ Death Foretold
33:1-29 Moses’ Final Blessing
34:1-12 Death of Moses

Josh. Joshua

1:1-9 God Commissions Joshua
1:10-18 Preparations for Taking Over the Land
2:1-24 Spies Sent to Jericho
3:1-17 Israel Passes over the Jordan
4:1-24 Twelve Stones Set Up at Gilgal
5:1-9 Sons of Israel Are Circumcised
5:10-12 Passover at Gilgal
5:13-15 Joshua’s Vision
6:1-27 Jericho Taken and Destroyed
7:1-26 Sin of Achan and Its Punishment
8:1-29 Capture and Destruction of Ai
8:30-35 Joshua Sacrifices and Reads the Law at mount Ebal
9:1-27 Gibeonites’ Stratagem
10:1-15 Sun Stands Still
10:16-43 Five Kings Defeated
11:1-15 United Kings of Northern Canaan Defeated
11:16-23 Summary of Joshua’s Conquests
12:1-6 Kings Conquered by Moses
12:7-24 Kings Conquered by Joshua
13:1-14 Still Unconquered Parts of Canaan
13:15-23 Territory of Reuben
13:24-28 Territory of Gad
13:29-33 Territory of the Half-tribe of Manasseh (East)
14:1-5 Distribution of Territory West of the Jordan
14:6-15 Hebron Allotted to Caleb
15:1-12 Territory of Judah
15:13-19 Caleb Occupies His Portion
15:20-63 Towns of Judah
16:1-10 Territory of Ephraim
17:1-13 Territory of the Half-tribe of Manasseh (West)
17:14-18 Tribe of Joseph Protests
18:1-10 Territories of the Remaining Tribes
18:11-28 Territory of Benjamin
19:1-9 Territory of Simeon
19:10-16 Territory of Zebulun
19:17-23 Territory of Issachar
19:24-31 Territory of Asher
19:32-39 Territory of Naphtali
19:40-48 Territory of Dan
19:49-51 Inheritance of Joshua
20:1-9 City of Refuge
21:1-45 Cities of the Levites
22:1-9 Eastern Tribes Return
22:10-34 Altar of Witness by the Jordan
23:1-16 Joshua Exhorts the People
24:1-28 Tribes Renew the Covenant
24:29-33 Death of Joshua and Eleazar

Judg. Judges

1:1-36 Israel’s Failure to Complete Conquest
2:1-5 Israel’s Disobedience
2:6-10 Death of Joshua
2:11-23 Israel’s Unfaithfulness
3:1-6 Nations Remaining in the Land
3:7-11 Othni-el
3:12-30 Ehud
3:31 Shamgar
4:1-16 Deborah and Barak
4:17-24 Jael Kills Sisera
5:1-31 Song of Deborah
6:1-10 Midianite Oppression
6:11-27 Call of Gideon
6:28-35 Gideon Destroys the Altar of Baal
6:36-40 Sign of the Fleece
7:1-8 Gideon’s Army Selected
7:9-25 Gideon Routs the Midianites
8:1-21 Gideon’s Triumph
8:22-28 Gideon’s Ephod Becomes a Snare
8:29-35 Death of Gideon
9:1-6 Abimelech Tries to Establish a Monarchy
9:7-21 Jotham’s Parable of the Trees, Vine, and Bramble
9:22-57 Downfall of Abimelech
10:1-5 Tola and Jair
10:6-18 Oppression by the Philistines and Ammonites
11:1-28 Jephthah
11:29-33  Jephthah’s Vow
11:34-40 Jephthah’s Daughter
12:1-7 Intertribal Fighting
12:8-15 Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon
13:1-25 Birth of Samson
14:1-20 Samson’s Marriage at Timnah
15:1-20 Samson Defeats the Philistines
16:1-22 Samson and Delilah
16:23-31 Samson’s Death
17:1-13 Micah and the Levite
18:1-26 Micah and the Migration of Dan
18:27-31 Danites Settle in Laish
19:1-21 Levite’s Concubine
19:22-30 Crime of the Benjaminites of Gibe-ah
20:1-48 Tribes of Israel Attack the Benjaminites
21:1-25 Benjaminites Saved from Extinction

Ru. Ruth

1:1-5 Elimelech’s Family Goes to Moab
1:6-22 Naomi and Her Moabite Daughters-in-law
2:1-23 Ruth Meets Boaz
3:1-18 Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing Floor
4:1-12 Marriage of Boaz and Ruth
4:13-22 Genealogy of David

1 Sam. First Samuel

1:1-28 Samuel’s Birth and Dedication
2:1-10 Hannah’s Prayer
2:11-17 Eli’s Wicked Sons
2:18-21 Boy Samuel
2:22-25 Eli Tries to Correct His Sons
2:26 Samuel’s Virtues
2:27-36 Prophecy against Eli’s Household
3:1-18 Lord Calls Samuel
3:19—4:11 Samuel’s Prophecy and the Capture of the Ark of God
4:12-4:22 Death of Eli
5:1-12 Philistines and the Ark
6:1-18 Ark Returned to Israel
6:19—7:2 Ark at Kiriath-jearim
7:3-17 Samuel as Judge of Israel
8:1-18 Israel Asks for a King
8:19-22 Israel’s Demand Granted
9:1-26 Saul Chosen to Be King
9:27—10:8 Samuel Anoints Saul
10:9-16 Saul Prophesies
10:17-27 Saul Proclaimed King
11:1-15 Saul Defeats the Ammonites
12:1-25 Samuel’s Farewell Address
13:1-18 Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice
13:19-23 Preparation for Battle
14:1-23 Jonathan Surprises the Philistines
14:24-35 Saul’s Rash Oath
14:36-46 People Ransom Jonathan
14:47-52 Saul’s Continuing Wars
15:1-9 Saul Defeats the Amalekites but Disobeys
15:10-35 Lord Rejects Saul for His Disobedience
16:1-13 David Anointed as King
16:14-23 David Plays the Lyre for Saul
17:1-58 David and Goliath
18:1-9 Jonathan’s Covenant with David
18:10-16 Saul Tries to Kill David
18:17-30 David Marries Michal
19:1-7 Jonathan Intercedes for David
19:8-17 Michal Helps David Escape from Saul
19:18-24 David Joins Samuel in Ramah
20:1-42 Friendship of David and Jonathan
21:1-9 David and the Holy Bread
21:10-15 David Flees to Gath
22:1-5 David and His Followers at Adullam
22:6-23 Saul Slaughters the Priests at Nob
23:1-14 David Saves the City of Keilah
23:15-29 David Eludes Saul in the Wilderness
24:1-22 David Spares Saul’s Life
25:1 Death of Samuel
25:1-42 David and Abigail
25:43-44 Ahino-am of Jezreel
26:1-25 David Again Spares Saul’s Life
27:1—28:2 David Goes to King Achish in Gath
28:3-25 Saul Consults a Medium at En-dor
29:1-11 Philistines Reject David
30:1-31 David Avenges the Destruction of Ziklag
31:1-13 Death of Saul and His Sons

2 Sam. Second Samuel

1:1-16 David Mourns Saul and Jonathan
1:17-27 David’s Lamentation
2:1-7 David Anointed King of Judah
2:8-11 Ish-bosheth Made King of Israel
2:12-32 Battle of Gibeon
3:1-21 Abner Defects to David
3:22-39 Abner is Killed by Joab
4:1-12 Ish-bosheth is Assassinated
5:1-5 David Anointed King of All Israel
5:6-16 Jerusalem Is Made Capital of the Kingdom
5:17-25 Philistine Attack Repulsed
6:1-23 David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
7:1-17 God’s Promise to David
7:18-29 David’s Prayer
8:1-14 David’s Wars
8:15-18 David’s Officers
9:1-13 David’s Kindness to Mephibosheth
10:1-19 Ammonites and Syrians Are Defeated
11:1-13 David Commits Adultery with Bathsheba
11:14-27 David Has Uriah Killed
12:1-23 Nathan Condemns David, and God Punishes Him
12:24-25 Solomon Is Born
12:26-31 Ammonites Crushed
13:1-22 Amnon Defiles Tamar
13:23-36 Absalom Avenges His Sister
13:37-39 Absalom Flees
14:1-27 David Is Persuaded to Bring Absalom Back
14:28-33 David Forgives Absalom
15:1-12 Absalom Usurps the Throne
15:13-31 David Flees from Jerusalem
15:32-37 Hushai Becomes David’s Spy
16:1-4 David Meets Ziba
16:5-14 Shime-i Curses David
16:15—17:4  Counsel of Ahithophel
17:5-14 Counsel of Hushai
17:15-29 Hushai Warns David to Escape
18:1-18 Defeat and Death of Absalom
18:19-33 David Hears Tidings
19:1-10 David Mourns for Absalom
19:11-15 David is Recalled
19:16-23 Shime-i Meets David and is Forgiven
19:24-30 David and Mephibosheth Meet
19:31-40 David Blesses Barzillai
19:41-43 Dissension between Israel and Judah
20:1-26 Rebellion of Sheba
21:1-14 David Avenges the Gibeonites
21:15-22 Wars with the Philistines
22:1-51 David’s Song of Thanksgiving
23:1-7 Last Words of David
23:8-39 David’s Mighty Men
24:1-9 David Takes a Census
24:10-17 Judgment on David’s Sin
24:18-25 David’s Altar on the Threshing Floor

1 Kings. First Kings

1:1-27 Struggle for Succession to the Throne
1:28-53 Solomon Is Made King
2:1-9 David’s Instructions to Solomon
2:10-12 Death and Burial of David
2:13-25 Adonijah’s Intrigue
2:26-46 Solomon Consolidates His Reign
3:1-15 Solomon Prays for Wisdom
3:16-28 Solomon’s Wisdom in Judgment
4:1-28 Solomon’s High Officials
4:29-34 Fame of Solomon’s Wisdom
5:1-18 Preparations and Materials for the Temple
6:1-22 Solomon Builds the Temple
6:23-38 Furnishings of the Temple
7:1-12 Solomon’s House and Other Buildings
7:13-51 Works of Hiram the Bronzeworker
8:1-11 Dedication to the Temple
8:12-21 Solomon’s Speech
8:22-53 Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication
8:54-61 Solomon Blesses the Assembly
8:62-66 Solomon Offers Sacrifices
9:1-14 Lord’s Second Appearance to Solomon
9:15-25 Other Works of Solomon
9:26-28 Solomon’s Fleet
10:1-29 Visit of the Queen of Sheba
11:1-13 Solomon’s Errors
11:14-25 Adversaries of Solomon
11:26-40 Jeroboam’s Rebellion
11:41-43 Death of Solomon
12:1-15 Northern Tribes Secede
12:16-24 Jeroboam Reigns over Israel
12:25-33 Jeroboam’s Golden Calves
13:1-34 Man of God from Judah
14:1-16 Judgment on the house of Jeroboam
14:17-20 Death of Jeroboam
14:21-31 Rehoboam Reigns over Judah
15:1-8 Abijam Reigns over Judah
15:9-15 Asa Reigns over Judah
15:16-24 War between Asa and Baasha
15:25-32 Nadab Reigns over Israel
15:33—16:7 Baasha Reigns over Israel
16:8-14 Elah Reigns over Israel
16:15-20 Conspiracy and Death of Zimri
16:21-28 Omri Reigns over Israel and Builds Samaria
16:29-34 Ahab Reigns over Israel and Does Evil
17:1-7 Elijah’s Prophecy of a Drought
17:8-16 Widow of Zarephath
17:17-24 Elijah Revives the Widow’s Son
18:1-19 Elijah’s Message to Ahab
18:20-40 Elijah Triumphs over the Prophets of Baal
18:41-46 Drought Ends
19:1-8 Elijah Flees from Jezebel
19:9-18 Elijah Meets God at Mount Horeb
19:19-21 Elisha Becomes Elijah’s Disciple
20:1-12 Ahab’s Wars with the Syrians
20:13-15 Prophet Speaks to Ahab
20:16-34 Syrians Are Defeated
20:35-43 Prophet Condemns Ahab
21:1-16 Naboth’s Vineyard
21:17-29 Elijah Pronounces God’s Sentence
22:1-12 Judah and Israel Join to Fight the Syrians
22:13-28 Micaiah’s Prophecy
22:29-40 Defeat and Death of Ahab
22:41-50 Jehoshaphat Reigns over Judah
22:51-53 Ahaziah Reigns over Israel

