1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Judith


1:1-6 Arphaxad Fortifies Ecbatana
1:7-11 Nebuchadnezzar’s Orders Disregarded
1:12-16 Arphaxad Is Defeated
2:1-13 Revenge against the West
2:14-28 Campaign of Holofernes
3:1-10 Entreaties for Peace
4:1-7 Judea Prepares for Defense
4:8-15 Israel’s Prayer and Penance
5:1-4 Holofernes’ Council against the Israelites
5:5-24 Achoir’s Report
6:1-21 Achoir Handed over to the Israelites
7:1-18 Campaign against Bethulia
7:19-32 Distress of the Israelites
8:1-8 Character of Judith
8:9-36 Judith Rebukes the Elders
9:1-14 Prayer of Judith
10:1-10 Judith Prepares to Go to Holofernes
10:11-19 Judith Is Captured
10:20—11:4 Judith Is Brought before Holofernes
11:5-23 Judith Deceives Holofernes
12:1-9 Judith as a Guest of Holofernes
12:10-20 Judith Attends Holofernes’ Banquet
13:1-11 Judith Beheads Holofernes
13:12-20 Judith Returns to Her People
14:1-10 Judith’s Counsel
14:11-19 Holofernes’ Death is Discovered
15:1-7 Assyrian Army Flees
15:8-13 Israelites Celebrate
16:1-20 Song of Praise of Judith
16:21-25 Renown and Death of Judith

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