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Antiochus’ Letter and Death

19 Antiochus king and gouernour, to the good Iewes his Citizens, wisheth much ioy, health, and prosperity.

20 If ye, and your children fare well, and your affaires be to your contentment, I giue very great thankes to God, hauing my hope in heauen.

21 As for mee I was weake, or else I would haue remembred kindly your honour, and good will. Returning out of Persia, and being taken with a grieuous disease, I thought it necessary to care for the common safety of all:

22 Not distrusting mine health, but hauing great hope to escape this sicknes

23 But considering that euen my father, at what time he led an armie into the hie countries, appointed a successor,

24 To the end, that if any thing fell out contrary to expectation, or if any tidings were brought that were grieuous, they of the land knowing to whom the state was left, might not be troubled.

25 Againe considering, how that the princes that are borderers, and neighbors vnto my kingdome, waite for opportunities, and expect what shalbe the euent, I haue appointed my sonne Antiochus king, whom I often cōmitted, and cōmended vnto many of you, when I went vp into the high prouinces, to whom I haue written as followeth.

26 Therefore I pray, and request you to remember the benefits that I haue done vnto you generally, and in speciall, and that euery man will be still faithfull to me, and my sonne.

27 For I am perswaded that hee vnderstanding my minde, will fauourably & graciously yeeld to your desires.

28 Thus the murtherer, and blasphemer hauing suffered most grieuously, as he entreated other men, so died he a miserable death in a strange countrey in the mountaines.

29 And Philip that was brought vp with him, caried away his body, who also fearing the son of Antiochus, went into Egypt to Ptolomeus Philometor.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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