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Israel’s Prayer and Penance

8 And the children of Israel did as Ioacim the hie Priest had commanded them, with the ancients of all the people of Israel, which dwelt at Ierusalē.

9 Then euery man of Israel cryed to God with great feruencie, and with great vehemency did they humble their soules:

10 Both they and their wiues, and their children, and their cattell, and euery stranger and hireling, and their seruants bought with money, put sackecloth vpon their loynes.

11 Thus euery man and woman, and the little children, & the inhabitants of Ierusalem fell before the temple, and cast ashes vpon their heads, and spread out their sackcloth before the face of the Lord: also they put sackecloth about the Altar,

12 And cryed to the God of Israel all with one consent earnestly, that hee would not giue their children for a pray, and their wiues for a spoile, and the cities of their inheritance to destruction, and the Sanctuary to profanation and reproch, & for the nations to reioyce at.

13 So God heard their prayers, and looked vpon their afflictions: for the people fasted many dayes in all Iudea, and Ierusalem, before the Sanctuary of the Lord Almighty.

14 And Ioacim the high Priest, and all the Priestes that stood before the Lord, and they which ministred vnto the Lord, had their loines girt with sackecloth, and offered the daily burnt offerings, with the vowes and free gifts of the people,

15 And had ashes on their miters, and cried vnto the Lord with all their power, that hee would looke vpon all the house of Israel graciously.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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