2 Kings. Second Kings

1:1-16 Elijah Denounces Ahaziah
1:17-18 Death of Ahaziah
2:1-8 Elijah Is Taken Up to Heaven
2:9-18 Elisha Succeeds Elijah
2:19-25 Elisha Performs Miracles
3:1-3 Jehoram Reigns over Israel
3:4-27 War with Moab
4:1-7 Elisha and the Widow Jar of Oil
4:8-17 Elisha and the Shunammite Couple
4:18-37 Elisha Restores the Shunammite’s Son
4:38-41 Elisha Purifies the Pot of Pottage
4:42-44 Elisha Feeds a Hundred Men
5:1-27 Naaman is Cured of Leprosy
6:1-7 Miracle of the Axe Head
6:8-23 Syrian Attack is Thwarted
6:24—7:2 Ben-hadad’s Siege of Samaria
7:3-20 Syrians Flee
8:1-6 Shunammite Woman’s Land Restored
8:7-15 Death of Ben-hadad
8:16-24 Jehoram Reigns over Judah
8:25-29 Ahaziah Reigns over Judah
9:1-13 Anointing of Jehu
9:14-26 Joram of Israel Killed
9:27-29 Ahaziah of Judah Killed
9:30-37 Jezebel’s Violent Death
10:1-17 Massacre of Ahab’s Descendants
10:18-31 Jehu Slaughters the Worshipers of Baal
10:32-36 Death of Jehu
11:1-3 Athaliah Reigns over Judah
11:4-12 Jehoiada Anoints the Child Joash
11:13-20 Death of Athaliah
11:21—12:16 Reign of Jehoash and Repair of the Temple
12:17-18 Hazael of Syria Threatens Jerusalem
12:19-21 Death of Joash
13:1-9 Jehoahaz Reigns over Israel
13:10-13 Jehoash Reigns over Israel
13:14-21 Death of Elisha
13:22-25 Israel Recaptures Its Cities from Syria
14:1-22 Amaziah Reigns over Judah
14:23-29 Jeroboam II Reigns over Israel
15:1-7 Azariah Reigns over Judah
15:8-12 Zechariah Reigns over Israel
15:13-16 Shallum Reigns over Israel
15:17-22 Menahem Reigns over Israel
15:23-26 Pekahiah Reigns over Israel
15:27-31 Pekah Reigns over Israel
15:32-38 Jotham Reigns over Judah
16:1-20 Ahaz Reigns over Judah
17:1-6 Hoshea Reigns over Israel
17:7-23 Sins of Israel Lead to Deportation
17:24-41 Assyria Resettles Samaria
18:1-12 Hezekiah Reigns over Judah
18:13-37 Sennacherib Invades Judah
19:1-7 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
19:8-13 Sennacherib’s Mockery
19:14-34 Hezekiah’s Praryer
19:35-37 Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death
20:1-11 Hezekiah’s Illness
20:12-19 Envoys from Babylon
20:20-21 Death of Hezekiah
21:1-18 Manasseh Reigns over Judah
21:19-26 Amon Reigns over Judah
22:1-2 Josiah Reigns over Judah
22:3-10 Hilkiah Finds the Book of the Law
22:11-20 Josiah Hears the Law and Is Penitent
23:1-20 Josiah’s Reforms
23:21-27 Passover Is Celebrated
23:28-35 Josiah Dies in Battle
23:36-37 Jehoiakim Reigns over Judah
24:1-7 Judah Overrun by Enemies
24:8-9 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiachin
24:10-17 Babylon Conquers Jerusalem
24:18—25:7 Zedekiah Reigns over Judah
25:8-21 Babylon Exile
25:22-26 Gedaliah Made Govenor of Judah
25:27-30 Jehoiachin Is Freed by Evil-merodach

1 Chron. First Chronicles

1:1-27 From Adam to Abraham
1:28-54 Descendants of Abraham
2:1-55 Sons of Israel and Descendants of Judah
3:1-24 Descendants of David and Solomon
4:1-23 Descendants of Judah
4:24-43 Descendants of Simeon
5:1-10 Descendants of Reuben
5:11-22 Descendants of Gad
5:23-26 Half-tribe of Manasseh
6:1-30 Descendants of Levi
6:31-53 Musicians Appointed by David
6:54-81 Settlements of the Levites
7:1-5 Descendants of Issachar
7:6-12 Descendants of Benjamin
7:13 Descendants of Naphtali
7:14-19 Descendants of Manasseh
7:20-29 Descendants of Ephraim
7:30-40 Descendants of Asher
8:1—9:9 Descendants of Benjamin in Detail
9:10-13 Priestly Families
9:14-34 Levitical Families
9:35-44 Family of Saul
10:1-14 Death of Saul and His Sons
11:1-3 David Anointed King of All Israel
11:4-9 David’s Army Captures Jerusalem
11:10-47 David’s Mighty Men and Their Exploits
12:1-22 David’s Followers in the Wilderness
12:23-40 David’s Army at Hebron
13:1-14 Ark Brought from Kiriath-jeari
14:1-7 David Established in Jerusalem
14:8-17 Defeat of the Philistines
15:1-29 Ark Brought to Jerusalem
16:1-6 Ark Placed in a Tent
16:7-36 David’s Song of Thanksgiving
16:37-43 Regular Worship Maintained
17:1-15 God’s Covenant with David
18:16-27 David’s Prayer
18:1-11 David’s Kingdom Established and Extended
18:12-17 David’s Just Administration
19:1-19 Defeat of the Ammonites and Syrians
20:1-3 Siege and Capture of Rabbah
20:4-8 War with the Philistines
21:1-17 Census and the Pestilence
21:18-27 David’s Altar and Sacrifice
21:28—22:1 Site for the Temple Chosen
22:2-5 David’s Preparations for the Temple
22:6-19 David’s Charge to Solomon and Leaders of Israel
23:1-32 Families of the Levites and Their Duties
24:1-19 Divisions of the Sons of Aaron
24:20-31 Other Levites
25:1-31 Temple Musicians
26:1-19 Divisions of the Gatekeepers
26:20-32 Treasurers, Officers, and Judges
27:1-15 Military Divisions
27:16-24 Leaders of the Tribes
27:25-34 Stewards and Counselors
28:1-21 Solomon Instructed to Build the Temple
29:1-9 Provisions for Building the Temple
29:10-19 David’s Prayer of Praise
29:20-25 People Offer Sacrifice and Anoint Solomon
29:26-30 Summary of David’s Reign

2 Chron. Second Chronicles

1:1-13 Solomon Requests Wisdom
1:14-17 Solomon’s Acquisitions
2:1-10 Preparations for Building the Temple
2:11-16 Huram Agrees to Help Solomon
2:17-18 Census of the Aliens
3:1-17 Solomon Builds the Temple
4:1—5:1 Furnishings of the Temple
5:2-14 Ark of the Covenant Brought into the Temple
6:1-11 Dedication of the Temple
6:12-42 Solomon’s Prayer of dedication
7:1-10 Consecration of the Temple
7:11-22 Lord’s Second Appearance to Solomon
8:1-18 Solomon Builds Many Cities
9:1-12 Visit of the Queen of Sheba
9:13-28 Solomon’s Wealth and Wisdom
9:29-31 Death of Solomon
10:1-19 Revolt against Rehoboam
11:1-12 Judah and Benjamin Fortified
11:13-17 Priests and Levites Support Rehoboam
11:18-23 Wives of Rehoboam
12:1-12 Egypt Attacks Judah
12:13-16 Death of Rehoboam
13:1-22 Abijah’s Reign over Judah
14:1-8 Asa’s Good Reign over Judah
14:9-15 Judah Defeats the Ethiopians
15:1-7 Azariah’s Prophecy
15:8-19 Asa Has Idols Removed
16:1-10 Alliance with Syria Condemned
16:11-14 Asa’s Disease and Death
17:1-19 Jehoshapat’s Reign
18:1-11 Jehoshaphat’s Alliance with Ahab
18:12-27 Micaiah’s Prophecy of Defeat
18:28-34 Death of Ahab
19:1-11 Reforms of Jehoshaphat
20:1-4 Invasion from the East
20:5-30 Jehoshaphat’s Prayer and Victory
20:31-37 End of Jehoshaphat’s Reign over Judah
21:1-7 Jehoram’s Reign over Judah
21:8-10 Revolt of Edom
21:11-17 Elijah’s Letter of Warning
21:18-20 Disease and Death of Jehoram
22:1-6 Ahaziah’s Reign over Judah
22:7-9 Downfall of Ahaziah
22:10—23:7 Athaliaah Seizes the Throne
23:8-11 Josash Crowned King of Judah
23:12-15 Athaliah Slain
23:16-21 Jehoiada’s Covenant
24:1-16 Joash Restores the Temple
24:17-22 Apostasy of Joash
24:23-27 Death of Joash
25:1-4 Amaziah’s Reign over Judah
25:5-16 Slaughter of the Edomites
25:17-24 Israel Defeats Judah
25:25-28 Death of Amaziah
26:1-15 Uzziah’s Reign over Judah
26:16-23 Pride and Apostasy
27:1-9 Jotham’s Reign over Judah
28:1-4 Ahaz’s Reign over Judah
28:5-7 Syria and Israel Defeat Judah
28:8-21 Prophet Oded Intercedes
28:22-27 Apostasy and Death of Ahaz
29:1-2 Hezekiah’s Reign over Judah
29:3-19 Temple is Cleansed
29:20-36 Hezekiah Temple Worship
30:1-27 Keeping the Feast of the Passover
31:1-10 Pagan Shrines Destroyed
31:11-21 Reorganization of the Priests and Levites
32:1-19 Invasion of Sennacherib, King of Assyria
32:20-23 Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death
32:24-26 Hezekiah’s Sickness
32:27-33 Hezekiah’s Prosperity and Good Deeds
33:1-9 Manasseh’s Evil Reign over Judah
33:10-17 Manasseh Restored after Repentance
33:18-20 Death of Manasseh
33:21-25 Amon’s Reign and Death
34:1-7 Josiah’s Reign over Judah
34:8-21 Book of the Law is Found
34:22-28 Prophetess Huldah Consulted
34:29-33 Covenant Renewed
35:1-19 Celebration of the Passover
35:20-27 Defeat by Pharaoh Neco and the Death of Josiah
36:1-4 Jehoahaz’s Reign over Judah
36:5-8 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiakim
36:9-10 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiachin
36:11-14 Zedekiah’s Reign over Judah
36:15-21 Fall of Jerusalem
36:22-23 Cyrus Proclaims Liberty for the Exiles

Ez. Ezra

1:1-11 End of the Babylonian Captivity
2:1-70 List of Returned Exiles
3:1-7 Worship Restored at Jerusalem
3:8-13 Foundation of the Temple Laid
4:1-5 Resistance to Rebuilding the Temple
4:6-16 Letters of Protest against Rebuilding
4:17-24 Rebuilding of Jerusalem Forced to Halt
5:1-17 Restoration of the Temple Resumed
6:1-12 Decree of Darius
6:13-18 Completion and Dedication of the Temple
6:19-22 Passover is Celebrated
7:1-10 Arrival and Work of Ezra
7:11-28 Letter of Ar-ta-xerxes to Ezra
8:1-14 Heads of Families Who Returned with Ezra
8:15-20 Ministers for the Temple
8:21-23 Fasting and Prayer for Protection
8:24-30 Gifts for the Temple
8:31-36 Return to Jerusalem
9:1-15 Denunciation of Intermarriage; Ezra’s Prayer
10:1-5 People’s Response
10:6-44 Separation from Foreign Wives and Children

Neh. Nehemiah

1:1—2:8 Nehemiah’s Prayers
2:9-10 Nehemiah Sent to Judah
2:11-16 Nehemiah’s Inspection of the Walls
2:17-20 Decision to Restore the Walls
3:1-32 Organization of the Work
4:1-23 Hostile Plots Frustrated
5:1-13 Nehemiah Deals with Oppression
5:14-19 Generosity of Nehemiah
6:1-14 Enemy Plots Avoided
6:15—7:4 Wall Completed
7:5-72 Lists of Returned Exiles
7:73—8:12 Ezra Opens the Book of the Law
8:13-18 Feast of Booths Celebrated
9:1-5 Public Confession and Worship
9:6-37 Ezra’s Prayer to God
9:38—10:27 Signing of the Covenant
10:28-39 Summary of the Covenant
11:1-24 Inhabitants of Jerusalem
11:25-36 Villages outside Jerusalem
12:1-26 Lists of Priests and Levites
12:27-43 Dedication of the Wall of Jerusalem
12:44-47 Appointments to Temple Responsibilities
13:1-3 Foreigners Separated from Israel
13:4-14 Reforms of Nehemiah
13:15-22 Sabbath Reforms Begun
13:23-31 Intermarriage Condemned

Tob. Tobit

1:3-9 Tobit’s Youth and Virtuous Life
1:10-15 Tobit Taken Captive to Nineveh
1:16—2:6 Courage in Burying the Dead
2:7-10 Tobit Becomes Blind
2:11-14 Tobit’s Wife Earns Their Livelihood
3:1-6 Tobit’s Prayer
3:7-9 Sarah Falsely Accused
3:10-15 Sarah’s Prayer for Death
3:16-17 Answer to Prayer
4:1-21 Tobit Gives Instructions to His Son
5:1-22 Angel Raphael
6:1-8 Miraculous Fish
6:9-17 Raphael’s Instructions
7:1-18 Arrival at Raguel’s Home; and a Marriage Contract
8:1-18 Tobias Routs the Demon and Prays with Sarah
8:19-21 Wedding Feast
9:1-6 Money Recovered from Gabael
10:1-12 Tobias and Sarah Journey Home to Tobit and Anna
11:1-6 The Return
11:7-19 Tobit’s Sight Restored
12:1-5 Raphael’s Wages
12:6-10 Raphael’s Exhortation
12:11-22 Raphael Reveals His Identity
13:1-18 Tobit’s Prayer of Thanksgiving
14:1-15 Tobit’s Final Counsel and Death

