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Unpopularity of Lysimachus and Menelaus

39 Now when many sacriledges had beene committed in the citie by Lysimachus, with the consent of Menelaus, and the bruit therof was spread abroad, the multitude gathered themselues together against Lysimachus, many vessels of gold being already caried away.

40 Whereupon the common people rising, and being filled with rage, Lysimachus armed about three thousand men, and beganne first to offer violence on Auranus, being the leader, a man farre gone in yeeres, & no lesse in folly.

41 They then seeing the attempt of Lysimachus, some of them caught stones, some clubs, others taking handfuls of dust, that was next at hand, cast them all together vpon Lysimachus, and those that set vpon them.

42 Thus many of them they wounded, & some they stroke to the ground, and all [of them] they forced to flee: but as for the Churchrobber himselfe, him they killed besides the treasury.

43 Of these matters therefore there was an accusation laide against Menelaus.

44 Now when the king came to Tyrus, three men that were sent from the Senate, pleaded the cause before him:

45 But Menelaus being now conuicted, promised Ptolomee the sonne of Dorymenes, to giue him much money, if hee would pacifie the King towards him.

46 Whereupon Ptolomee taking the king aside into a certaine gallerie, as it were to take the aire, brought him to be of another minde;

47 Insomuch that hee discharged Menelaus from the accusations, who notwithstanding was cause of all the mischiefe: and those poore men, who if they had told their cause, yea, before the Scythians, should haue bene iudged innocent, them he condemned to death.

48 Thus they that followed the matter for the citie, and for the people, and for the holy vessels, did soone suffer vniust punishment.

49 Wherefore euen they of Tyrus mooued with hatred of that wicked deed, caused them to bee honourably buried.

50 And so through the couetousnesse of them that were in power, Menelaus remained still in authority, increasing in malice, and being a great traitour to the citizens.

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