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  4. Making the Alter of Burnt Offering

Making the Alter of Burnt Offering

1 And he made the Altar of burnt offring of Shittim wood: fiue cubits was the length thereof, and fiue cubits the breadth thereof: it was foure square, and three cubits the height thereof.

2 And hee made the hornes thereof on the foure corners of it: the hornes thereof were of the same, and he ouerlayed it with brasse.

3 And he made all the vessels of the Altar, the pots and the shouels, and the basons, and the fleshhookes, and the firepannes: all the vessels thereof made he of brasse.

4 And he made for the Altar a brasen grate of networke, vnder the compasse thereof, beneath vnto the midst of it.

5 And hee cast foure rings for the foure ends of the grate of brasse, to bee places for the staues.

6 And he made the staues of Shittim wood, and ouerlayed them with brasse.

7 And hee put the staues into the rings on the sides of the Altar, to beare it withall; hee made the Altar hollow with boards.

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