Jehoahaz’s Reign over Judah

1 Then the people of the land tooke Iehoahaz the son of Iosiah, and made him King in his fathers stead in Ierusalem.

2 Iehoahaz was twentie and three yeeres old, when hee began to reigne, and hee reigned three moneths in Ierusalem.

3 And the king of Egypt put him downe at Ierusalem, and condemned the land in an hundred talents of siluer, and a talent of gold.

4 And the king of Egypt made Eliakim his brother, king ouer Iudah and Ierusalem, and turned his name to Iehoiakim. And Necho tooke Iehoahaz his brother, and caried him to Egypt.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matt 7:20).

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