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  2. Scripture
  3. 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles

1:1-27 From Adam to Abraham
1:28-53 Descendants of Abraham
2:1-55 Sons of Israel and Descendants of Judah
3:1-24 Descendants of David and Solomon
4:1-23 Descendants of Judah
4:24-43 Descendants of Simeon
5:1-10 Descendants of Reuben
5:11-22 Descendants of Gad
5:23-26 Half-tribe of Manasseh
6:1-30 Descendants of Levi
6:31-53 Musicians Appointed by David
6:54-81 Settlements of the Levites
7:1-5 Descendants of Issachar
7:6-12 Descendants of Benjamin
7:13 Descendants of Naphtali
7:14-19 Descendants of Manasseh
7:20-29 Descendants of Ephraim
7:30-40 Descendants of Asher
8:1-40 Descendants of Benjamin in Detail
9:1-9 Priestly Families
9:10-13 Levitical Families
9:14-34 Family of Saul
9:35-44 Death of Saul and His Sons
11:1-3 David Anointed King of All Israel
11:4-9 David’s Army Captures Jerusalem
11:10-47 David’s Mighty Men and Their Exploits
12:1-22 David’s Followers in the Wilderness
12:23-40 David’s Army at Hebron
13:1-14 Ark Brought from Kiriath-jeari
14:1-7 David Established in Jerusalem
14:8-17 Defeat of the Philistines
15:1-29 Ark Brought to Jerusalem
16:1-6 Ark Placed in a Tent
16:7-36 David’s Song of Thanksgiving
16:37-43 Regular Worship Maintained
17:1-15 God’s Covenant with David
18:16-27 David’s Prayer
18:1-11 David’s Kingdom Established and Extended
18:12-17 David’s Just Administration
19:1-19 Defeat of the Ammonites and Syrians
20:1-3 Siege and Capture of Rabbah
20:4-8 War with the Philistines
21:1-17 Census and the Pestilence
21:18-27 David’s Altar and Sacrifice
21:28—22:1 Site for the Temple Chosen
22:2-5 David’s Preparations for the Temple
22:6-19 David’s Charge to Solomon and Leaders of Israel
23:1-32 Families of the Levites and Their Duties
24:1-19 Divisions of the Sons of Aaron
24:20-31 Other Levites
25:1-31 Temple Musicians
26:1-19 Divisions of the Gatekeepers
26:20-32 Treasurers, Officers, and Judges
27:1-15 Military Divisions
27:16-24 Leaders of the Tribes
27:25-34 Stewards and Counselors
28:1-21 Solomon Instructed to Build the Temple
29:1-9 Provisions for Building the Temple
29:10-19 David’s Prayer of Praise
29:20-25 People Offer Sacrifice and Anoint Solomon
29:26-30 Summary of David’s Reign

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