Jud. Judith

1:1-6 Arphaxad Fortifies Ecbatana
1:7-11 Nebuchadnezzar’s Orders Disregarded
1:12-16 Arphaxad Is Defeated
2:1-13 Revenge against the West
2:14-28 Campaign of Holofernes
3:1-10 Entreaties for Peace
4:1-7 Judea Prepares for Defense
4:8-15 Israel’s Prayer and Penance
5:1-4 Holofernes’ Council against the Israelites
5:5-24 Achoir’s Report
6:1-21 Achoir Handed over to the Israelites
7:1-18 Campaign against Bethulia
7:19-32 Distress of the Israelites
8:1-8 Character of Judith
8:9-36 Judith Rebukes the Elders
9:1-14 Prayer of Judith
10:1-10 Judith Prepares to Go to Holofernes
10:11-19 Judith Is Captured
10:20—11:4 Judith Is Brought before Holofernes
11:5-23 Judith Deceives Holofernes
12:1-9 Judith as a Guest of Holofernes
12:10-20 Judith Attends Holofernes’ Banquet
13:1-11 Judith Beheads Holofernes
13:12-20 Judith Returns to Her People
14:1-10 Judith’s Counsel
14:11-19 Holofernes’ Death is Discovered
15:1-7 Assyrian Army Flees
15:8-13 Israelites Celebrate
16:1-20 Song of Praise of Judith
16:21-25 Renown and Death of Judith

Esth. Esther

11:2-12 Mordecai’s Dream
12:1-6 Mordecai Discovers a Plot against the King
1:1-22 King Ahasuerus Deposes Queen Vashti
2:1-18 Esther is Chosen as Queen
2:19-23 Mordecai Discovers a Plot
3:1-13 Haman Seeks to destroy the Jews
13:1-7/3:14-15 King’s Letter
4:1-17 Esther Agrees to Help the Jews
[13]8-18 Mordecai’s Prayer
14:1-19 Esther’s Prayer
15:1—[5]3-8 Esther’s Invitation to the King and Haman
5:9-14 Haman Plans to Have Mordecai Hanged
6:1-13 King Honors Mordecai
6:14—8:2 Haman’s Downfall and Mordecai’s Advancement
8:3-12 Esther Saves the Jews
16:1-24/8:13-17 King’s Edict
9:1-15 Destruction of the Enemies of the Jews
9:16-32 Feast of Purim Inaugurated
10:1-13 Mordecai’s Dream Fulfilled
11:1 Postscript

Jb. Job

1:1-5 Job and His Family
1:6-12 Satan Is Allowed to Tempt Job
1:13-22 Job Loses His Property and Children
2:1-10 Job Is Afflicted with Sores
2:11-13 Job’s Three Friends
3:1-26 Job Curses the Day of His Birth
4:1—5:27 Eliphaz Speaks: Suffering Is a Result of Sin
6:1—6:30 Job Replies to Eliphaz
7:1-21 Job Speaks of His Sufferings
8:1-22 Bildad Speaks: God Is Just
9:1-35 Job Replies to Bildad
10:1-22 Job Says He Loathes His Life
11:1-20 Zophar Speaks:Job’s Guilt deserves Punishment
12:1—13:28 Job Replies to Zophar
14:1-22 Frailty of Man
15:1-35 Eiphaz Rebukes Job
16:1-22 Job Reaffirms His Innocence
17:1-16 Job Prays for Relief
18:1-21 Bildad Speaks: God Punishes the wicked
19:1-29 Job Answers: I Know That My Redeemer Lives
20:1-29 Zophar Speaks: Wickedness Receives Retribution
21:1-34 Job Replies: The Wicked Often Prosper
22:1-30 Eliphaz Speaks: Job’s Wickedness Must Be Great
23:1-17 Job Replies: I Am Hemmed In
24:1-25 Job Complains of Violence
25:1-6 Bildad Speaks: How Can Man Be Righteous?
26:1-14 Job Speaks of God’s Power
27:1-23 Job Maintains His Integrity
28:1-28 Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?
29:1-25 Job Recalls Past Happiness
30:1-31 Job Speaks of His Present Suffering
31:1-40 Job Asserts His Integrity
32:1-22 Young Elihu Rebukes Job’s Friends
33:1-33 Elihu Addresses Job
34:1-37 Elihu Proclaims God’s Justice
35:1-16 Elihu Condemns Self-righteousness
36:1-33 Elihu Speaks on God’s Behalf
37:1-24 Greatness of God
38:1-41 Lord Answers Job
39:1-30 Lord Questions Job
40:1—41:34 Dialogue: God Challenges Job
42:1-6 Job Is Humbled and Repents
42:7-9 Job’s Friends Are Humiliated
42:10-17 Job’s Fortunes Are Restored Twofold

Ps. Psalms

1. Two Ways
2. God’s Promise to His Anointed
3. Trust in God under Adversity
4. Confident Plea Deliverance from Enemies
5. Trust in God for Deliverance from Enemies
6. Prayer for Recovery from Grave Illness
7. Plea for Help against Persecution
8. Divine Majesty and Human Dignity
9. God’s Power and Justice
10. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
11[10]. Song of Trust in God
12[11]. Plea for Help in Evil Times
13[12]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
14[13]. Denunciation of Godlessness
15[14]. Who Shall Abide in God’s Sanctuary?
16[15]. Song of Trust and Security in God
17[16]. Prayer for Deliverance from Persecutions
18[17]. Royal Thanksgiving for Victory
19[18]. God’s Glory in Creation and the Law
20[19]. Prayer for Victory
21[20]. Thanksgiving for Victory
22[21]. Plea for Deliverance from Suffering and Hostility
23[22]. Divine Shepherd
24[23]. Entrance into the Temple
25[24]. Prayer for Guidance and for Deliverance
26[25]. Plea for Justice; and Declaration of Righteousness
27[26]. Triumphant Song of Confidence
28[27]. Prayer for Help; and Thanksgiving for It
29[28]. Voice of God in a Great Storm
30[29]. Thanksgiving for Recovery from Grave Illness
31[30]. Prayer and Praise for Deliverance from Enemies
32[31]. Joy of Forgiveness
33[32]. Greatness and Goodness of God
34[33]. Praise for Deliverance from Trouble
35[34]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
36[35]. Human Wickedness and Divine Goodness
37[36]. Exhortation to Patience and trust
38[37]. Penitent Sufferer’s Plea for Healing
39[38]. Prayer for Wisdom and Forgiveness
40[39]. Thanksgiving for Deliverance; and Prayer for Help
41[40]. Assurance of God’s Help; and a Plea for Healing
42[41]. Longing for God and His Help in Distress
43[42]. Prayer to God in Time of Trouble
44[43]. National Lament and Prayer for Help
45[44]. Ode for a Royal Wedding
46[45]. God’s defense of His City and People
47[46]. God’s Rule over the Nations
48[47]. Glory and Strength of Zion
49[48]. Folly of Trust in Riches
50[49]. Acceptable Sacrifice
51[50]. Prayer for Cleansing and Pardon
52[51]. Judgment on the Deceitful
53[52]. Denunciation of Godlessness
54[53]. Prayer for Vindication
55[54]. Complaint about a Friend’s Treachery
56[55]. Trust in God under Persecution
57[56]. Praise and Assurance under Persecution
58[57]. Prayer for Vengeance
59[58]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
60[59]. Prayer for National Victory after Defeat
61[60]. Assurance of God’s Protection
62[61]. Song of Trust in God Alone
63[62]. Comfort and Assurance in God’s Presence
64[63]. Prayer for Protection from Enemies
65[64]. Thanksgiving for Earth’s Bounty
66[65]. Praise for God’s Goodness for Israel
67[66]. Nation’s Called to Praise God
68[67]. Praise and Thanksgiving
69[68]. Prayer for Deliverance from Persecution
70[69]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
71[70]. Prayer for Lifelong Protection and Help
72[71]. Prayer for Guidance and Support for the King
73[72]. Plea for Relief from Oppressors
74[73]. Plea for Help in Time of National Humiliation
75[74]. Thanksgiving for God’s Wondrous Deeds
76[75]. Israel’s God-Judge of All the Earth
77[76]. God’s Mighty Deeds Recalled
78[77]. God’s Goodness and Israel’s Ingratitude
79[78]. Plea for Mercy for Jerusalem
80[79]. Prayer for Israel’s Restoration
81[80]. God’s Appeal to Stubborn Israel
82[81]. Plea for Justice
83[82]. Prayer for Judgment on Israel’s Foes
84[83]. Joy of Worship in the Temple
85[84]. Prayer for the Restoration of God’s Favor
86[85]. Supplication for Help against Enemies
87[86]. Joy of Living in Zion
88[87]. Prayer for Help in Despondency
89[88]. God’s Covenant with David
91[90]. Assurance of God’s Protection
92[91]. Thanksgiving for Vindication
93[92]. Majesty of God’s Rule
94[93]. God the Avenger of the Righteous
95[94]. Call to Worship and Obedience
96[95]. Praise to God Who Comes in Judgment
97[96]. Glory of God’s Reign
98[97]. Praise the Judge of the World
99[98]. Praise to God for His Holiness
100[99]. All Lands Summoned to Praise God
101[100]. Sovereign’s Pledge of Integrity and Justice
102[101]. Prayer to the Eternal King for Help
103[102]. Thanksgiving for God’s Goodness
104[103]. God the Creator and Provider
105[104]. God’s Faithfulness to Israel
106[105]. Confession of Israel’s Sins
107[106]. Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Many Troubles
108[107]. Praise and Prayer for Victory
109[108]. Prayer for Vindication and Vengeance
110[109]. Assurance of Victory for God’s Priest-King
111[110]. Praise for God’s Wonderful Works
112[111]. Blessings of the Righteous
113[112]. God the Helper of the Needy
114[113]. God’s Wonders at the Exodus
115[114]. Importance of Idols and the Greatness of God
116[115]. Thanksgiving for Recovery from Illness
117[116]. Universal Call to Worship
118[117]. Song of Victory
119[118]. Glories of God’s Law
120[119]. Prayer for Deliverance from Slanderers
121[120]. Assurance of God’s Protection
122[121]. Song of Praise; and a Prayer for Jerusalem
123[122]. Supplication for Mercy
124[123]. Thanksgiving for Israel’s Deliverance
125[124]. Security of God’s People
126[125]. Harvest of Joy
127[126]. God’s Blessings in the Home
128[127]. Happy Home of the Faithful
129[128]. Prayer for the Downfall of Israel’s Enemies
130[129]. Waiting for Divine Redemption
131[130]. Song of Quiet Trust
132[131]. Eternal Dwelling of God in Zion
133[132]. Blessedness of Unity
134[133]. Praise in the Night
135[134]. Praise for God’s Goodness and Might
136[135]. God’s Work in Creation and in History
137[136]. Lament over the Destruction of Jerusalem
138[137]. Thanksgiving and Praise
139[138]. Inescapable God
140[139]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
141[140]. Prayer for Preservation from Evil
142[141]. Prayer for Deliverance from Persecutors
143[142]. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
144[143]. Prayer for National Deliverance and Security
145[144]. Greatness and the Goodness of God
146[145]. Praise for God’s Help
147[146]. Praise for God’s Care for Jerusalem
148. Praise for God’s Universal Glory
149. Praise for God’s Goodness to Israel
150. Praise for God’s Surpassing Greatness

Prov. Proverbs

1:1-33 Call of Wisdom
2:1-22 Treasure of Wisdom
3:1-35 Exhortation to Be Wise and to Honor God
4:1-27 Father’s Advice
5:1-23 Warning against Loose Women
6:1-35 Practical Admonitions and Warnings
7:1-27 False Attractions of Adultery
8:1-36 Eternity of Wisdom
9:1-18 Feast of Wisdom; and General Maxims
10:1—15:33 Wise Sayings of Solomon
16:1—22:16 Solomon’s Proverbs on Life and Conduct
22:17-29 Sayings of the Wise
23:1—24:34 Precepts and Warnings
25:1—27:27 Further Wise Sayings of Solomon
28:1—29:27 Wicked and the Righteous Contrasted
30:1-33 Sayings of Agur
31:1-31 Sayings of Lemuel’s Mother; Praise of a Good Wife

