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Leaders of the Tribes

16 ¶ Furthermore, ouer the tribes of Israel: The Ruler of the Reubenites was Eliezer the sonne of Zichri: of the Simeonites, Shephatiah the sonne of Maachah.

17 Of the Leuites: Hashabiah the sonne of Kemuel; of the Aaronites, Zadok.

18 Of Iudah, Elihu, one of the brethren of Dauid: of Issachar, Omri the sonne of Michael.

19 Of Zebulun, Ishmaiah the son of Obadiah: of Naphtali, Ierimoth the sonne of Azriel.

20 Of the children of Ephraim, Hoshea the sonne of Azazziah: of the halfe tribe of Manasseh, Ioel the sonne of Pedaiah.

21 Of the halfe tribe of Manasseh in Gilead, Iddo the sonne of Zechariah: of Beniamin, Iaasiel the son of Abner.

22 Of Dan, Azariel the sonne of Ieroham. These were the princes of the tribes of Israel.

23 ¶ But Dauid tooke not the number of them from twentie yeeres olde and vnder: because the Lord had said, hee would increase Israel like to the starres of the heauens.

24 Ioab the sonne of Zeruiah began to number, but he finished not, because there fell wrath for it against Israel, neither was the number put in the account of the Chronicles of King Dauid.

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