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Judea Prepares for Defense

1 Now the children of Israel that dwelt in Iudea, heard all that Holofernes the chiefe captaine of Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians had done to the nations, and after what manner hee had spoiled all their Temples, and brought them to nought.

2 Therefore they were exceedingly afraid of him, and were troubled for Ierusalem, and for the Temple of the Lord their God.

3 For they were newly returned from the captiuitie, and all the people of Iudea were lately gathered together: and the vessels, and the Altar, and the house, were sanctified after the profanation.

4 Therefore they sent into all the coasts of Samaria, and the villages, and to Bethoron, and Belmen, and Iericho, and to Choba, and Esora, and to the valley of Salem,

5 And possessed themselues beforehand of all the tops of the high mountaines, and fortified the villages that were in them, and laid vp victuals for the prouision of warre: for their fieldes were of late reaped.

6 Also Ioacim the hie Priest which was in those daies in Ierusalem, wrote to them that dwelt in Bethulia, and Betomestham which is ouer against Esdraelon toward the open countrey neere to Dothaim,

7 Charging them to keepe the passages of the hill countrey: for by them there was an entrance into Iudea, and it was easie to stoppe them that would come vp, because the passage was strait for two men at the most.

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