Eccles. Ecclesiastes

1:1-11 All Is Vanity
1:12-18 Vanity in Seeking Wisdom
2:1-11 Vanity in Self-Indulgence
2:12-26 Vanity of Folly and Toil
3:1-9 Everything Has a Season
3:10-15 God-given Tasks
3:16-22 Judgment and the Future Belong to God
4:1-8 Injustice of Life
4:9-16 Value of Friendship
5:1-20 Reverence, Humility, Enjoyment
6:1-12 Frustration of Desires
7:1-14 Wisdom and Folly Compared
7:15-29 Inequalities of Life
8:1-9 Obedience to Rulers
8:10-17 God’s Ways Are Inscrutable
9:1-12 Acceptance of Life As it Comes
9:13-18 Wisdom Superior to Folly
10:1-20 Observation of Wisdom
11:1-6 Value of Diligence
11:7-10 Youth and Old Age
12:1-8 Advice to the Young
12:9-14 Epilogue

Sol. Song of Solomon

1:1-17 Song of the Bride and Her Companions
2:1-17 Springtime Canticle
3:1-11 Love Seeking the Bridegroom
4:1-16 Bride’s Beauty Extolled
5:1-16 Groom’s Song of Love; and the Torment of Separation
6:1-13 Colloquy of the Friends and the Bride; Bridegroom’s Praise of the Bride
7:1-13 Colloquy of the Bride and the Groom
8:1-14 Metaphors of Love

Wis. Wisdom of Solomon

1:1—2:24 Exhortation to Uprightness and Avoidance of Evil
3:1-19 Destiny of the Righteous Contrasted to the Ungodly
4:1—5:23 Reward of the Righteous
6:1-25 Admonition to Rulers
7:1—8:21 Solomon’s Prayer for and Love of Wisdom
9:1-18 Prayer of Solomon
10:1—12:27 Deeds of Solomon
13:1—14:31 Foolishness of Idolatry
15:1—16:29 Worship of God Contrasted to Idols
17:1—18:25 Plague of Darkness and Death
19:1-22 God’s Continuing Help for His People

Sir. Sirach

1:1-30 Praise of Wisdom
2:1-18 Duties toward God
3:1-31 Duties toward Parents and Others
4:1—6:37 Precepts for Everyday Life
7:1-36 Advice for Right Conduct
8:1-19 Prudence
9:1—11:34 Conduct toward Others
12:1-18 Friends and Enemies
13:1—14:27 Responsible Use of Riches
15:1—16:30 Freedom of Choice and Its Consequences
17:1-32 Wisdom concerning God’s Gifts to Men
18:1-33 God and Man
19:1-30 True Wisdom Contrasted to Cleverness and Evil
20:1-32 Silence and Speech
21:1-28 Various Sins and Foolishness
22:1—23:27 Wisdom, Folly, and Self-Control
24:1-34 Praise of Wisdom
25:1—28:26 Good and the Evil in Daily Life
29:1-28 Lending and Borrowing, Home, and Hospitality
30:1-25 Discipline of Children, Right Attitudes
31:1—32:24 Right Conduct
33:1-31 Practical Advice
34:1-26 Fear of the Lord, Sacrifice, Justice, and Prayer
35:1-20 Law and Sacrifice-Divine Justice
36:1-26 Prayer for God’s People; Wise Sayings
37:1-31 Concerning Good Council, Reason, and Moderation
38:1-34 Concerning Physicians, Tradesmen, and Craftsmen
39:1-35 Student of Law; and Praise of God
40:1-30 Human Wretchedness and Joys of Life
41:1—42:25 Series of Contrasts
43:1-33 God’s Greatness in Creation
44:1—49:16 Praise of Our Fathers
50:1-29 Simon Son of Onias; a Benediction, and an Epilogue
51:1-30 Search for Wisdom

Isa. Isaiah

1:1-31 Sinfulness of Judah
2:1-22 Lord’s Universal Reign
3:1—4:6 Lord’s Judgment
5:1-30 Parable of Vineyard
6:1-13 Vision of the Lord in the Temple
7:1-9 Isaiah Reassures King Ahaz
7:10-25 Sign of Immanuel
8:1-15 Isaiah’s Son a Sign of Assyrian Invasion
8:16-22 Disciples of Isaiah
9:1-21 Righteous Reign
10:1-19 Judgment on the Oppressors
10:20-34 Repentant Remnant of Israel
11:1-16 Shoot from the Stump of Jesse and the Peaceful Kingdom
12:1-6 Thanksgiving and Praise
13:1-22 Oracle concerning Babylon
14:1-32 Restoration of Israel
15:1—16:14 Oracle concerning Moab
17:1—18:7 Oracle concerning Damascus
19:1-25 Oracle concerning Egypt
20:1-6 Conquest of Egypt and Ethiopia
21:1-17 Oracles concerning Babylon, Edom, and Arabia
22:1-14 Oracle concerning the Valley of Vision
22:15-25 Denunciation of Self-Seeking Officials
23:1-18 Oracle concerning Tyre
24:1-23 Impending Judgment on the Earth
25:1-12 Praise for Deliverance from Oppression
26:1-21 Judah’s Song of Praise to God
27:1-13 Israel’s Expiation
28:1-29 Warning to Jerusalem
29:1-21 Siege of Jerusalem
29:22-24 Hope for the Future
30:1-18 Rebellious People
30:19-28 God’s Promise to Zion
30:29-33 Judgment on Assyria
31:1-9 Help from Egypt Is Futile
32:1-20 Reign of Righteousness and Justice
33:1-24 Prophecy of Deliverance: The Lord, the Majestic King
34:1-17 Wrath of the Lord
35:1-10 Lord Will Come to Save
36:1-22 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
37:1-13 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
37:14-35 Hezekiah’s Prayer
37:36-38 Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death
38:1-22 Hezekiah’s Sickness
39:1-8 Envoys from Babylon Welcomed
40:1-31 God Comforts His People
41:1-29 Israel Assured of God’s Help
42:1-25 Lord’s Servant; and Israel’s Disobedience
43:1-28 Lord Is Redeemer of Israel
44:1-8 God’s Blessing on Israel
44:9-17 Folly of Idol Worship
44:18-28 Israel is Not Forgotten
45:1-25 Cyrus, God’s Instrument
46:1-13 Idols Cannot Save
47:1-15 Humiliation of Babylon
48:1-22 Israel’s Unfaithfulness to God the Creator and Redeemer
49:1-26 Servant’s Mission
50:1-11 Sufferings of the Servant
51:1-23 Lord Will Comfort Zion
52:1-15 Awake to Good Tidings of Redemption
53:1-12 Lord’s Suffering Servant
54:1-17 Mercy and Comfort Offered
55:1-13 Invitation to Abundant Life
56:1-12 Rewards of Righteousness
57:1-21 Idolatry Condemned
58:1-14 True and False Fasting and Worship
59:1-21 Injustice and Oppression to Be Punished
60:1-22 Lord Will Come as a Light and Will Gather His People
61:1-11 Good Tidings for the Afflicted
62:1-12 Vindication and Salvation of Zion
63:1-19 Vengeance on Enemies; God’s Mercy Recounted and Sought
64:1-12 Prayer for Mercy
65:1-25 Righteousness of God’s Judgment
66:1-17 Judgment of God
66:18-24 New Heavens and New Earth

Jer. Jeremiah

1:1-3 Introduction
1:4-19 Jeremiah’s Call and Compassion
2:1-37 Israel’s Apostasy
3:1-5 Unfaithful Israel
3:6—4:4 Call to Repentance
4:5-31 Judah Threatened with Invasion
5:1-31 Godlessness of Jerusalem
6:1-30 Warning to Judah
7:1-15 Impending Punishment of Judah
7:16-34 People’s Disobedience
8:1—9:26 Lament for Judah
10:1-25 Idolatry Has Brought Ruin on Israel
11:1-23 Israel and Judah Have Broken the Covenant
12:1-13 Jeremiah Complains to God
12:14-17 Lord’s Answer
13:1-11 Linen Waistcloth
13:12-27 Jars Filled with Wine
14:1-12 Great Drought
14:13-22 Denunciation of Lying Prophets; and a Prayer for Mercy
15:1-9 Anguish and Terror Foretold
15:10-21 Jeremiah Pleads Again and Is Reassured
16:1-13 Jeremiah’s Celibacy and Message
16:14-21 God Will Restore Israel
17:1-27 Judah’s Sin and Shame
18:1-11 Potter and the Clay
18:12-17 Israel’s Stubborn Idolatry
18:18-23 Plots against Jeremiah
19:1-15 Broken Earthen Flask
20:1-18 Jeremiah Is Persecuted by Pashhur and Complains to God
21:1-10 Fall of Jerusalem
21:11-14 Message to the King of Judah
22:1-10 Exhortation to Repentance
22:11-23 Message to the Sons of Josiah
22:24-30 Message concerning Coniah the Son of Jehoiakim
23:1-4 Remnant to Be Restored after Exhile
23:5-8 Righteous Branch
23:9-40 False Prophets Denounced
24:1-10 Two Baskets: Good and Bad Figs
25:1-14 Babylonian Captivity Foretold
25:15-38 Cup of the Lord’s Wrath
26:1-24 Jeremiah Threatened with Death
27:1-22 Sign of the Thongs and Yoke-bars
28:1-17 Hananiah’s False Prophecy
29:1-32 Jeremiah’s Letters to the Exiles in Babylon
30:1-31:26 Hope for the Restoration of Israel
31:27-30 Individual Responsibility for Conduct
31:31-37 New Covenant Promised
31:38-40 City Will Be Rebuilt
32:1-15 Jeremiah Buys a Field at Anathoth
32:16-44 God’s Assurance of the People’s Return
33:1-26 Healing after Punishment
34:1-7 Death in Captivity Predicted for Zedekiah
34:8-22 Treatment of Hebrew Slaves
35:1-19 Rechabites Commended
36:1-19 Scroll is Read
36:20-26 King Jehoiakim Burns the Scroll
36:27-32 Jeremiah Dictates Another Scroll
37:1-10 Zedekiah Asks Jeremiah’s Prayer
37:11-21 Jeremiah Is Imprisoned
38:1-6 Jeremiah in the Cistern
38:7-28 Ebed-melech rescues Jeremiah
39:1-10 Fall of Jerusalem
39:11-18 Jeremiah Is Sent to Ebed-melech
40:1-16 Jeremiah with Gedaliah the Governor
41:1-10 Insurrection against Gedaliah
41:11-18 Johanan and Ishmael
42:1-22 Jeremiah Advises Survivors Not to Go to Egypt
43:1-13 Jeremiah Warns of Judgment
44:1-30 Denunciation of Idolatry in Egypt
45:1-5 Word of Comfort to Baruch
46:1-28 Judgment against Egypt
47:1-7 Judgment against the Philistines
48:1-47 Judgment against Moab
49:1-6 Judgment against the Ammonites
49:7-22 Judgment against Edom
49:23-27 Judgment against Damascus
49:28-33 Judgment against Kedar and Hazor
49:34-39 Judgment against Elam
50:1—51:23 Judgment against Babylon
51:24-58 Doom of Babylon
51:59-63 Jeremiah’s Command to Seraiah
52:1-11 Zedekiah Is Captured
52:12-27 Jerusalem Is Punished and Burned
52:28-30 Captives Taken to Babylon
52:31-34 Jehoiachin Favored in Captivity

Lam. Lamentations

1:1-22 Deserted City
2:1-22 God’s Warnings Are Fulfilled
3:1-66 God’s Merciful Love Endures
4:1-22 Punishment and Distress of Zion
5:1-22 Prayer for Mercy

Bar. Baruch

1:1-9 Baruch and the Jews of Babylon
1:10-14 Letter to Jerusalem
1:15—2:10 Confession of Sins
2:11-26 Prayer for Deliverance
2:27-35 God’s Covenant Recalled
3:1-37 Praise of Wisdom
4:1-37 Encouragement for Israel
5:1-9 Encouragement for Jerusalem

