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Further Campaigns of Jonathan and Simon

24 Now when Ionathan heard that Demetrius princes were come to fight against him with a greater hoste then afore,

25 Hee remooued from Ierusalem, and met them in the land of Amathis: for he gaue them no respite to enter his countrey.

26 He sent spies also vnto their tents, who came againe, and tolde him, that they were appointed to come vpon them in the night season.

27 Wherefore so soone as the Sunne was downe, Ionathan commaunded his men to watch, and to be in armes, that all the night long they might bee ready to fight: Also he sent foorth sentinels round about the hoste.

28 But when the aduersaries heard that Ionathan and his men were ready for battell, they feared, and trembled in their hearts, and they kindled fires in their campe.

29 Howbeit Ionathan and his company knew it not till the morning: for they saw the lights burning.

30 Then Ionathan pursued after them, but ouertooke them not: for they were gone ouer the riuer Eleutherus.

31 Wherefore Ionathan turned to the Arabians, who were called Zabadeans, and smote them, and tooke their spoiles.

32 And remouing thence, he came to Damascus, and so passed through all the countrey.

33 Simon also went foorth, and passed through the countrey vnto Ascalon, and the holds there adioyning, from whence he turned aside to Ioppe, and wanne it.

34 For he had heard that they would deliuer the hold vnto them that tooke Demetrius part, wherefore he set a garison there to keepe it.

35 After this came Ionathan home againe, and calling the Elders of the people together, hee consulted with them about building strong holdes in Iudea,

36 And making the walles of Ierusalem higher, and raising a great mount betweene the towre and the city, for to separate it from the city, that so it might be alone, that men might neither sell nor buy in it.

37 Upon this they came together, to build vp the citie forasmuch as [part of] the wall toward the brooke on the East side was fallen down, & they repaired that which was called Caphenatha

38 Simon also set vp Adida, in Sephela, and made it strong with gates and barres.

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