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Death of Nicanor

39 So Nicanor went out of Ierusalem, & pitched his tents in Bethoron, where an hoste out of Syria met him.

40 But Iudas pitched in Adasa with three thousand men, and there he prayed, saying,

41 O Lord, when they that were sent from the king of the Assyrians blasphemed, thine Angel went out, and smote a hundred, fourescore, and fiue thousand of them.

42 Euen so destroy thou this host before vs this day, that the rest may know that he hath spoken blasphemously against thy Sanctuary, and iudge thou him according to his wickednesse.

43 So the thirteenth day of the moneth Adar, the hostes ioyned battell, but Nicanors host was discomfited, & he himselfe was first slaine in the battell.

44 Now when Nicanors host saw that he was slaine, they cast away their weapons, and fled.

45 Then they pursued after them a dayes iourney from Adasa, vnto Gasera, sounding an alarme after them with their trumpets.

46 Whereupon they came forth out of all the townes of Iudea round about, and closed them in, so that they turning backe vpon them that pursued them, were all slaine with the sword, and not one of them was left.

47 Afterwards they tooke ├że spoiles, and the pray, and smote off Nicanors head, & his right hand, which he stretched out so proudly, and brought them away; and hanged them vp, towards Ierusalem.

48 For this cause the people reioyced greatly, and they kept that day, a day of great gladnesse.

49 Moreouer they ordeined to keepe yeerely this day, being the thirteenth of Adar.

50 Thus the land of Iuda was in rest a litle while.

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