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Bacchides Builds Fortifications

50 Afterward returned [Bacchides] to Ierusalem, and repaired the strong cities in Iudea: the fort in Iericho, and Emmaus, and Bethoron, and Bethel, and Thamnatha, Pharathoni, and Taphon (these did he strengthen with high wals, with gates, & with barres.)

51 And in them he set a garison, that they might worke malice vpon Israel.

52 He fortified also the citie Bethsura, and Gazara, and the towre, and put forces in them, and prouision of victuals.

53 Besides, he tooke the chiefe mens sonnes in the country for hostages, and put them into the towre at Ierusalem to be kept.

54 Moreouer, in the hundred, fiftie and third yere, in the second moneth, Alcimus commanded that the wall of the inner court of the Sanctuarie should be pulled downe, he pulled downe also the works of the prophets.

55 And as he began to pull downe, euen at that time was Alcimus plagued, and his enterprises hindered: for his mouth was stopped, and he was taken with a palsie, so that hee could no more speake any thing, nor giue order concerning his house.

56 So Alcimus died at that time with great torment.

57 Now when Bacchides saw that Alcimus was dead, he returned to the king, wherupon the land of Iudea was in rest two yeere.

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