Diplomacy with Rome and Sparta

16 Now when it was heard at Rome, & as far as Sparta, that Ionathan was dead, they were very sorie.

17 But assoone as they heard that his brother Simon was made high Priest in his stead, and ruled the countrey, and the cities therein,

18 They wrote vnto him in tables of brasse, to renew the friendship & league which they had made with Iudas and Ionathan his brethren:

19 Which writings were read before the Congregation at Ierusalem.

20 And this is the copy of the letters that the Lacedemonians sent: The rulers of the Lacedemonians, with the city, vnto Simon the high Priest, and the Elders and Priestes, and residue of the people of the Iewes, our brethren, send greeting.

21 The Embassadors that were sent vnto our people, certified vs of your glory and honour, wherefore we were glad of their comming,

22 And did register the things that they spake, in the counsell of the people, in this maner: Numenius sonne of Antiochus, and Antipater sonne of Iason, the Iewes Embassadours, came vnto vs, to renew the friendship they had with vs.

23 And it pleased the people to entertaine the men honourably, and to put the copy of their embassage in publike records, to the end the people of the Lacedemonians might haue a memoriall therof: furthermore we haue written a copy thereof vnto Simon the hie Priest.

24 After this, Simon sent Numenius to Rome, with a great shield of golde of a thousand pound weight, to confirme the league with them.

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