Epistle of Jeremy

6:1-7 Letter of Jeremiah to the Captives
6:8-73 Futility of Idols and Idolatry

Ezek. Ezekiel

1:1-25 Vision of the Four Living Creatures
1:26—2:7 Glory of the Lord
2:8—3:11 Vision of the Scroll
3:12-21 Ezekiel at the River Chebar
3:22-27 Ezekiel Bound and Silenced
4:1-17 Brick: Siege of Jerusalem Portrayed
5:1-17 Sharp Sword
6:1-14 Judgment against Idolatrous Israel
7:1-27 Impending Doom
8:1-18 Vision of Abominations in the Temple
9:1-11 Vision of Executioners
10:1-22 Divine Glory over Cherubim
11:1-13 Judgment against the Wicked Counselors
11:14-25 God Will Restore Israel
12:1-16 Judah’s Captivity Portrayed
12:17-28 Judgment Will Not Be Delayed
13:1-23 False Prophets Condemned
14:1-23 Idolatry Condemned
15:1-8 Useless Vine
16:1-58 God’s Unfaithful Bride
16:59-63 Everlasting Covenant
17:1-24 Two Eagles and the Vine
18:1-32 Each Will Be Judged by His Own Conduct
19:1-14 Lamentation for Israel
20:1-32 Israel’s Continuing Rebellion
20:33-44 God Will Again Restore Israel
20:45-49 Prophecy against the Negeb
21:1-32 Sharpened Sword Unsheathed
22:1-31 Sins of Jerusalem
23:1-49 Oholah and Oholibah
24:1-14 Boiling Pot
24:15-27 Ezekiel’s Wife Dies
25:1-7 Prophecy against the Ammonites
25:8-11 Prophecy against Moab
25:12-14 Prophecy against Edom
25:15-17 Prophecy against the Philistines
26:1-21 Prophecy against Tyre
27:1-36 Lamentation over Tyre
28:1-10 Ruin of Tyre Foretold
28:11-19 Lamentation over the King of Tyre
28:20-24 Prophecy against Sidon
28:25-26 Future Blessings for Israel
29:1-21 Prophecy against Egypt
30:1-19 Lamentation for Egypt
30:20-26 Prophecy against Pharaoh
31:1-18 Towering Cedar
32:1-32 Lamentation over Pharaoh
33:1-20 Watchman’s Duty
33:21-22 Fall of Jerusalem
33:23-33 Survivors in Judah
34:1-10 Israel’s False Shepherds
34:11-31 God, the True Shepherd
35:1-15 Prophecy against Mount Seir
36:1-15 Blessings on Israel
36:16-38 New Heart and New Spirit
37:1-14 Valley of Dry Bones
37:15-28 Two Sticks
38:1-23 Prophecy against Gog
39:1-20 Fall of Gog
39:21-29 Israel to be Restored
40:1—42:20 Vision of Measuring the Temple
43:1-12 Glory of the Lord Entering the Temple
43:13-27 Altar
44:1-3 Closed Gate
44:4-14 Admitted to the Temple
44:15-31 Levitical Priests
45:1-9 Holy District
45:10-12 Just Weights and Measures
45:13-17 Offerings
45:18-25 Feasts
46:1-24 Other Ordinances of the Temple
47:1-12 Water Flowing from the Temple
47:13-23 New Boundaries of the Land
48:1-35 Tribal Portions

Dan. Daniel

1:1—2:16 Four Young Israelites at the Babylonian Court
2:17-23 God Reveals Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
2:24-45 Daniel Interprets the Dream
2:46-49 Daniel and His Friends Promoted
3:1-18 Golden Image
3:19-23 Fiery Furnace
1:1-27 Prayer of Azariah in the Furnace***
1:28-67/3:24-25 Song of the Three Young Men***
3:26-30 Three Men Are Taken Out of the Furnace
4:1-18 Nebuchadnezzar’s Second Dream
4:19-33 Daniel Interprets the Second Dream
4:34-37 Nebuchadnezzar Praise God
5:1-4 Belshazzar’s Feast
5:5-12 Handwriting on the Wall
5:13-31 Daniel Interprets the Writing on the Wall
6:1-9 Plot against Daniel
6:10-18 Daniel in the Den of Lions
6:19-28 God Saves Daniel from the Lions
7:1-14 Visions of the Four Beasts and the Ancient of Days
7:15-28 Daniel’s Visions Interpreted
8:1-14 Vision of a Ram and a Goat
8:15-27 Gabriel Interprets the Vision
9:1-19 Daniel’s Prayer for the People
9:20-27 Seventy Weeks
10:1—11:1 Daniel’s Vision “for Days Yet to Come”
11:2-39 Coming Conflict of the Nations
11:40-45 Time of the End
12:1-13 Resurrection of the Dead
13:1-14 Two Elders’ Lust for Susanna
13:15-27 Elders Attempt to Seduce Susanna
13:28-43 Elders Testify against Susanna
13:44-64 Daniel Rescues Susanna
14:1-22 Daniel and the Priests of Bal
11:23-30 Daniel Kills a Dragon
11:31-42 Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Hos. Hosea

1:2-9 Hosea Marries a Harlot and Has Children
1:10-11 Israel’s Restoration
2:1-23 Israel’s Infidelity, Punishment, and Redemption
3:1-5 Lord’s Love for His Unfaithful People
4:1-19 God Accuses Israel
5:1—7:16  Impending Judgment on Israel and Judah; and a Call to Repentance
8:1-14 Israel’s Apostasy
9:1-17 Punishment for Israel’s Sin
10:1-15 Israel’s Sin and Captivity
11:1-12 God’s Compassion Despite Israel’s Unfaithfulness
12:1-14 Long History of Israel’s Rebellion
13:1-16 God the Savior and Judge of Israel
14:1-9 Plea for Repentance and a Promise

Jo. Joel

1:1-20 Lament and Call to Repentance
2:1-29 Day of the Lord Is Coming
2:30—3:21 Portents in Heaven and Judgment of the Nations

Am. Amos

1:1-15 Judgment on Israel’s Neighbors
2:1-16 Judgment on Israel, Judah, and the Nations
3:1-15 Israel’s Transgression and Punishment
4:1-13 Punishment of Israel
5:1-27 Lamentation for Israel’s Sins
6:1-8 Punishment of Complacency and Pride
6:9-14 Oppression and Devastation to Come
7:1-6 Locusts and Fire
7:7-9 Plumb Line
7:10-13 Amaziah’s Complaint
7:14-17 Amos’ Reply
8:1-14 Basket of Summer Fruit
9:1-15 Destruction, Captivity, and Restoration

Obad. Obadiah

1:1-21 Edom Will Be Brought Low and Israel Triumph

Jon. Jonah

1:1-10 Jonah Tries to Flee God
1:11-17 Jonah Is Thrown into the Sea and Swallowed
2:1-10 Jonah’s Prayer and Deliverance
3:1-10 Nineveh Repents
4:1-5 Jonah’s Anger
4:6-11 God Reproves Jonah

Mic. Micah

1:1-16 Prophecy concerning Samaria and Judah
2:1-13 Evils of the People Denounced but a Remnant Will Be Gathered
3:1-12 Evil Rulers and Prophets
4:1-13 Prophecy of Restoration of Zion
5:1-15 Ruler from Bethlehem
6:1-16 What the Lord Requires
7:1-20 Corruption, Repentance, and God’s Compassion and Love

Nah. Nahum

1:1-15 God’s Wrath toward Nineveh and Peace for Judah
2:1-12 Overthrow of Nineveh
2:13—3:19 Utter Ruin of the Evil City

Hab. Habakkuk

1:1-17 Prophet’s Complaint
2:1-20 God’s Reply
3:1-19 Habakkuk’s Prayer

Zeph. Zephaniah

1:1-18 Day of the Lord
2:1-15 Judgment on Israel’s Enemies
3:1-8 Wickedness of the Nations
3:9-20 Restoration of Israel

Hag. Haggai

1:1-11 Command to Rebuild the Temple
1:12-15 People Obey
2:1-9 Splendor of the Temple
2:10-19 Rebuke and a Promise
2:20-23 God’s Promise to Zerubbabel

Zech. Zechariah

1:1-6 Israel Urged to Repent
1:7-17 First Vision: Horsemen
1:18-21 Second Vision: Four Horns and Four Smiths
2:1-13 Third Vision: The Man with a Measuring Line
3:1-10 Fourth Vision: Joshua and Satan
4:1-13 Fifth Vision: Lampstand and Olive Trees
5:1-4 Sixth Vision: Flying Scroll
5:5-11 Seventh Vision: Woman in an Ephah
6:1-8 Eighth Vision: Four Chariots
6:9-15 Crown and the Branch
7:1-7 Hypocritical Fasting Condemned
7:8-14 Punishment for Rejecting God’s Commands
8:1-17 God’s Promise to Zion
8:18-19 Joyful Fasting
8:20-23 Many Peoples Will Be Drawn to Jerusalem
9:1-8 Judgment on Israel’s Enemies
9:9-17 Coming of Israel’s King
10:1—11:3 Restoration of Judah and Israel
11:4-17 Two Kinds of Shepherd
12:1-9 Jerusalem’s Victory
12:10—13:1 Mourning for the Pierced One
13:2-9 Wounded Prophet
14:1-15 Day of the Lord Is Coming
4:16-21 Survivors of the Nations Will Come to Jerusalem

Mal. Malachi

1:1-5 Israel Preferred to Edom
1:6—2:9 Corruption of the Priesthood
2:10-17 Covenant Profaned by Judah
3:1-5 Coming Messenger
3:6-15 God Must Not Be Robbed
3:16-18 Reward of Those Who Fear the Lord
4:1-6 Great Day of the Lord

1 Mac. First Maccabees

1:1-9 Alexander the Great
1:10-15 Antiochus Epiphanes and Renegade Jews
1:16-19 Antiochus in Egypt
1:20-28 Persecution of the Jews
1:29-40 Occupation of Jerusalem
1:41-64 Installation of Gentile Cults
2:1-14 Matthathias and His Sons
2:15-41 Pagan Worship Refuses
2:42-48 Counterattack
2:49-70 Last Words of Mattathias
3:1-26 Early Victories of Judas Maccabeus
2:27-37 Policy of Antiochus
3:38-60 Preparations for Battle
4:1-25 Battle at Emmaus
4:26-35 First Campaign of Lysias
4:36-61 Cleansing and Dedication of the Temple
5:1-8 Wars with Neighboring Peoples
5:9-23 Liberation of Galilean Jews
5:24-44 Judas and Jonathan in Gilead
5:45-64 Return to Jerusalem
5:65-68 Success at Hebron and Philistia
6:1-17 Last Days of Antiochus Epiphanes
6:18-31 Renewed Attacks from Syria
6:32-54 Battle at Beth-zechariah
6:55-63 Syria Offers Terms
7:1-25 Expedition of Bacchides and Alcimun
7:26-32 Nicanor in Judea
7:33-38 Nicanor Threatens the Temple
7:39-50 Death of Nicanor
8:1-16 Eulogy of the Romans
8:17-32 Alliance with Rome
9:1-10 Bacchides Returns to Judea
9:11-22 Last Battle of Judas
9:23-31 Jonathan Succeeds Judas
9:32-49 Campaigns of Jonathan
9:50-57 Bacchides Builds Fortifications
9:58-73 End of the War
10:1-17 Revolt of Alexander Epiphanes
10:18-20 Jonathan Becomes High Priest
10:21-45 Demetrius Writes to Jonathan
10:46-50 Death of Demetrius
10:51-66 Treaty of Ptolemy and Alexander
10:67-89 Apollonius Is Defeated by Jonathan
11:1-19 Ptolemy Invades Syria
11:20-37 Jonathan’s Diplomacy
11:38-53 Intrigue of Trypho
11:54-59 Trypho Seizes Power
11:60-74 Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon
12:1-23 Alliances with Rome and Sparta
12:24-38 Further Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon
12:39-53 Trypho Captures Jonathan
13:1-11 Simon Takes Command
13:12-24 Deceit and Treachery of Trypho
13:25-30 Jonathan’s Tomb
13:31-42 Judea Gains Independence
13:43:-48 Capture of Gazara by Simon
13:49-53 Simon Regains the Citadel
14:1-15 Capture of Demetrius; and the Eulogy of Simon
14:16-24 Diplomacy with Rome and Sparta
14:25-49 Official Honors for Simon
15:1-14 Letter of Antiochus VII
15:15-24 Rome Supports the Jews
15:25-36 Antiochus VII Threatens Simon
15:37—16:10 Victory over Cendebeus
16:11-17 Murder of Simon and His Sons
16:18-24 John Succeeds Simon

2 Mac. Second Maccabees

1:1-9 Letter to the Jews in Egypt
1:10-17 Letter to Aristobulus
1:18-36 Fire Consumes Nehemiah’s Sacrifice
2:1-18 Jeremiah Hides the Tent, Ark, and Altar
2:19-32 Compiler’s Preface
3:1-21 Arrival of Heliodorus in Jerusalem
3:22-30 Lord Protects His Temple
3:31-34 Onias Prays for Heliodorus
3:35-40 Conversation of Heliodorus
4:1-6 Simon Accuses Onias
4:7-17 Jason’s Reforms
4:18-22 Jason Introduces Greek Customs
4:23-29 Menelaus Becomes High Priest
4:30-38 Murder of Onias; and the Punishment of Andronicus
4:39-50 Unpopularity of Lysimachus and Menelaus
5:1-14 Jason Tries to Regain Control
5:15-27 Pillage of the Temple
6:1-11 Suppression of Judaism
6:12-17 Providential Significance of the Persecution
6:18-31 Martyrdom of Eleazar
7:1-42 Martyrdom of the Seven Brothers
8:1-11 Revolt of Judas Maccabeus
8:12-20 Preparation for Battle
8:21-36 Judas Defeats Nicanor
9:1-12 Last Campaign of Antiochus Ephiphanes
9:13-18 Antiochus Makes a Promise to God
9:19-29 Antiochus’ Letter and Death
10:1-13 Purification of the Temple
10:14-23 Campaign in Idumea
10:24-38 Judas Defeats Timothy
11:1-38 Lysias Besieges Beth-zur
12:1-9 Incidents at Joppa and Jamnia
12:10-16 Campaign in Gilead
12:17-25 Judas Defeats Timothy’s Army
12:26-31 Judas Winds Other Victories
12:32-37 Judas Defeats Gorgias
12:38-45 Prayers for Those Killed in Battle
13:1-8 Menelaus I Put to Death
13:9-17 Battle Near Modein
13:18-26 Antiochus Makes a Treaty with the Jews
14:1-14 Alcimus Speaks against Judas
14:15-25 Nicanor Makes Friends with Judas
14:26-36 Nicanor Turns against Judas
14:37-46 Razis Dies for His Country
15:1-5 Nicanor’s Arrogance
15:6-19 Judas Prepares the Jews for Battle
15:20-36 Defeat and Death of Nicanor
15:37-39 Compiler’s Epilogue

