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Last Days of Antiochus Epiphanes

1 About that time king Antiochus trauailing through the high countreys, heard say that Elimais in the countrey of Persia, was a citie greatly renowned for riches, siluer, and gold,

2 And that there was in it a very rich temple, wherein were couerings of gold, and brestplates, and shields which Alexander sonne of Philippe the Macedonian King, who reigned first among the Grecians, had left there.

3 Wherefore he came and sought to take the citie, and to spoile it, but he was not able, because they of the citie hauing had warning thereof,

4 Rose vp against him in battell: So he fled and departed thence with great heauinesse, and returned to Babylon.

5 Moreouer there came one, who brought in tidings into Persia, that the armies which went against the land of Iudea, were put to flight:

6 And that Lysias who went forth first with a great power, was driuen away of the Iewes, and that they were made strong by the armour, and power, and store of spoiles, which they had gotten of the armies, whom they had destroyed.

7 Also that they had pulled downe the abomination which hee had set vp vpon the altar in Ierusalem, and that they had compassed about the Sanctuarie with high wals as before, and his citie Bethsura.

8 Now when the king heard these words, he was astonished, and sore moued, whereupon hee laide him downe vpon his bedde, and fell sicke for griefe, because it had not befallen him, as hee looked for.

9 And there hee continued many dayes: for his griefe was euer more and more, and he made account that he should die.

10 Wherefore he called for all his friends, and said vnto them, The sleepe is gone from mine eyes, and my heart faileth for very care.

11 And I thought with my selfe: Into what tribulation am I come, and how great a flood [of miserie] is it wherein now I am? for I was bountifull, and beloued in my power.

12 But now I remember the euils that I did at Ierusalem, and that I tooke all the vessels of gold and siluer that were therein, and sent to destroy the inhabitants of Iudea without a cause.

13 I perceiue therefore that for this cause these troubles are come vpon me, and behold I perish through great griefe in a strange land.

14 Then called he for Philip one of his friends whom he made ruler ouer all his realme:

15 And gaue him the crowne and his robe, and his signet, to the end hee should bring vp his sonne Antiochus, and nourish him vp for the kingdome.

16 So king Antiochus died there in the hundreth forty and ninth yeere.

17 Now when Lysias knew that the king was dead, he set vp Antiochus his sonne (whom he had brought vp being yong) to reigne in his stead, and his name he called Eupator.

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