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Treaty of Ptolemy and Alexander

51 Afterward Alexander sent Embassadors to Ptoleme king of Egypt, with a message to this effect;

52 Forsomuch as I am come againe to my realme, and am set in the throne of my progenitors, and haue gotten the dominion, and ouerthrowen Demetrius, and recouered our countrey,

53 (For after I had ioyned battell with him, both he, and his hoste was discomfited by vs, so that we sit in the throne of his kingdome)

54 Now therefore let vs make a league of amitie together, and giue me now thy daughter to wife: & I will be thy son in law, and will giue both thee and her, gifts according to thy dignity.

55 Then Ptoleme the king gaue answere, saying, Happy be the day wherein thou diddest returne into the land of thy fathers, and satest in the throne of their kingdome.

56 And now will I doe to thee, as thou hast written: meet me therefore at Ptolemais, that wee may see one another, for I will marry my daughter to thee according to thy desire.

57 So Ptolome went out of Egypt with his daughter Cleopatra, and they came vnto Ptolemais in the hundred threescore and second yeere.

58 Where king Alexander meeting him, gaue vnto him his daughter Cleopatra, and celebrated her marriage at Ptolemais with great glory, as the maner of kings is.

59 Now king Alexander had written vnto Ionathan, that hee should come and meete him.

60 Who thereupon went honourably to Ptolemais, where he met the two kings, and gaue them and their friends siluer and golde, and many presents, and found fauour in their sight.

61 At that time certaine pestilent fellowes of Israel, men of a wicked life, assembled themselues against him, to accuse him: but the king would not heare them.

62 Yea more then that, the king commanded to take off his garments, and clothe him in purple: and they did so.

63 Also he made him sit by himselfe, and said vnto his princes, Goe with him into the midst of the city, and make proclamation, that no man complaine against him of any matter, and that no man troble him for any maner of cause.

64 Now when his accusers sawe that he was honoured according to the proclamation, and clothed in purple, they fled all away.

65 So the king honoured him, and wrote him amongst his chiefe friends, and made him a duke, and partaker of his dominion.

66 Afterward Ionathan returned to Ierusalem with peace and gladnes.

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