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Defeat and Death of Ahab

29 So the King of Israel, and Iehoshaphat the king of Iudah, went vp to Ramoth Gilead.

30 And the king of Israel said vnto Iehoshaphat, I wil disguise my selfe, & enter into the battell, but put thou on thy robes. And the King of Israel disguised himselfe, & went into the battell.

31 But the King of Syria commanded his thirtie and two Captaines that had rule ouer his charets, saying, Fight neither with small nor great, saue only with the king of Israel.

32 And it came to passe, when the captaines of the charets saw Iehoshaphat, that they said, Surely it is the king of Israel. And they turned aside to fight against him: and Iehoshaphat cryed out.

33 And it came to passe, when the captaines of the charets perceiued that it was not the king of Israel, that they turned backe from pursuing him.

34 And a certaine man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel betweene the ioynts of the harnesse: wherefore hee sayd vnto the driuer of his charet, Turne thine hand, and cary me out of the hoste, for I am wounded.

35 And the battell increased that day: and the king was stayed vp in his charet against the Syrians, and died at euen: and the blood ranne out of the wound, into the mids of the charet.

36 And there went a proclamation throughout the hoste, about the going downe of the Sunne, saying, Euery man to his citie, and euery man to his owne countrey.

37 ΒΆ So the King died, and was brought to Samaria, and they buried the king in Samaria.

38 And one washed the charet in the poole of Samaria, and the dogges licked vp his blood, and they washed his armour, according vnto the word of the Lord which he spake.

39 Now the rest of the actes of Ahab, and all that he did, and the Iuory house which he made, and all the cities that he built, are they not written in the booke of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel?

40 So Ahab slept with his fathers, and Ahaziah his sonne reigned in his stead.

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