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Alliance with Rome

17 In consideration of these things Iudas chose Eupolemus the sonne of Iohn, the sonne of Accas, and Iason the sonne of Eleazar, and sent them to Rome to make a league of amitie and confederacie with them,

18 [And to intreate them] that they would take the yoke from them, for they saw that the kingdome of the Grecians did oppresse Israel with seruitude

19 They went therefore to Rome (which was a very great iourney) and came into the Senate, where they spake and said,

20 Iudas Maccabeus with his brethren, and the people of the Iewes, haue sent vs vnto you, to make a confederacie, and peace with you, and that we might be registred, your confederats and friends.

21 So that matter pleased the Romanes well.

22 And this is the copie of the Epistle which (the Senate) wrote backe againe, in tables of brasse: and sent to Ierusalem, that there they might haue by them a memorial of peace & confederacy.

23 Good successe be to the Romans and to the people of the Iewes, by Sea, and by land for euer: the sword also and enemie, be farre from them.

24 If there come first any warre vpon the Romans or any of their confederats throughout all their dominion,

25 The people of the Iewes shall helpe them, as the time shall be appointed, with all their heart.

26 Neither shal they giue any thing, vnto them that make war vpon them, or aide them with victuals, weapons, money, or ships, as it hath seemed good vnto the Romans, but they shall keepe their couenant without taking any thing therefore.

27 In the same maner also, if warre come first vpon the nation of the Iewes, the Romans shall helpe them with all their heart, according as the time shall be appointed them.

28 Neither shal victuals be giuen to thē that take part against thē, or weapons, or money, or ships, as it hath seemed good to the Romanes; but they shall keepe their couenants, and that without deceit.

29 According to these articles did the Romanes make a couenant with the people of the Iewes.

30 Howbeit, if hereafter the one partie or the other, shall thinke meete to adde or diminish any thing, they may doe it at their pleasures, and whatsoeuer they shall adde or take away, shalbe ratified.

31 And as touching the euils that Demetrius doeth to the Iewes, wee haue written vnto him, saying, Wherefore hast thou made thy yoke heauie vpon our friends, and confederats the Iewes?

32 If therefore they complaine any more against thee: wee will doe them iustice, and fight with thee by sea and by land.

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