1. Hylomorphism
  2. Scripture
  3. Sirach


1:1-30 Praise of Wisdom
2:1-18 Duties toward God
3:1-31 Duties toward Parents and Others
4:1—6:37 Precepts for Everyday Life
7:1-36 Advice for Right Conduct
8:1-19 Prudence
9:1—11:34 Conduct toward Others
12:1-18 Friends and Enemies
13:1—14:27 Responsible Use of Riches
15:1—16:30 Freedom of Choice and Its Consequences
17:1-32 Wisdom concerning God’s Gifts to Men
18:1-33 God and Man
19:1-30 True Wisdom Contrasted to Cleverness and Evil
20:1-31 Silence and Speech
21:1-28 Various Sins and Foolishness
22:1—23:27 Wisdom, Folly, and Self-Control
24:1-34 Praise of Wisdom
25:1—28:26 Good and the Evil in Daily Life
29:1-28 Lending and Borrowing, Home, and Hospitality
30:1-25 Discipline of Children, Right Attitudes
31:1—32:24 Right Conduct
33:1-31 Practical Advice
34:1-26 Fear of the Lord, Sacrifice, Justice, and Prayer
35:1-20 Law and Sacrifice-Divine Justice
36:1-26 Prayer for God’s People; Wise Sayings
37:1-31 Concerning Good Council, Reason, and Moderation
38:1-34 Concerning Physicians, Tradesmen, and Craftsmen
39:1-35 Student of Law; and Praise of God
40:1-30 Human Wretchedness and Joys of Life
41:1—42:25 Series of Contrasts
43:1-33 God’s Greatness in Creation
44:1—49:16 Praise of Our Fathers
50:1-29 Simon Son of Onias; a Benediction, and an Epilogue
51:1-30 Search for Wisdom

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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