New Testament

Matt.  Matthew

1:1-17 Genealogy of Jesus Christ
1:18-25 Birth of Jesus Christ
2:1-12 Visit of the Wise Men
2:13-18 Escape to Egypt
2:19-23 Return from Egypt
3:1-12 Preaching of John the Baptist
3:13-17 Baptism of Jesus
4:1-11 Temptation of Jesus
4:12-17 Jesus Begins Preaching in Galilee
4:18-22 Jesus Calls the First Disciples
4:23-25 Jesus Ministers to Crowds of People
5:1-12 Beatitudes
5:13-16 Salt and Light
5:17-20 Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets
5:21-26 Concerning Anger
5:27-30 Concerning Adultery
5:31-32 Concerning Divorce
5:33-37 Concerning Swearing Oaths
5:38-42 Concerning Retaliation
5:43-48 Love for Enemies
6:1-4 Concerning Almsgiving
6:5-15 Concerning Prayer
6:16-18 Concerning Fasting
6:19-21 Concerning Treasures
6:22-23 Sound Eye
6:24 Serving Two Masters
6:25-34 Do Not Be Anxious
7:1-5 Judging Others
7:6 Profaning the Holy
7:7-12 Ask, Seek, Knock
7:13-14 Narrow Gate
7:15-20 False Prophets
7:21-23 Concerning Self-Deception
7:24-29 Hearers and Doers
8:1-4 Jesus Clenses a Leper
8:5-13 Jesus Heals a Centurian’s Servant
8:14-17 Jesus Heals Man at Peter’s House
8:18-22 Would-be Followers of Jesus
8:23-27 Jesus Calms the Storm at Sea
8:28-34 Jesus Heals the Gararene Demoniacs
9:1-8 Jesus Heals a Paralytic
9:9-13 Call of Matthew
9:14-17 Question about Fasting
9:18-26 Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed
9:27-31 Jesus Heals two Blind Men
9:32-34 Jesus Heals a Man Who Was Mute
9:35-38 Harvest is Plentiful, the Laborers Are Few
10:1-4 Twelve Disciples
10:5-15 Mission of the Twelve
10:16-25 Coming Persecutions
10:26-33 Whom to Fear
10:34-39 Taking Up One’s Cross
10:40—11:1 Rewards
11:2-6 Messengers from John the Baptist
11:7-19 Jesus Praises John the Baptist
11:20-24 Jesus Upbraids the Unrepentant Cities
11:25-30 Jesus Thanks His Father
12:1-8 Plucking Grain on the Sabbath
12:9-14 Man with a Withered Hand
12:15-21 God’s Chosen Servant
12:22-32 Jesus and Beelzebul
12:33-37 Tree and Its Fruits
12:38-42 Sign of Jonah
12:43-45 Return of the Unclean Spirit
12:46-50 True Kindred of Jesus
13:1-9 Parable of the Sower
13:10-17 Purpose of the Parables
13:18-23 Parable of the Sower Explained
13:24-30 Parable of Weeds among the Wheat
13:31-32 Parable of the Mustard Seed
13:33 Parable of the Leaven
13:34-35 Why Jesus Speaks in Parables
13:36-43 Jesus Explains the Parable of the Weeds
13:44-50 Three Parables about the Kingdom
13:51-52 Treasures New and Old
13:53-58 Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth
14:1-12 Death of John the Baptist
14:13-21 Feeding the Five Thousand
14:22-33 Jesus Walks on the Sea
14:34-36 Jesus Heals the Sick in Gennesaret
15:1-9 Tradition of the Elders
15:10-20 Things That Defile a Man
15:21-28 Canaanite Woman’s Faith
15:29-31 Jesus Heals Many People
15:32-39 Feeding the Four Thousand
16:1-4 Demand for a Sign
16:5-12 Leaven of the Parisees and Sadducees
16:13-20 Peter’s Declaration That Jesus Is the Christ
16:21-23 Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection
16:24-28 Cross and Self-Denial
17:1-13 Transfiguration
17:14-21 Jesus Cures an Epileptic Boy
17:22-23 Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection
17:24-27 Jesus and the Temple Tax
18:1-4 True Greatness
18:5-9 Temptations to Sin
18:10-14 Parable of the Lost Sheep
18:15-20 Binding and Loosing of Sins
18:21-22 Repeated Forgiveness
18:23-35 Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
19:1-12 Teachings about Divorce
19:13-15 Jesus Blesses the Children
19:16-30 Rich Young Man
20:1-16 Laborers in the Vineyard
20:17-19 Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection
20:20-28 Request of the Mother of James and John
20:29-34 Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
21:1-11 Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem
21:12-17 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
21:18-22 Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
21:23-27 Authority of Jesus Questioned
21:28-32 Parable of the Two Sons
21:33-41 Parable of the Wicked Tenants
21:42-46 Stone Which the Builders Rejected
22:1-14 Parable of the Marriage Feast
22:15-22 Question about Paying Taxes
22:23-33 Question about Man’s Resurrection
22:34-40 Greatest Commandment
22:41-46 Question about the Christ
23:1-36 Jesus Denounces the Hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees
23:37-39 Lament over Jerusalem
24:1-2 Destruction of the Temple Foretold
24:3-8 Signs of Jesus’ Coming and of the Close of the Age
24:9-14 Persecutions Foretold
24:15-28 Desolating Sacrilege
24:29-31 Coming of the Son of Man
24:32-35 Lesson of the Fig Tree
24:36-44 Necessity for Watchfulness
24:45-51 Faithful and the Unfaithful Servant
25:1-13 Parable of the Wise and Foolish Maidens
25:14-30 Parable of the Talents
25:31-46 Judgment of the Nations
26:1-5 Conspiracy to Kill Jesus
26:6-13 Anointing at Bethany
26:14-16 Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
26:17-25 Passover with the Disciples
26:26-29 Institution of the Last Supper
26:30-35 Peter’s Denial Foretold
26:36-46 Jesus Prays in Gethsemane
26:47-56 Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
26:57-68 Jesus before the High Priest
26:69-75 Peter Denies Jesus
27:1-2 Jesus Brought before Pilate
27:3-10 Judas Hangs Himself
27:11-14 Pilate Questions Jesus
27:15-23 Barabbas or Jesus?
27:24-26 Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified
27:27-31 Soldiers Mock Jesus
27:32-44 Crucifixion of Jesus
27:45-56 Death of Jesus
27:57-61 Burial of Jesus
27:62-66 Guard at the Tomb
28:1-10 Resurrection of Jesus
28:11-15 Report of the Guard
28:16-20 Jesus Commissions the Disciples

Mk.  Mark

1:1-8 Preaching of John the Baptist
1:9-11 Baptism of Jesus
1:12-13 Temptation of Jesus
1:14-15 Jesus Preaches the Gospel in Galilee
1:16-20 Jesus Calls the First Disciples
1:21-28 Man with an Unclean Spirit
1:29-34 Healings at Simon’s House
1:35-39 Jesus Preaches and Heals throughout Galilee
1:40-45 Jesus Cleanses a Leper
2:1-12 Jesus Heals a Paralytic
2:13-17 Jesus Calls Levi
2:18-22 Question about Fasting
2:23-28 Teaching about the Sabbath
3:1-6 Man with a Withered Hand
3:7-12 Multitude by the Sea
3:13-19.5 Jesus Appoints the Twelve
3:19.5-29 Jesus and Beelzebul
3:31-35 True Kindred of Jesus
4:1-9 Parable of the Sower
4:10-20 Explanation of the Parable
4:21-25 A Lamp is Not Hidden
4:26-32 Parable about Seeds
4:33-34 Use of Parables
4:35-41 Jesus Calms a Storm on the Sea
5:1-20 Jesus Heals the Gerasene Demoniac
5:21-43 Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed
6:1-6 Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth
6:7-13 Mission of the Twelve
6:14-29 Death of John the Baptist
6:30-44 Feeding the Five Thousand
6:45-52 Jesus Walks on Sea
6:53-56 Jesus Heals the Sick in Gennesaret
7:1-23 Tradition of the Elders
7:24-30 Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith
7:31-37 Jesus Cures a Deaf Man
8:1-10 Feeding the Four Thousand
8:11-13 Demand for a Sign
8:14-21 Leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod
8:22-26 Jesus Cures a Blind Man at Beth-saida
8:27-30 Peter’s Declaration that Jesus is the Christ
8:31—9:1 Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection
9:2-8 Transfiguration
9:9-13 Coming of Elijah
9:14-29 Healing of a Boy with a Mute Spirit
9:30-32 Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection
9:33-37 True Greatness
9:38-41 Another Exorcist
9:42-50 Temptations to Sin
10:1-12 Teachings about Divorce
10:13-16 Jesus Blesses the Children
10:17-31 Rich Man
10:32-34 Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection
10:35-45 Request of James and John
10:46-52 Bartimaeus Receives His Sight
11:1-11 Jesus Enters Into Jerusalem
11:12-14 Jesus Curses the Fig Tree
11:15-19 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
11:20-26 Lesson from the Withered Fig Tree
11:27-33 Jesus’ Authority is Questioned
12:1-12 Parable of the Wicked Tenants
12:13-17 Question about Paying Taxes
12:18-27 Question about Man’s Resurrection
12:28-34 First Commandment
12:35-37 Question about the Christ
12:38-40 Jesus Denounces the Hypocrisy of the Scribes
12:41-44 Widow’s Offering
13:1-8 Destruction of the Temple Foretold
13:9-13 Persecutions Foretold
13:14-23 Desolating Sacrilege
13:24-27 Coming of the Son of Man
13:28-31 Lesson of the Fig Tree
13:32-37 Necessity for Watchfulness
14:1-2 Conspiracy to Kill Jesus
14:3-9 Anointing at Bethany
14:10-11 Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
14:12-21 Passover with the Disciples
14:22-25 Institution of the Last Supper
14:26-31 Peter’s Denial Foretold
14:32-42 Jesus Prays in Gethsemane
14:43-52 Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
14:53-65 Jesus before the Council
14:66-72 Peter Denies Jesus
15:1-5 Jesus before Pilate
15:6-15 Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified
15:16-20 Soldiers Mock Jesus
15:21-32 Crucifixion of Jesus
15:33-41 Death of Jesus
15:42-47 Burial of Jesus
16:1-8 Resurrection of Jesus
16:9-11 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
16:12-13 Jesus Appears to Two Disciples
16:14-18 Jesus Commissions the Disciples
16:19-20 Ascension of Jesus

