1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Isaiah


1:1-31 Sinfulness of Judah
2:1-22 Lord’s Universal Reign
3:1—4:5 Lord’s Judgment
5:1-30 Parable of the Vineyard
6:1-13 Vision of the Lord in the Temple
7:1-9 Isaiah Reassures King Ahaz
7:10-25 Sign of Immanuel
8:1-15 Isaiah’s Son a Sign of Assyrian Invasion
8:16-22 Disciples of Isaiah
9:1-21 Righteous Reign
10:1-19 Judgment on the Oppressors
10:20-34 Repentant Remnant of Israel
11:1-16 Shoot from the Stump of Jesse and the Peaceful Kingdom
12:1-6 Thanksgiving and Praise
13:1-22 Oracle concerning Babylon
14:1-32 Restoration of Israel
15:1—16:13 Oracle concerning Moab
17:1-18:7 Oracle concerning Damascus
19:1-25 Oracle concerning Egypt
20:1-6 Conquest of Egypt and Ethiopia
21:1-17 Oracles concerning Babylon, Edom, and Arabia
22:1-14 Oracle concerning the Valley of Vision
22:15-25 Denunciation of Self-Seeking Officials
23:1-18 Oracle concerning Tyre
24:1-23 Impending Judgment on the Earth
25:1-12 Praise for Deliverance from Oppression
26:1-21 Judah’s Song of Praise to God
27:1-13 Israel’s Expiation
28:1-29 Warning to Jerusalem
29:1-24 Siege of Jerusalem
29:22-24 Hope for the Future
30:1-18 Rebellious People
30:19-28 God’s Promise to Zion
30:29-33 Judgment on Assyria
31:1-9 Help from Egypt Is Futile
32:1-20 Reign of Righteousness and Justice
33:1-24 Prophecy of Deliverance: The Lord, the Majestic King
34:1-17 Wrath of the Lord
35:1-10 Lord Will Come to Save
36:1-22 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
37:1-13 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
37:14-35 Hezekiah’s Prayer
37:36-38 Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death
38:1-22 Hezekiah’s Sickness
39:1-8 Envoys from Babylon Welcomed
40:1-31 God Comforts His People
41:1-29 Israel Assured of God’s Help
42:1-25 Lord’s Servant; and Israel’s Disobedience
43:1-28 Lord Is Redeemer of Israel
44:1-8 God’s Blessing on Israel
44:9-17 Folly of Idol Worship
44:18-28 Israel is Not Forgotten
45:1-25 Cyrus, God’s Instrument
46:1-13 Idols Cannot Save
47:1-15 Humiliation of Babylon
48:1-22 Israel’s Unfaithfulness to God the Creator and Redeemer
49:1-26 Servant’s Mission
50:1-11 Sufferings of the Servant
51:1-23 Lord Will Comfort Zion
52:1-15 Awake to Good Tidings of Redemption
53:1-12 Lord’s Suffering Servant
54:1-17 Mercy and Comfort Offered
55:1-13 Invitation to Abundant Life
56:1-12 Rewards of Righteousness
57:1-21 Idolatry Condemned
58:1-14 True and False Fasting and Worship
59:1-21 Injustice and Oppression to Be Punished
60:1-22 Lord Will Come as a Light and Will Gather His People
61:1-11 Good Tidings for the Afflicted
62:1-12 Vindication and Salvation of Zion
63:1-19 Vengeance on Enemies; God’s Mercy Recounted and Sought
64:1-12 Prayer for Mercy
65:1-25 Righteousness of God’s Judgment
66:1-17 Judgment of God
66:18-24 New Heavens and New Earth

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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