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Liberation of Galilean Jews

9 Then the heathen that were at Galead, assembled themselues together against the Israelites that were in their quarters to destroy them: but they fled to the fortresse of Dathema;

10 And sent letters vnto Iudas and his brethren: The heathen that are round about vs, are assembled together against vs to destroy vs;

11 And they are preparing to come and take the fortresse whereunto wee are fled, Timotheus being captaine of their host.

12 Come now therefore and deliuer vs from their handes, for many of vs are slaine.

13 Yea all our brethren that were in the places of Tobie, are put to death, their wiues and their children; Also they haue caried away captiues, and borne away their stuffe, and they haue destroied there about a thousand men.

14 While these letters were yet reading, behold there came other messengers from Galilee with their clothes rent, who reported on this wise,

15 And said: They of Ptolemais, and of Tyrus, and Sidon, and all Galilee of the Gentiles are assembled together against vs to consume vs.

16 Now when Iudas and the people heard these wordes, there assembled a great congregation together, to consult what they should doe for their brethren, that were in trouble and assaulted of them.

17 Then said Iudas vnto Simon his brother, Choose thee out men, and goe, and deliuer thy brethren that are in Galilee, for I and Ionathan my brother, will goe into the countrey of Galaad.

18 So hee left Ioseph the sonne of Zacharias, and Azarias captaines of the people, with the remnant of the hoste in Iudea to keepe it,

19 Unto whom he gaue commandement, saying, Take yee the charge of this people, and see that you make not warre against the heathen, vntill the time that we come againe.

20 Now vnto Simon were giuen three thousand men to goe into Galilee, and vnto Iudas eight thousand men for the countrey of Galaad.

21 Then went Simon into Galilee, where hee fought many battels with the heathen, so that the heathen were discomfited by him.

22 And hee pursued them vnto the gate of Ptolemais; And there were slaine of the heathen about three thousand men, whose spoiles he tooke.

23 And those that were in Galilee and in Arbattis, with their wiues and their children, and all that they had, tooke he away [with him] and brought them into Iudea, with great ioy.

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