1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Ezra


1:1-11 End of the Babylonian Captivity
2:1-70 List of Returned Exiles
3:1-7 Worship Restored at Jerusalem
3:8-13 Foundation of the Temple Laid
4:1-5 Resistance to Rebuilding the Temple
4:6-16 Letters of Protest against Rebuilding
4:17-24 Rebuilding of Jerusalem Forced to Halt
5:1-17 Restoration of the Temple Resumed
6:1-12 Decree of Darius
6:13-18 Completion and Dedication of the Temple
6:19-22 Passover is Celebrated
7:1-10 Arrival and Work of Ezra
7:11-28 Letter of Ar-ta-xerxes to Ezra
8:1-14 Heads of Families Who Returned with Ezra
8:15-20 Ministers for the Temple
8:21-23 Fasting and Prayer for Protection
8:24-30 Gifts for the Temple
8:31-36 Return to Jerusalem
9:1-15 Denunciation of Intermarriage; Ezra’s Prayer
10:1-5 People’s Response
10:6-44 Separation from Foreign Wives and Children

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