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Intrigue of Trypho

38 After this, when king Demetrius saw that the land was quiet before him, and that no resistance was made against him, he sent away all his forces euery one to his owne place, except certaine bands of strangers, whom he had gathered from the iles of the heathen, wherefore all the forces of his fathers hated him.

39 Moreouer there was one Tryphon, that had beene of Alexanders part afore, who seeing that all the hoste murmured against Demetrius, went to Simalcue the Arabian, that brought vp Antiochus þe yong sonne of Alexander,

40 And lay sore vpon him, to deliuer him [this young Antiochus] that he might raigne in his fathers stead: he told him therefore all that Demetrius had done, and how his men of warre were at enmitie with him, and there he remained a long season.

41 In the meane time Ionathan sent vnto king Demetrius, that hee would cast those of the towre out of Ierusalem, and those also in the fortresses. For they fought against Israel.

42 So Demetrius sent vnto Ionathan, saying, I will not onely doe this for thee, and thy people, but I will greatly honour thee and thy nation, if opportunitie serue.

43 Now therefore thou shalt do wel if thou send me men to helpe me; for all my forces are gone from me.

44 Upon this Ionathan sent him three thousand strong men vnto Antioch, and when they came to þe king, the king was very glad of their comming.

45 Howbeit, they that were of the citie, gathered themselues together into the midst of the citie, to the number of an hundreth and twentie thousand men, and would haue slaine the king.

46 Wherefore the king fled into the court, but they of the citie kept the passages of the citie, and began to fight.

47 Then the king called to the Iewes for helpe, who came vnto him all at once, and dispersing themselues through the city, slew that day in the citie to the number of an hundred thousand.

48 Also they set fire on the citie, and gat many spoiles that day, and deliuered the king.

49 So when they of the city saw, that the Iewes had got the city as they would, their courage was abated, wherefore they made supplication to the king, and cried, saying:

50 Graunt vs peace, and let the Iewes cease from assaulting vs and the citie.

51 With that they cast away their weapons, and made peace, and the Iewes were honoured in the sight of the king, and in the sight of all that were in his realme, and they returned to Ierusalem hauing great spoiles.

52 So king Demetrius sate on the throne of his kingdome, and the land was quiet before him.

53 Neuerthelesse hee dissembled in all that euer hee spake, and estranged himselfe from Ionathan, neither rewarded he him, according to the benefits which hee had receiued of him, but troubled him very sore.

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