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Renewed Attacks from Syria

18 About this time they that were in the towre shut vp the Israelites round about the Sanctuarie, and sought alwayes their hurt, and the strengthening of the heathen.

19 Wherefore Iudas purposing to destroy them, called all the people together to besiege them.

20 So they came together, and besieged them in the hundred and fiftith yeere, and he made mounts for shot against them, and [other] engines:

21 Howbeit certaine of them that were besieged got forth, vnto whom some vngodly men of Israel ioyned themselues.

22 And they went vnto the king and said, How long will it be ere thou execute iudgement, and auenge our brethren?

23 We haue beene willing to serue thy father, and to doe as he would haue vs, and to obey his commandements.

24 For which cause they of our nation besiege the towre, and are alienated from vs: Moreouer as many of vs as they could light on, they slew, and spoiled our inheritance.

25 Neither haue they stretched out their hand against vs only, but also against all their borders.

26 And behold this day are they besieging the towre at Ierusalem to take it: the Sanctuary also, and Bethsura haue they fortified.

27 Wherefore if thou doest not preuent them quickly, they wil doe greater things then these, neither shalt thou be able to rule them.

28 Now when the king heard this, he was angry, and gathered together all his friends, and the captaines of his armie, and those that had charge of the horse.

29 There came also vnto him from other kingdomes, and from Isles of the Sea bands of hired souldiers.

30 So that the number of his armie was an hundred thousand foote men, and twentie thousand horsemen, and two and thirty Elephants exercised in battell.

31 These went through Idumea, and pitched against Bethsura which they assaulted many daies, making engines of warre: but they [of Bethsura] came out, and burnt them with fire, and fought valiantly.

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