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Judith as a Guest of Holofernes

1 Then hee commaunded to bring her in, where his plate was set, and bad that they should prepare for her of his owne meats, and that she should drinke of his owne wine.

2 And Iudeth said, I will not eat thereof, lest there bee an offence: but prouision shall be made for mee of the things that I haue brought.

3 Then Olofernes said vnto her, If thy prouision should faile, howe should we giue thee the like? for there be none with vs of thy nation.

4 Then said Iudeth vnto him, As thy soule liueth, my lord, thine handemaid shall not spend those things that I haue, before the Lord worke by mine hand, the things þt he hath determined.

5 Then the seruants of Olofernes brought her into the tent, and shee slept til midnight, and she arose when it was towards the morning watch,

6 And sent to Olofernes, saying, Let my lord now command, that thine handmaid may goe forth vnto prayer.

7 Then Olofernes commaunded his guard that they should not stay her: thus she abode in the camp three dayes, and went out in the night into the valley of Bethulia, and washed her selfe in a fountaine of water by the campe.

8 And when she came out, shee besought the Lord God of Israel to direct her way, to the raising vp of the children of her people.

9 So she came in cleane, and remained in the tent, vntill shee did eate her meat at euening.

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