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Defeat and Death of Nicanor

20 And now when as all looked what should bee ├że triall, & the enemies were already come neere, and the armie was set in aray, and the beasts conueniently placed, and the horsemen set in wings:

21 Maccabeus seeing the comming of the multitude, and the diuers preparations of armour, and the fiercenesse of the beasts, stretched out his hands towards heauen, and called vpon the Lord, that worketh wonders, knowing that victorie commeth not by armes, but euen as it seemeth good to him, he giueth it to such as are worthy:

22 Therefore in his prayer he said after this maner: O Lord, thou diddest send thine Angel in the time of Ezekias king of Iudea, and diddest slay in the host of Sennacherib, an hundred, fourescore, and fiue thousand.

23 Wherfore now also O Lord of heauen, send a good Angel before vs, for a feare, and dread vnto them.

24 And through the might of thine arme, let those bee stricken with terror, that come against thy holy people to blaspheme. And he ended thus.

25 Then Nicanor, and they that were with him came forward with trumpets, and songs.

26 But Iudas, and his company encountred the enemies with inuocation, and prayer.

27 So that fighting with their hands, and praying vnto God with their hearts, they slew no lesse then thirty and fiue thousand men: for through the appearance of God, they were greatly cheered.

28 Now when the battell was done, returning againe with ioy, they knew that Nicanor lay dead in his harnesse.

29 Then they made a great shout, and a noise, praising the Almighty in their owne language:

30 And Iudas, who was euer the chiefe defender of the citizens both in body, and minde, and who continued his loue towards his countrymen all his life, commanded to strike off Nicanors head, and his hand, with his shoulder, & bring them to Ierusalem.

31 So when he was there, and had called them of his nation together, and set the priests before the altar, he sent for them that were of the Towre,

32 And shewed them vile Nicanors head, and the hand of that blasphemer, which with proud brags he had stretched out against the holy Temple of the Almightie.

33 And when he had cut out the tongue of that vngodly Nicanor, he commanded that they should giue it by pieces vnto the foules, and hang vp the reward of his madnesse before the Temple.

34 So euery man praised towards the heauen the glorious Lord, saying, Blessed be hee that hath kept his owne place vndefiled.

35 He hanged also Nicanors head vpon the Towre, an euident, and manifest signe vnto all, of the helpe of the Lord.

36 And they ordained all with a common decree, in no case to let that day passe without solemnitie: but to celebrate the thirteenth day of the twelfth moneth, which in the Syrian tongue is called Adar, the day before Mardocheus day.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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