2 Chronicles

1:1-13 Solomon Requests Wisdom
1:14-17 Solomon’s Acquisitions
2:1-10 Preparations for Building the Temple
2:11-16 Huram Agrees to Help Solomon
2:17-18 Census of the Aliens
3:1-17 Solomon Builds the Temple
4:1—5:1 Furnishings of the Temple
5:2-14 Ark of the Covenant Brought into the Temple
6:1-11 Dedication of the Temple
6:12-42 Solomon’s Prayer of dedication
7:1-10 Consecration of the Temple
7:11-22 Lord’s Second Appearance to Solomon
8:1-18 Solomon Builds Many Cities
9:1-12 Visit of the Queen of Sheba
9:13-28 Solomon’s Wealth and Wisdom
9:29-31 Death of Solomon
10:1-19 Revolt against Rehoboam
11:1-12 Judah and Benjamin Fortified
11:13-17 Priests and Levites Support Rehoboam
11:18-23 Wives of Rehoboam
12:1-12 Egypt Attacks Judah
12:13-16 Death of Rehoboam
13:1-22 Abijah’s Reign over Judah
14:1-8 Asa’s Good Reign over Judah
14:9-15 Judah Defeats the Ethiopians
15:1-7 Azariah’s Prophecy
15:8-19 Asa Has Idols Removed
16:1-10 Alliance with Syria Condemned
16:11-14 Asa’s Disease and death
17:1-19 Jehoshapat’s Reign
18:1-11 Jehoshaphat’s Alliance with Ahab
18:12-27 Micaiah’s Prophecy of Defeat
18:28-34 Death of Ahab
19:1-11 Reforms of Jehoshaphat
20:1-4 Invasion from the East
20:5-30 Jehoshaphat’s Prayer and Victory
20:31-37 End of Jehoshaphat’s Reign over Judah
21:1-7 Jehoram’s Reign over Judah
21:8-10 Revolt of Edom
21:11-17 Elijah’s Letter of warning
21:18-20 Disease and Death of Jehoram
22:1-6 Ahaziah’s Reign over Judah
22:7-9 Downfall of Ahaziah
22:10—23:7 Athaliaah Seizes the Throne
23:8-11 Josash Crowned King of Judah
23:12-15 Athaliah Slain
23:16-21 Jehoiada’s Covenant
24:1-16 Joash Restores the Temple
24:17-22 Apostasy of Joash
24:23-27 Death of Joash
25:1-4 Amaziah’s Reign over Judah
25:5-16 Slaughter of the Edomites
25:17-24 Israel Defeats Judah
25:25-28 Death of Amaziah
26:1-15 Uzziah’s Reign over Judah
26:16-23 Pride and Apostasy
27:1-9 Jotham’s Reign over Judah
28:1-4 Ahaz’s Reign over Judah
28:5-7 Syria and Israel Defeat Judah
28:8-21 Prophet Oded Intercedes
28:22-27 Apostasy and Death of Ahaz
29:1-2 Hezekiah’s Reign over Judah
29:3-19 Temple is Cleansed
29:20-36 Hezekiah Temple Worship
30:1-27 Keeping the Feast of the Passover
31:1-10 Pagan Shrines Destroyed
31:11-21 Reorganization of the Priests and Levites
32:1-19 Invasion of Sennacherib, King of Assyria
32:20-23 Sennacherib’s Defeat and death
32:24-26 Hezekiah’s Sickness
32:27-33 Hezekiah’s Prosperity and Good Deeds
33:1-9 Manasseh’s Evil Reign over Judah
33:10-17 Manasseh Restored after Repentance
33:18-20 Death of Manasseh
33:21-25 Amon’s Reign and Death
34:1-7 Josiah’s Reign over Judah
34:8-21 Book of the Law is Found
34:22-28 Prophetess Huldah Consulted
34:29-33 Covenant Renewed
35:1-19 Celebration of the Passover
35:20-27 Defeat by Pharaoh Neco and the Death of Josiah
36:1-4 Jehoahaz’s Reign over Judah
36:5-8 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiakim
36:9-10 Reign and Captivity of Jehoiachin
36:11-14 Zedekiah’s Reign over Judah
36:15-21 Fall of Jerusalem
36:22-23 Cyrus Proclaims Liberty for the Exiles

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matt 7:20).

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