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Judea Gains Independence

31 Now Tryphon dealt deceitfully with the yong king Antiochus, and slew him,

32 And he raigned in his stead, and crowned himselfe king of Asia, and brought a great calamitie vpō the land.

33 Then Simon built vp the strong holds in Iudea, and fensed them about with high towres, and great walles and gates and barres, and layd vp victuals therein.

34 Moreouer Simon chose men, and sent to king Demetrius, to the end he should giue the land an immunitie, because all that Tryphon did, was to spoyle.

35 Unto whom king Demetrius answered and wrote after this maner.

36 King Demetrius vnto Simon the high Priest, and friend of kings, as also vnto the Elders and nation of the Iewes, sendeth greeting.

37 The golden crowne, and the scarlet robe which ye sent vnto vs, we haue receiued, and wee are ready to make a stedfast peace with you, yea and to write vnto our officers to confirme the immunities which we haue granted.

38 And whatsoeuer couenants we haue made with you, shall stand, and the strong holdes which yee haue builded shalbe your owne.

39 As for any ouersight or fault committed vnto this day, we forgiue it, and the crowne taxe also which yee owe vs, if there were any other tribute paide in Ierusalem, it shall no more be paide.

40 And looke who are meet among you to be in our court, let them be inrolled, and let there be peace betwixt vs.

41 Thus the yoke of the heathen was taken away from Israel, in the hundred and seuentieth yeere.

42 Then the people of Israel began to write in their instruments, and contracts, in the first yeere of Simon the high Priest, the gouernour, and leader of the Iewes.

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