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Victory over Cendebeus

37 In the meane time fled Tryphon by ship vnto Orthosias.

38 Then the king made Cendebeus captaine of the sea coast, and gaue him an hoste of footmen and horsemen,

39 And commanded him to remoue his hoste toward Iudea: also hee commanded him to build vp Cedron, and to fortifie the gates, & to warre against the people, but as for the king [himselfe] he pursued Tryphon.

40 So Cendebeus came to Iamnia, and began to prouoke the people, and to inuade Iudea, and to take the people prisoners, and slay them.

41 And when hee had built vp Cedron, he set horsemen there, and an host [of footmen] to the end that issuing out, they might make outroades vpon the wayes of Iudea, as the king had commanded him.

Chap 16

1 Then came vp Iohn from Gazara, and told Simon his father, what Cendebeus had done.

2 Wherefore Simon called his two eldest sonnes, Iudas and Iohn, and said vnto them, I and my brethren, and my fathers house haue euer from our youth vnto this day fought against the enemies of Israel, and things haue prospered so well in our hands, that wee haue deliuered Israel oftentimes.

3 But now I am old, and yee [by Gods mercy] are of a sufficient age: Be ye in stead of mee, and my brother, and goe and fight for our nation, and the helpe from heauen be with you.

4 So hee chose out of the countrey twentie thousand men of warre with horsemen, who went out against Cendebeus, and rested that night at Modin.

5 And when as they rose in the morning, and went into the plaine, behold, a mighty great hoste both of footmen, and horsmen, came against them: Howbeit there was a water brooke betwixt them.

6 So hee and his people pitched ouer against them, and when hee saw that the people were afraid to goe ouer the water brooke, hee went first ouer himselfe, and then the men seeing him, passed through after him.

7 [That done] he diuided his men, and set the horsemen in the midst of the footemen: for the enemies horsemen were very many.

8 Then sounded they with the holy Trumpets: whereupon Cendebeus and his hoste were put to flight, so that many of them were slaine, and the remnant gat them to the strong hold.

9 At that time was Iudas Iohns brother wounded: But Iohn still followed after them, vntill he came to Cedron which [Cendebeus] had built.

10 So they fled euen vnto the towres in the fields of Azotus, wherefore hee burnt it with fire: So that there were slaine of them about two thousand men. Afterward hee returned into the land of Iudea in peace.

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