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First Campaign of Lysias

26 Now all the strangers that had escaped, came and told Lysias what had happened.

27 Who when hee heard thereof, was confounded, and discouraged, because neither such things as he would, were done vnto Israel, nor such things as the king commanded him were come to passe.

28 The next yeere therefore following, Lysias gathered together threescore thousand choice men of foote, and fiue thousand horsemen, that he might subdue them.

29 So they came into Idumea, and pitched their tents at Bethsura, and Iudas met with them ten thousand men.

30 And when he saw that mighty armie, he prayed, and said, Blessed art thou, O sauiour of Israel, who diddest quaile the violence of the mighty man by the hand of thy seruant Dauid, and gauest, the host of strangers into the hands of Ionathan the sonne of Saul, and his armour bearer.

31 Shut vp this armie in the hand of thy people Israel, and let them be confounded in their power and horsemen.

32 Make them to be of no courage, and cause the boldnesse of their strength to fall away, & let them quake at their destruction.

33 Cast them downe with the sword of them that loue thee, and let all those that know thy name, praise thee with thanksgiuing.

34 So they ioyned battaile, and there were slaine of the host of Lysias about fiue thousand men, euen before them were they slaine.

35 Now when Lysias saw his armie put to flight, and the manlinesse of Iudas souldiers, and how they were ready, either to liue or die valiantly, he went into Antiochia, and gathered together a company of strangers, and hauing made his armie greater then it was, he purposed to come againe into Iudea.

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