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Trypho Captures Jonathan

39 Now Tryphon went about to get the kingdome of Asia, and to kill Antiochus the king, that hee might set the crowne vpon his owne head.

40 Howbeit, he was afraid that Ionathan would not suffer him, and that he would fight against him, wherefore he sought a way, howe to take Ionathan, that he might kill him. So he remoued, and came to Bethsan.

41 Then Ionathan went out to meet him with fourtie thousand men, chosen for the battell, and came to Bethsan.

42 Now when Tryphon saw that Ionathan came with so great a force, hee durst not stretch his hande against him,

43 But receiued him honourably, and cōmended him vnto all his friends, and gaue him gifts, and commaunded his men of warre to be as obedient vnto him, as to himselfe.

44 Unto Ionathan also hee said, Why hast thou put all this people to so great trouble, seeing there is no warre betwixt vs?

45 Therefore send them now home againe, and chuse a few men to waite on thee, and come thou with me to Ptolemais, for I will giue it thee and the rest of the strong holds and forces, and all that haue any charge: as for me, I will returne and depart: for this is the cause of my comming.

46 So Ionathan beleeuing him, did as he bade him, and sent away his host, who went into the land of Iudea.

47 And with himselfe hee retained but three thousand men, of whome he sent two thousand into Galile, and one thousand went with him.

48 Now assoone as Ionathan entred into Ptolemais, they of Ptolemais shut the gates, and tooke him, and all them that came with him, they shewe with the sword.

49 Then sent Tryphon an hoste of footmen, and horsemen into Galile, and into the great plaine, to destroy all Ionathans company.

50 But when they knew that Ionathan and they that were with him were taken and slaine, they encouraged one another, and went close together, prepared to fight.

51 They therfore that followed vpon them, perceiuing þt they were ready to fight for their liues, turned back againe.

52 Whereupon they all came into the land of Iudea peaceably, and there they bewailed Ionathan & them that were with him, & they were sore afraid, wherfore all Israel made great lamentation.

53 Then all the heathen that were round about them, sought to destroy them. For, said they, they haue no captaine, nor any to helpe them. Now therfore let vs make war vpon them, & take away their memorial frō amongst men.

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