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Nicanor in Judea

26 Then the king sent Nicanor one of his honourable princes, a man that bare deadly hate vnto Israel, with commandement to destroy the people.

27 So Nicanor came to Ierusalem with a great force: and sent vnto Iudas and his brethren deceitfully with friendly words, saying,

28 Let there be no battell betweene me and you, I will come with a fewe men, that I may see you in peace.

29 He came therefore to Iudas, and they saluted one another peaceably. Howbeit the enemies were prepared to take away Iudas by violence.

30 Which thing after it was knowen to Iudas (to wit) that he came vnto him with deceit, he was sore afraid of him, and would see his face no more.

31 Nicanor also when he saw that his counsell was discouered, went out to fight against Iudas besides Capharsalama.

32 Where there were slaine of Nicanors side, about fiue thousand men, and [the rest] fled into the citie of Dauid.

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