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Nicanor Makes Friends with Judas

15 Now when the Iewes heard of Nicanors comming, and that the heathen were vp against them, they cast earth vpon their heads, and made supplication to him that had stablished his people for euer, and who alwayes helpeth his portion with manifestation of his presence.

16 So at the commandement of the captaine, they remooued straightwayes from thence, and came neere vnto them, at the towne of Deffaro.

17 Now Simon, Iudas brother, had ioyned battell with Nicanor, but was somewhat discomfited, through the suddaine silence of his enemies.

18 Neuerthelesse Nicanor hearing of the manlinesse of them that were with Iudas, and the courageousnes that they had to fight for their countrey, durst not try the matter by the sword.

19 Wherefore he sent Posidonius, and Theodotus, & Mattathias to make peace.

20 So when they had taken long aduisement thereupon, and the captaine had made þe multitude acquainted therewith, and it appeared that they were all of one minde, they consented to the couenants,

21 And appointed a day to meet in together by themselues, & when the day came, and stooles were set for either of them,

22 Iudas placed armed men ready in conuenient places, lest some treachery should bee suddenly practised by the enemies; so they made a peaceable cōference.

23 Now Nicanor abode in Ierusalem, and did no hurt, but sent away the people that came flocking vnto him.

24 And hee would not willingly haue Iudas out of his sight: for hee loued the man from his heart.

25 He praied him also to take a wife, and to beget children: so he maried, was quiet, and tooke part of this life.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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