Lk.  Luke

1:1-4 Dedication to Theophilus
1:5-25 Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
1:26-38 Birth of Jesus Foretold
1:39-56 Mary Visits Elizabeth; and Mary’s Song of Praise
1:57-66 Birth of John the Baptist
1:67-80 Zechariah’s Prophecy
2:1-7 Birth of Jesus
2:8-20 Shepherds and the Angels
2:21 Jesus is Circumcised and Named
2:22-38 Jesus is Presented in the Temple
2:39-40 Return to Nazareth
2:41-52 Boy Jesus in the Temple
3:1-20 Preaching of John the Baptist
3:21-22 Baptism of Jesus
3:23-38 Ancestry of Jesus
4:1-13 Temptation of Jesus
4:14-15 Jesus Begins Preaching and Teaching in Galilee
4:16-30 Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth
4:31-37 Man with an Unclean Spirit
4:38-41 Healings at Simon’s House
4:42-44 Jesus Preaches in the Synagogues of Judea
5:1-11 Jesus Calls the First Disciples
5:12-16 Jesus Cleanses a Leper
5:17-26 Jesus Heals a Paralytic
5:27-32 Jesus Calls a Levi
5:33-39 Question about Fasting
6:1-5 Teaching about the Sabbath
6:6-11 Man with a Withered Hand
6:12-16 Jesus Chooses the Twelve Disciples
6:17-19 Jesus Teaches and Heals
6:20-26 Blessings and Woes
6:27-36 Love for Enemies
6:37-42 Judging Others
6:43-45 A Tree and Its Fruit
6:46-49 Hearers and Doers
7:1-10 Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Slave
7:11-17 Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son at Nain
7:18-35 Messengers from John the Baptist
7:36-50 A Sinful Woman Forgave
8:1-3 Some Women Accompany Jesus
8:4-8 Parable of the Sower
8:9-15 Explanation of the Parable
8:16-18 A Lamp is Not Hidden
8:19-21 True Kindred of Jesus
8:22-25 Jesus Calms a Storm on the Sea
8:26-39 Jesus Heals the Gerasene Demoniac
8:40-56 Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed
9:1-6 Mission of the Twelve
9:7-9 Herod’s Perplexity
9:10-17 Feeding the Five Thousand
9:18-22 Peter’s Declaration That Jesus Is the Christ
9:23-27 Taking Up One’s Cross
9:28-36 Transfiguration
9:37-43 Jesus Heals a Boy with a Demon
9:43-45 Jesus Again Foretells His Death
9:46-48 True Greatness
9:49-50 Another Exorcist
9:51-56 Samaritan Village Refuses to Receive Jesus
9:57-62 Would-Be Followers of Jesus
10:1-12 Mission of the Seventy
10:13-16 Woes to Unrepentant Cities
10:17-20 Return of the Seventy
10:21-24 Jesus Rejoices and Thanks the Father
10:25-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan
10:38-42 Jesus Visits Martha and Mary
11:1-4 Lord’s Prayer
11:5-13 Perseverance in Prayer
11:14-23 Jesus and Be-elzebul
11:24-26 Return of the Unclean Spirit
11:27-28 True Blessedness
11:29-32 Sign of Jonah
11:33-36 Light of the Body
11:37-54 Jesus Denounces the Hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Lawyers
12:1-3 Warning against Hypocrisy
12:4-12 Whom to Fear
12:13-21 Parable of the Rich Fool
12:22-34 Do Not Be Anxious
12:35-40 Necessity of Watchfulness
12:41-48 Faithful and the Unfaithful Servant
12:49-53 Jesus the Cause of Division
12:54-56 Interpreting the Present Time
12:57-59 Settling with Your Accuser
13:1-5 Repent or Perish
13:6-9 Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
13:10-17 Jesus Healed a Crippled Woman
13:18-19 Parable of the Mustard Seed
13:20-21 Parable of the Leaven
13:22-30 Narrow Door
13:31-35 Lament over Jerusalem
14:1-6 Jesus Heals the Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath
14:7-14 Humility and Hospitality
14:15-24 Parable of the Great Banquet
14:25-33 Cost of Discipleship
14:34-35 About Salt
15:1-7 Parable of the Lost Sheep
15:8-10 Parable of the Lost Coin
15:11-32 Parable of the Prodigal and His Brother
16:1-13 Parable of the Dishonest Steward
16:14-18 Law and the Kingdom of God
16:19-31 Rich Man and Lazarus
17:1-10 Some Saying of Jesus
17:11-19 Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
17:20-37 Coming of the Kingdom
18:1-8 Parable of the Widow and the Unrighteous Judge
18:9-14 Parable of the Pharisees and Tax Collector
18:15-17 Jesus Blesses the Children
18:18-30 Rich Ruler
18:31-34 Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection
18:35-43 Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar near Jericho
19:1-10 Jesus and Zacchaeus
19:11-27 Parable of the Ten Pounds
19:28-40 Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem
19:41-44 Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem
19:45-48 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
20:1-8 Authority of Jesus Questioned
20:9-18 Parable of the Wicked Tenants
20:19-26 Question about Paying Taxes
20:27-40 Question about Man’s Resurrection
20:41-44 Question about the Messiah
20:45-47 Jesus Denounces the Hypocrisy of the Scribes
21:1-4 Widow’s Offering
21:5-9 Destruction of the Temple Foretold
21:10-19 Signs and Persecutions
21:20-24 Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold
21:25-28 Coming of the Son of Man
21:29-33 Lesson of the Fig Tree
21:34-38 Exhortation to Watchfulness
22:1-6 Conspiracy to Kill Jesus
22:7-13 Preparation of the Passover
22:14-23 Jesus Institutes the Eucharist
22:24-30 Dispute about Greatness
22:31-34 Peter’s Death Foretold
22:35-38 Purse, Bag, and Sword
22:39-46 Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives
22:47-53 Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
22:54-62 Peter Denies Jesus
22:63-65 Mocking and Beating of Jesus
22:66-71 Jesus before the Council
23:1-5 Jesus before Pilate
23:6-12 Jesus before Herod
23:13-25 Jesus Sentenced to Death
23:26-43 Crucifixion of Jesus
23:44-49 Death of Jesus
23:50-56 Burial of Jesus
24:1-12 Resurrection of Jesus
24:13-35 Walk to Emmaus
24:36-49 Jesus Appears to His Disciples
24:50-53 Ascension of Jesus

Jn. John

1:1-18 Word Became Flesh
1:19-28 Testimony of John the Baptist
1:29-34 Lamb of God
1:35-42 First Disciples of Jesus
1:43-51 Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael
2:1-12 Marriage at Cana
2:13-25 Cleansing of the Temple
3:1-21 Nicodemus Visits Jesus
3:22-30 Jesus and John the Baptist
3:31-36 He Who Comes from Heaven
4:1-42 Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
4:43-45 Jesus Departs for Galilee
4:46-54 Jesus Heals and Official’s Son
5:1-18 Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
5:19-29 Authority of the Son
5:30-47 Testimony to Jesus
6:1-15 Feeding the Five Thousand
6:16-21 Jesus Walks on the Sea
6:22-59 Bread from Heaven
6:60-71 Words of Eternal Life
7:1-9 Unbelief of Jesus’ Brethren
7:10-24 Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles
7:25-31 Is This the Christ?
7:32-36 Officers Are Sent to Arrest Jesus
7:37-39 Rivers of Living Water
7:40-44 Division among the People
7:45—8:11 Authorities and the Woman Caught in Adultery
8:12-20 Jesus and the Light of the World
8:21-30 Jesus Alludes to His Death
8:31-38 True Disciples of Jesus
8:39-59 Jesus and Abraham
9:1-12 Healing the Blind Man
9:13-34 Pharisees Investigate the Healing
9:35-41 Spiritual Blindness
10:1-21 Jesus the Good Shepherd
10:22-42 Jesus Is Rejected by the Jews
11:1-16 Death of Lazarus
11:17-27 Jesus the Resurrection and the Life
11:28-37 Jesus Weeps
11:38-44 Jesus Raises Lazarus to Life
11:45-57 Plot to Put Jesus to Death
12:1-8 Mary of Bethany Anoints Jesus
12:9-11 Plot to Put Lazarus to Death
12:12-19 Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
12:20-26 Some Greeks Wish to See Jesus
12:27-36.5 Jesus Speaks about His Death
12:36.5-43 Unbelief of the People
12:44-50 Summary of Jesus’ Teaching
13:1-20 Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet
13:21-30 Jesus Foretells His Betrayal
13:31-35 New Commandment
13:36-38 Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial
14:1-14 Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life
14:15-31 Promise of the Holy Spirit
15:1-17 Jesus the True Vine
15:18—16:4.5 World’s Hatred
16:4.5-15 Work of the Spirit
16:16-24 Sorrow Will Turn into Joy
16:25-33 Peace for the Disciples
17:1-26 Jesus Prays for the Church
18:1-11 Arrest of Jesus
18:12-14 Jesus before the High Priest
18:15-18 Peter Denies Jesus
18:19-24 High Priest Questions Jesus
18:25-27 Peter Denies Jesus Again
18:28-32 Jesus before Pilate
18:33—19:16 Jesus Sentenced to Death
19:17-30 Crucifixion
19:31-37 Jesus’ Side is Pierced
19:38-42 Burial of Jesus
20:1-10 Resurrection of Jesus
20:11-18 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
20:19-23 Jesus Gives Disciples Power to Forgive Sins
20:24-29 Jesus and Thomas
20:30-31 Purpose of the Book
21:1-14 Jesus Appears to Disciples by the Sea of Tiberias
21:15-19 Peter is Given a Command
21:20-25 Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

Act. Acts

1:1-5 Promise of the Holy Spirit
1:6-11 Ascension of Jesus
1:12-26 Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas
2:1-13 Coming of the Holy Spirit
2:14-36 Peter Addresses the Crowd
2:37-42 First Converts
2:43-47 Life among the Believers
3:1-10 Peter Heals a Lame Beggar
3:11-26 Peter Addresses the People in Solomon’s Portico
4:1-22 Peter and John before the Council
4:23-31 Believers Pray for Boldness
4:32-37 Believers Share their Possessions
5:1-11 Ananias and Sapphira
5:12-16 Apostles Heal Many
5:17-42 Apostles Are Imprisoned and Brought before the Council
6:1-7 Seven Chosen to Serve
6:8-15 Arrest of Stephen
7:1-53 Stephen’s Speech to the Council
7:54—8:1.25 Stoning of Stephen
8:1.25-3 Saul Persecutes the Church
8:4-8 Philip Preaches in Samaria
8:9-25 Simon the Magician
8:26-40 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
9:1-19.5 Conversion of Saul
9:19.5-22 Saul Preaches in Damascus
9:23-25 Saul Escapes from the Jews
9:26-31 Saul in Jerusalem
9:32-35 Peter Heals Aeneas in Lydda
9:36-43 Peter in Joppa
10:1-33 Peter and Cornelius
10:34-43 Gentiles Hear the Good News
10:44-48 Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit
11:1-18 Peter’s Report to the Church at Jerusalem
11:19-30 Church in Antioch
12:1-5 James Killed and Peter Imprisoned by Herod
12:6-19 An Angel Rescues Peter from Prison
12:20-25 Death of Herod
13:1-3 Barnabas and Saul Commissioned
13:4-12 Apostles Preach in Cyprus
13:13-52 Paul and Barnabas in Antioch of Pisid’ia
14:1-7 Paul and Barnabas in Iconium
14:8-23 Paul and Barnabas in Lystra and Derbe
14:24-28 Return to Antioch in Syria
15:1-21 Council at Jerusalem
15:22-35 Council’s Letter to the Gentile Believers
15:36-41 Paul and Barnabas Separate
16:1-5 Timothy Accompanies Paul and Silas
16:6-10 Paul’s Vision of the Man of Macedonia
16:11-15 Conversion of Lydia and Her Husband
16:16-40 Paul and Silas Beaten and Imprisoned
17:1-9 Uproar in Thessalonica
17:10-15 Paul and Silas in Beroea
17:16-34 Paul in Athens
18:1-17 Paul in Corinth
18:18-23 Paul’s Return to Antioch
18:24-28 Ministry of Apollos
19:1-10 Paul in Ephesus
19:11-20 Sons of Sceva
19:21-41 Riot in Ephesus
20:1-6 Paul Goes to Macedonia and Greece
20:7-16 Paul Preaches and Heals Eutychus in Troas
20:17-38 Paul Speaks to the Elders of Ephesus
21:1-16 Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem
21:17-26 Paul Visits James at Jerusalem
21:27-36 Paul Arrested in the Temple
21:37—22:5 Paul Defends Himself
22:6-16 Paul Tells of His Conversion
22:17-21 Paul Tells How He Was Sent to the Gentiles
22:22-29 Paul and the Roman Tribune
22:30—23:11 Paul Before the Chief Priests and Council
23:12-22 Plot to Kill Paul
23:23-35 Paul Is Brought to Felix the Governor
24:1-9 Paul before Felix at Caesarea
24:10-23 Paul’s Defense before Felix
24:24-27 Paul Held in Custody
25:1-12 Paul Appeals to Caesar
25:13-22 Festus Consults King Agrippa
25:23-27 Paul Is Brought before Agrippa
26:1-11 Paul Makes His Defense before Agrippa
26:12-18 Paul Tells again of His Conversion
26:19-23 Paul Tells of His Preaching
26:24-32 Paul Appeals to Agrippa to Believe
27:1-12  Paul Sails for Rome
27:13-38 Storm at Sea
27:39-44 Shipwreck
28:1-10 Paul on the Island of Malta
28:11-16 Paul Comes to Rome
28:17-22 Paul and Jewish Leaders in Rome
28:23-31 Paul Preaches in Rome

