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  3. 2 Kings

2 Kings

1:1-16 Elijah Denounces Ahaziah
1:17-18 Death of Ahaziah
2:1-8 Elijah Is Taken Up to Heaven
2:9-18 Elisha Succeeds Elijah
2:19-25 Elisha Performs Miracles
3:1-3 Jehoram Reigns over Israel
3:4-27 War with Moab
4:1-7 Elisha and the Widow Jar of Oil
4:8-17 Elisha and the Shunammite Couple
4:18-37 Elisha Restores the Shunammite’s Son
4:38-41 Elisha Purifies the Pot of Pottage
4:42-44 Elisha Feeds a Hundred Men
5:1-27 Naaman is Cured of Leprosy
6:1-7 Miracle of the Axe Head
6:8-23 Syrian Attack is Thwarted
6:24—7:2 Ben-hadad’s Siege of Samaria
7:3-20 Syrians Flee
8:1-6 Shunammite Woman’s Land Restored
8:7-15 Death of Ben-hadad
8:16-24 Jehoram Reigns over Judah
8:25-29 Ahaziah Reigns over Judah
9:1-13 Annointing of Jehu
9:14-26 Joram of Israel Killed
9:27-29 Ahaziah of Judah Killed
9:30-37 Jezebel’s Violent Death
10:1-17 Massacre of Ahab’s Descendants
10:18-31 Jehu Slaughters the Worshipers of Baal
10:32-36 Death of Jehu
11:1-3 Athaliah Reigns over Judah
11:4-12 Jehoiada Anoints the Child Joash
11:13-20 Death of Athaliah
11:21—12:16 Reign of Jehoash and Repair of the Temple
12:17-18 Hazael of Syria Threatens Jerusalem
12:19-21 Death of Joash
13:1-9 Jehoahaz Reigns over Israel
13:10-13 Jehoash Reigns over Israel
13:14-21 Death of Elisha
13:22-25 Israel Recaptures Its Cities from Syria
14:1-22 Amaziah Reigns over Judah
14:23-29 Jeroboam II Reigns over Israel
15:1-7 Azariah Reigns over Judah
15:8-12 Zechariah Reigns over Israel
15:13-16 Shallum Reigns over Israel
15:17-22 Menahem Reigns over Israel
15:23-26 Pekahiah Reigns over Israel
15:27-31 Pekah Reigns over Israel
15:32-38 Jotham Reigns over Judah
16:1-20 Ahaz Reigns over Judah
17:1-6 Hoshea Reigns over Israel
17:7-23 Sins of Israel Lead to Deportation
17:24-41 Assyria Resettles Samaria
18:1-12 Hezekiah Reigns over Judah
18:13-37 Sennacherib Invades Judah
19:1-7 Hezekiah Consults Isaiah
19:8-13 Sennacherib’s Mockery
19:14-34 Hezekiah’s Praryer
19:35-37 Sennacherib’s Defeat and Death
20:1-11 Hezekiah’s Illness
20:12-19 Envoys from Babylon
20:20–21 Death of Hezekiah
21:1-18 Manasseh Reigns over Judah
21:19-26 Amon Reigns over Judah
22:1-2 Josiah Reigns over Judah
22:3-10 Hilkiah Finds the Book of the Law
22:11-30 Josiah Hears the Law and Is Penitent
23:1-20 Josiah’s Reforms
23:21-27 Passover Is Celebrated
23:28-35 Josiah Dies in Battle
23:36-37 Jehoiakim Reigns over Judah
24:1-7 Judah Overrun by Enemies
24:8-9 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiachin
24:10-17 Babylon Conquers Jerusalem
24:18—25:7 Zedekiah Reigns over Judah
25:8-21 Babylon Exile
25:22-26 Gedaliah Made Govenor of Judah
25:27-30 Jehoiachin Is Freed by Evil-merodach

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