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Judas Defeats Timothy’s Army

17 Then departed they from thence seuen hundred and fifty furlongs, and came to Characa vnto the Iewes that are called Tubieni.

18 But as for Timotheus they found him not in the places, for before hee had dispatched any thing, he departed from thence, hauing left a very strong garrison in a certaine hold:

19 Howbeit, Dositheus, and Sosipater, who were of Maccabeus captaines, went forth, and slew those that Timotheus had left in the fortresse, aboue tenne thousand men.

20 And Maccabeus ranged his armie by bands, & set them ouer the bands, and went against Timotheus, who had about him & hundred and twentie thousand men of foote, and two thousand, and fiue hundred horsemen.

21 Nowe when Timotheus had knowledge of Iudas comming, he sent the women and children, and the other baggage vnto a fortresse called Carnion (for the towne was hard to besiege and vneasie to come vnto, by reason of the straitnesse of all the places.)

22 But when Iudas his first band came in sight, the enemies (being smitten with feare, and terrour through the appearing of him that seeth all things) fled amaine, one running this way, another that way, so as that they were often hurt of their owne men, and wounded with ├że points of their owne swords

23 Iudas also was very earnest in pursuing them, killing those wicked wretches, of whom he slew about thirtie thousand men.

24 Moreouer, Timotheus himselfe fell into the hands of Dositheus, & Sosipater, whom he besought with much craft to let him goe with his life, because hee had many of the Iewes parents, and the brethren of some of them, who, if they put him to death, should not be regarded.

25 So when hee had assured them with many words, that hee would restore them without hurt according to the agreement, they let him goe for the sauing of their brethren.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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