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Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon

60 Then Ionathan went foorth and passed through the cities beyond the water, and all the forces of Syria, gathered themselues vnto him for to helpe him: and when he came to Ascalon, they of the city met him honorably.

61 From whence he went to Gaza, but they of Gaza shut him out; wherefore hee layd siege vnto it, and burned the suburbs thereof with fire, and spoiled them.

62 Afterward when they of Gaza made supplication vnto Ionathan, he made peace with them, and tooke the sonnes of the chiefe men for hostages, and sent them to Ierusalem, and passed through the countrey vnto Damascus.

63 Now when Ionathan heard that Demetrius Princes were come to Cades which is in Galilee, with a great power, purposing to remoue him out of the countrey,

64 Hee went to meet them, and left Simon his brother in the countrey.

65 Then Simon encamped against Bethsura, and fought against it a long season, and shut it vp:

66 But they desired to haue peace with him, which he granted them, and then put them out from thence, and tooke the city, and set a garrison in it.

67 As for Ionathan and his hoste, they pitched at the water of Gennesar, from whence betimes in the morning they gate them to the plaine of Nasor.

68 And behold, the hoste of strangers met them in the plaine, who hauing layed men in ambush for him in the mountaines, came themselues ouer against him.

69 So when they that lay in ambush rose out of their places, and ioyned battel, al that were of Ionathans side fled.

70 In so much as there was not one of them left, except Mattathias the sonne of Absolon, and Iudas the sonne of Calphi the captaines of the hoste.

71 Then Ionathan rent his clothes, and cast earth vpon his head, and prayed.

72 Afterwards turning againe to battell, he put them to flight, and so they ranne away.

73 Now when his owne men that were fled saw this, they turned againe vnto him, and with him pursued them to Cades, euen vnto their owne tents, and there they camped.

74 So there were slaine of the heathen that day, about three thousand men, but Ionathan returned to Ierusalem.

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