Rom. Romans

1:1-7 Salutation
1:8-15 Prayer of Thanksgiving
1:16-17 Power of the Gospel
1:18-32 God’s Wrath against Man’s Wickedness
2:1-16 Righteous Judgement of God
2:17—3:8 Jews and the Law
3:9-20  None is Righteous
3:21-31 Righteous through Faith
4:1-12 Example of the Faith of Abraham
4:13-25 God’s Promise Realized through Faith
5:1-11 Results of Justification
5:12-21 Adam and Christ
6:1-14 Dying and Rising with Christ
6:15-23 Slaves of Sin or of Righteousness
7:1-6 Analogy with Marriage
7:7-12 Law and Sin
7:13-25 Interior Conflict between Good and Evil
8:1-17 Life in the Spirit
8:18-30 Glory to Be Revealed
8:31-39 God’s Love in Christ Jesus
9:1-18 God’s Election of Israel
9:19-29 God’s Wrath and Mercy
9:30—10:4 Israel’s Lack of Faith
10:5-21 Salvation Is for Believers in Christ
11:1-10 Israel’s Rejection is Not Final
11:11-24 Salvation of the Gentiles
11:25-26 Israel Will Be Saved
12:1-8 New Life in Christ
12:9-21 Marks of the True Christian
13:1-7 Being Subject to Authorities
13:8-10 Love for One Another
13:11-14 An Urgent Appeal
14:1-12 Do Not Judge One Another
14:13-23 Do Not Hinder a Brother
15:1-6 Please Others, Not Yourselves
15:7-13 Gospel for Jews and Gentiles Alike
15:14-21 Paul’s Reason for Writing so Boldly
15:22-33 Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome
16:1-16 Personal Greetings
16:17-24 Final Instructions
16:25-27 Final Doxology

1 Cor. First Corinthians

1:1-9 Salutation
1:10-17 Dissension in the Church
1:18-31 Christ the Power and Wisdom of God
2:1-5 Proclaiming Christ Crucified
2:6-16 True Wisdom of God
3:1-23 Dissension in the Corinthian Church
4:1-13 Ministry of the Apostles
4:14-21 Fatherly Admonition
5:1-8 Sexual Immorality Defiles the Church
5:9-13 Immorality and Judgement
6:1-11 Lawsuits among Believers
6:12-20 Glorifying God in the Body
7:1-16 Concerning Marriage
7:17-24 Leading the Life the Lord Has Assigned
7:25-40 More Concerning Marriage
8:1-13 Food Offered to Idols
9:1-18 Rights of an Apostle
9:19-27 Responsibilities of the Apostle
10:1-22 Warnings from Israel’s History
10:23—11:1 All to the Glory of God
11:2-16 Head Coverings
11:17-22 Abuses at the Lord’s Supper
11:23-26 Institution of the Eucharist
11:27-34 Partaking of the Eucharist Unworthily
12:1-11 Spiritual Gifts
12:12-31 One Body with many Members
13:1-13 Way of Love
14:1-25 Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues
14:26-40 Orderly Worship
15:1-11 Resurrection of Christ
15:12-34 Resurrection of the Dead
15:35-58 Resurrection of the Body
16:1-4 Contribution for the Saints
16:5-12 Plans for Travel
16:13-24 Final Message and Greeting

2 Cor.  Second Corinthians

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-14 Paul’s Thanksgiving after Affliction
1:15—2:4 Postponement of Paul’s Visit
2:5-11 Forgiveness for the Offender
2:12-17 Paul’s Anxiety in Troas
3:1—4:6 Ministers of the New Covenant
4:7-15 Treasure in Earthen Vessels
4:16—5:10  Living by Faith
5:11—6:13 Ministry of Reconciliation
6:14—7:1 Temple of the Living God
7:2-16 Paul’s Joy at the Corinthians’ Repentance and Zeal
8:1-15 Encouragement to Be Generous
8:16-24 Commendation of Titus
9:1-15 Generosity in Giving
10:1-18 Paul Defends His Ministry
11:1-15 Paul and the False Apostles
11:16-33 Paul’s Sufferings as an Apostle
12:1-10 Paul’s Visions and Revelations
12:11-21 Paul’s Concern for the Corinthian Church
13:1-10 Further Warning
13:11-14 Final Greetings and Benediction

Gal.  Galatians

1:1-5 Salutation
1:6-10 There is No Other Gospel
1:11-24 Paul’s Vindication of His Apostleship
2:1-10 Paul and the Other Apostles
2:11-21 Paul Rebukes Peter at Antioch
3:1-14 Law or Faith
3:15-18 Promise to Abraham
3:19—4:7 Purpose of the Law
4:8-20 Paul Reproves the Galatians
4:21-31 Allegory of Hagar and Sarah
5:1-15 Christian Freedom
5:16-26 Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit
6:1-10 Bear One Another’s Burdens
6:11-18 Final Admonitions and Benediction

Eph. Ephesians

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-14 Spiritual Blessings in Christ
1:15-23 Paul’s Prayer
2:1-10 From Death to Life with Christ
2:11-22 One in Christ
3:1-13 Paul’s Ministry to the Gentiles
3:14-21 Prayer for the Ephesians
4:1-16 Unity in the Body of Christ
4:17-24 Old Life and the New
4:25—5:2 Rules for the New Life
5:3-20 Renounce Pagan Ways
5:21-33 Christian Household
6:1-4 Children and Parents
6:5-9 Slaves and Masters
6:10-20 Whole Armor of God
6:21-24 Personal Matters and Benediction

Phil. Philippians

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-11 Paul’s Prayer for the Philippians
1:12-18 Paul’s Present Circumstances
1:19-30 To Live Is Christ
2:1-11 Imitating Christ’s Humility
2:12-18 Shining as Lights in the World
2:19-30 Timothy and Epaphroditus
3:1-11 Loss of All to Gain Christ
3:12-21 Pressing toward the Goal
4:1-9 Exhortations
4:10-20 Acknowledgment of the Philippians’ Gift
4:21-23 Final Greetings and Benediction

Col. Colossians

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-14 Gratitude for the Colossians’ Faith
1:15-23 Supremacy in Christ
1:24—2:5 Paul’s Sufferings and Ministry
2:6-7 Fullness of Life in Christ
2:8-23 Warnings against False Teachers
3:1-17 New Life in Christ
3:18—4:1 Rules for Christian Households
4:2-6 Further Instruction
4:7-18 Final Greetings and Benediction

1 Thess.  First Thessalonians

1:1 Salutation
1:2-10 Thessalonians’ Faith and Example
2:1-16 Paul’s Ministry in Thessalonica
2:17—3:5 Paul’s Desire to Visit the Thessalonians Again
3:6-13 Timothy’s Good Report
4:1-12 Life Pleasing to God
4:13—5:11 Coming of the Lord
5:12-28 Final Exhortations, Greetings, and Benediction

2 Thess. Second Thessalonians

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-4 Thanksgiving
1:5-12 Judgement at Christ’s Coming
2:1-12 Man of Lawlessness
2:13-17 Chosen for Salvation
3:1-5 Request for Prayer
3:6-15 Warning against Idleness
3:16-18 Final Greetings and Benediction

1 Tim. First Timothy

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-11 Warning Against False Teachers
1:12-20 Gratitude for Mercy
2:1-15 Instructions Concerning Prayer
3:1-7 Qualifications of Bishops
3:8-13 Qualifications of Deacons
3:14-16 Mystery of Our Religion
4:1-5 False Asceticism
4:6-16 Good Minister of Jesus Christ
5:1-23 Duties Toward Believers
5:24—6:10 Men’s Deeds, False Teaching, and True Riches
6:11-19 Good Fight of Faith
6:20-21 Personal Instructions and Benediction

2 Tim. Second Timothy

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-18 Thanksgiving and Encouragement
2:1-13 Good Soldier of Christ
2:14-26 Workman Approved by God
3:1-9 Godlessness in the Last Days
3:10—4:8 Paul’s Charge to Timothy
4:9-18 Personal Instructions
4:19-22 Final Greetings and Benediction

Tit. Titus

1:1-4 Salutation
1:5-16 Titus in Crete
2:1-15 Teach Sound Doctrine
3:1-11 Maintain Good Deeds
3:12-15 Final Messages and Benediction

Philem. Philemon

1:1-3 Salutation
1:4-7 Philemon’s Love and Faith
1:8-22 Paul’s Plea for Onesimus
1:23-Final Greetings and Benediction

Heb. Hebrews

1:1-4 God Has Spoken by His Son
1:5-14 Son’s Superiority to Angels
2:1-4 Warning to Pay Attention
2:5-18 Exaltation Through Suffering
3:1-6 Moses a Servant, Christ a Son
3:7-19 Warring against Unbelief
4:1-13 Rest That God Promised
4:14—5:10 Jesus the Great High Priest
5:11-14 Spiritual Growth
6:1-12 Peril of Falling Away
6:13-20 Certainty of God’s Promise
7:1-10 Priestly Order of Melchizedek
7:11-28 Another Priest, according to the Order of Melchizedek
8:1-13 Mediator of a New Covenant
9:1-22 Earthly and the Heavenly Sanctuaries
9:23-28 Christ’s Sacrifice Takes Away Sin
10:1-18 Christ’s Sacrifice Once for All
10:19-39 Call to Persevere
11:1-3 Meaning of Faith
11:4-7 Examples of Abel, Enoch, and Noah
11:8-22 Abraham’s Faith
11:23-28 Faith of Moses
11:29-40 Faith of Other Heroes in Israels History
12:1-11 Example of Jesus
12:12-29 Exhortation To Be Strong and Avoid Sin
13:1-19 Sacrifices Well-Pleasing to God
13:20-21 Benediction
13:22-25 Final Exhortation and Greetings

Jas. James

1:1 Salutation
1:2-8 Faith and Wisdom
1:9-11 Poverty and Riches
1:12-27 Trial and Temptation
2:1-13 Warning Against Partiality
2:14-26 Faith Without Works Is Dead
3:1-13 Taming the Tongue
3:13-18 Two Kinds of Wisdom
4:1-10 Friendship with the World
4:11-12 Warning Against Judging Another
4:13-17 Boasting about Tomorrow
5:1-6 Warning to Rich Oppressors
5:7-12 Patience in Suffering
5:13-20 Prayer of Faith

1 Pet. First Peter

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-12 Living Hope
1:13-25 Call to Holy Living
2:1-10 Living Stone and a Chosen People
2:11-17 Live as Servants of God
2:18-25 Example of Christ’s Suffering
3:1-7 Wives and Husbands
3:8-22 Suffering for Doing Right
4:1-11 Good Stewards of God’s Grace
4:12-19 Suffering as a Christian
5:1-11 Tending the Flock of Christ
5:12-14 Final Greetings and Benediction

2 Pet. Second Peter

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-15 Christian’s Call and Election
1:16-21 Eyewitness of Christ’s Glory
2:1-22 False Prophets and Their Punishment
3:1-13 Promise of the Lord’s Coming
3:14-18 Final Exhortation and Doxology

1 Jn. First John

1:1-4 Word of Life
1:5-10 God is Light
2:1-6 Christ is Our Advocate
2:7-17 New Commandment
2:18-27 Warring against the Antichrist
2:28—3:10 Children of God
3:11-24 Love One Another
4:1-6 Testing the Spirits
4:7-21 God is Love
5:1-5 Faith Conquers the World
5:6-12 Testimony Concerning the Son of God
5:13-21 Epilogue

2 Jn. Second John

1:1-3 Salutation
1:4-11 Truth and Love
1:12-13 Final Greetings

3 Jn. Third John

1:1 Salutation
1:2-8 Gaius Commended for His Service
1:9-12 Diotrephes and Demetrius
1:13-14 Final Greetings

Jd. Jude

1:1-2 Salutation
1:3-4 Occasion of the Letter
1:5-16 Judgement on the Ungodly
1:17-23 Warnings and Exhortations
1:24-25 Benediction

Rev. Revelation

1:1-8 Introduction and Salutation
1:9-20 Vision of Christ
2:1-7 Message to Ephesus
2:8-11 Message to Smyrna
2:12-17 Message to Pergamum
3:18-29 Message to Thyatira
3:1-6 Message to Sardis
3:7-13 Message to Philadelphia
3:14-22 Message to La’odicea
4:1-11 Heavenly Worship
5:1-14 Scroll and the Lamb
6:1-17 Seven Seals
7:1-8 144,000 of Israel Sealed
7:9-17 Multitude from Every Nation
8:1-5 Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer
8:6—9:21 Seven Angels and Seven Trumpets
10:1-11 Angel with the Little Scroll
11:1-14 Two Witnesses
11:15-19 Seventh Trumpet
12:1-6 Woman and the Dragon
12:7-12 Michael Defeats the Dragon
12:13-17 Dragon Makes War against the Woman’s Offspring
13:1-10 Beast from the Sea
13:11-18 Beast from the Earth
14:1-5 Lamb and the 144,000
14:6-13 Messages of the Three Angels
14:14-20 Reaping the Earth’s Harvest
15:1-8 Angels with the Seven Last Plagues
16:1-21 Bowls of God’s Wrath
17:1-18 Great Whore and the Beast
18:1-24 Fall of Babylon
19:1-10 Rejoicing in Heaven
19:11-16 Rider on the White Horse
19:17-21 Beast and Its Armies Defeated
20:1-6 Thousand Years
20:7-10 Satan’s Doom
20:11-15 Dead Are Judged
21:1-8 New Heaven and the New Earth
21:9-27 Vision of the New Jerusalem
22:1-7 River of the Water of Life
22:8-21 Epilogue and Benediction


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