Engineering Par None

— Dr. Martinus, P. M.


We had two excellent programmers. Their were abilities are par none. Up until COVID, the website has made steady progress in it’s development. Both engineers were located online. For both, this project was their first. For security reasons, whether this site has an engineer, his or her identify is can not only neither be disclosed, nor affirmed or denied. We cannot affirm or deny whether this website is currently being engineered for security reasons. All login credential from past engineers have been destroyed while super-admin credentials have been changed for security reasons as well.

Niklas: 2010—13

Graduated with an AS in IT from Camarillo College, Santa Cruz, California. Much of the work completed by Niklas has not yet been applied to the site as it was ahead of its time. It is anticipated that the application of Nicklas’s work will be seen soon as it was ahead of its time. The technology simply did not exist when it a couple features were created. Niklas had to write custom algorithms and scripts. Niklas is a very highly talented programmer.

Robin: 2013—2020

Graduated, summa cum laude, with BS in IT from University of California, Sacramento. This site currently display’s much of Robin’s work; such as the home and schools pages and page elements. The blog page is actually a lite free open-source theme that was reworked and integrated into this one, which has been so heavily modified that little to no original elements remain to this day.  The search function, which also was apparently ahead of its time, broke during COVID in Robin’s absence. It will be implemented with much of Robin’s work, which was ahead of its time, in the near future. Robin is a very highly talented programmer.

COVID: 2020—2023, null.



All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

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