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Jason Introduces Greek Customs

18 Now when the game that was vsed euery fift yere was kept at Tyrus, the king being present,

19 This vngracious Iason sent speciall messengers from Ierusalem, who were Antiochians, to carie three hundred drachmes of siluer to the sacrifice of Hercules, which euen the bearers therof thought fit not to bestow vpon the sacrifice, because it was not conuenient, but to be reserued for other charges.

20 This money then in regard of the sender, was appointed to Hercules sacrifice, but because of the bearers thereof, it was imployed to the making of gallies.

21 Now when Apollonius the sonne of Manastheus was sent vnto Egypt, for the coronation of king Ptolomeus Philometor, Antiochus vnderstanding him not to bee well affected to his affaires, prouided for his owne safetie: whereupon he came to Ioppe, & from thence to Ierusalem.

22 Where he was honourably receiued of Iason, and of the citie, and was brought in with torchlight, and with great shoutings: and so afterward went with his hoste vnto Phenice.

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