1:1-9 God Commissions Joshua
1:10-18 Preparations for Taking Over the Land
2:1-24 Spies Sent to Jericho
3:1-17 Israel Passes over the Jordan
4:1-24 Twelve Stones Set Up at Gilgal
5:1-9 Sons of Israel Are Circumcised
5:10-12 Passover at Gilgal
5:13-15 Joshua’s Vision
6:1-27 Jericho Taken and Destroyed
7:1-26 Sin of Achan and Its Punishment
8:1-29 Capture and Destruction of Ai
8:30-35 Joshua Sacrifices and Reads the Law at mount Ebal
9:1-27 Gibeonites’ Stratagem
10:1-15 Sun Stands Still
10:15- 43 Five Kings Defeated
11:1-15 United Kings of Northern Canaan Defeated
11:16-23 Summary of Joshua’s Conquests
12:1-6 Kings Conquered by Moses
12:7-24 Kings Conquered by Joshua
13:1-14 Still Unconquered Parts of Canaan
13:15-23 Territory of Reuben
13:24-28 Territory of Gad
13:29-33 Territory of the Half-tribe of Manasseh (East)
14:1-5 Distribution of Territory West of the Jordan
14:6-15 Hebron Allotted to Caleb
15:1-12 Territory of Judah
15:13-19 Caleb Occupies His Portion
15:20-63 Towns of Judah
16:1-10 Territory of Ephraim
17:1-13 Territory of the Half-tribe of Manasseh (West)
17:14-17 Tribe of Joseph Protests
18:1-10 Territories of the Remaining Tribes
18:11-28 Territory of Benjamin
19:1-9 Territory of Simeon
19:10-16 Territory of Zebulun
19:17-23 Territory of Issachar
19:24-31 Territory of Asher
19:32-39 Territory of Naphtali
19:40-48 Territory of Dan
19:49-51 Inheritance of Joshua
20:1-9 City of Refuge
21:1-45 Cities of the Levites
22:1-9 Eastern Tribes Return
22:10-34 Altar of Witness by the Jordan
23:1-16 Joshua Exhorts the People
24:1-28 Tribes Renew the Covenant
24:29-33 Death of Joshua and Eleazar

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matt 7:20).

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