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Second Book of Moses Commonly Called Exodus

Ex 1-40

1:1-7 Sons of Israel
1:8-22 Israelites Are Oppressed by the Egyptians
2:1-10 Birth and Youth of Moses
2:11-25 Moses Flees to Midian
3:1-12 Moses and the Burning Bush
3:13-22 God Reveals His Name
4:1-17 God Gives Moses Help for His Mission
4:18-31 Moses Returns to Egypt
5:1-23, 6:1 Bricks without Straw
6:2-13 God Promises Deliverance
6:14-27 Genealogy of Moses and Aaron
6:28—7:7 Moses and Aaron Obey God’s Commands
7:8-13 Aaron’s Miraculous Rod
7:14-24 First Plague: Water of the Nile Turned to Blood
7:25—8:15 Second Plague: Frogs
8:16-19 Third Plague: Gnats
8:20-32 Fourth Plague: Swarms of Flies
9:1-7 Fifth Plague: Death of the Egyptian’s Livestock
9:8-12 Sixth Plague: Boils
9:13-35 Seventh Plague: Thunder and Hail
10:1-20 Eighth Plague: Locusts
10:21-29 Ninth Plague: Darkness
11:1-10 Warning of the Final Plague
12:1-28 Passover Instituted
12:29-32 Tenth Plague: Death of Egypt’s First-born
12:33-42 Exodus: Rameses to Succoth
12:43—13:2 Obedience of the Passover
13:3-10 Feast of the Unleavened Bread
13:11-16 Consecration of First-born Males
13:17-22 Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire
14:1-25 Crossing the Red Sea
14:26-31 Egyptians Drown in the Sea
15:1-21 Songs of Moses and Miriam
15:22-27 Bitter Water is Made Sweet
16:1-36 Manna from Heaven
17:1-7 Water from the Rock
17:8-16 Amalek Attacks Israel and is Defeated
18:1-27 Jethro’s Counsel to Moses
19:1-15 Israelites reach Mount Sinai
19:16-25 God Speaks to Moses on the Mountain
20:1-20 Ten Commandments
20:21-26 God Gives Moses Laws about Sacrifice
21:1-11 Laws concerning Slaves
21:12-36 Laws Concerning Violence and Harm
22:1-15 Laws of Restitution
22:16-31 Social and Religious Laws
23:1-9 Laws concerning Justice
23:10-13 Sabbatical Year and the Sabbath
23:14-19 Annual Feasts
23:20-33 Conquest of Canaan Promised
24:1-8 Blood of the Covenant
24:9-18 On the Mountain of God
25:1-9 Offerings for the Tabernacle
25:10-22 Ark of the Covenant
25:23-30 Table for the Bread of the Presence
25:31-40 Lampstand
26:1-14 Tabernacle
26:15-30 Framework
26:31-37 Veil and the Screen
27:1-8 Alter of Burnt Offering
27:9-19 Court and Its Hangings
27:20-27 Oil for the Lamp
28:1-4 Holy Garments for the Priests
28:5-14 Ephod
28:15-30 Breastpiece of Judgment
28:31-35 Robe of the Ephod
28:36-43 Other Priestly Garments
29:1-37 Ordination of Priests
29:38-46 Daily Offerings
30:1-10 Alter of Incense
30:11-16 Half Shekel for the Sanctuary
30:17-21 Bronze Laver
30:22-38 Anointing Oil and Incense
31:1-11 Bezalel and Oholiab
31:12-17 Sabbath Law
31:18 Tables of the Covenant
32:1-35 Golden Calf
33:1-6 Command to Leave Sinai
33:7-11 Tent of Meeting
33:12-23 Moses’ Intercession
34:1-9 Tables of Stone
34:10-28 Covenant Renewed
34:29-35 Shining Face of Moses
35:1-3 Sabbath Regulations
35:4-19 Preparations for Making the Tabernacle
35:20-29 Offerings Brought for the Tabernacle
35:30—36:7 Bezalel and Oholiab Receive the Offerings
36:8-38 Construction of the Tabernacle
37:1-9 Making the Ark of the Covenant
37:10-16 Making the Table
37:17-24 Making the Lampstand
37:25-28 Making the Altar of Incense
37:29 Making the Anointing Oil and Incense
38:1-7 Making the Alter of Burnt Offering
38:8-20 Making the Laver and the Court
38:21-31 Materials of the Tabernacle
39:1-31 Making the Priests’ Garments
39:32-43 Work Finished
40:1-33 Erection of the Tabernacle
40:34-38Cloud and the Glory of the Lord

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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