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Confession of Sins

15 And yee shall say, To the Lord our God belongeth righteousnesse, but vnto vs the confusion of faces, as it is come to passe this day vnto them of Iuda, & to the inhabitants of Ierusalem,

16 And to our kings, and to our princes, and to our Priests, and to our Prophets, and to our fathers.

17 For wee haue sinned before the Lord,

18 And disobeyed him, and haue not hearkened vnto the voice of the Lord our God, to walke in the commaundements that he gaue vs openly:

19 Since the day that the Lorde brought our forefathers out of the land of Egypt, vnto this present day, wee haue beene disobedient vnto the Lord our God, and we haue beene negligent in not hearing his voice.

20 Wherefore the euils cleaued vnto vs, and the curse which the Lord appointed by Moses his seruant, at the time that he brought our fathers out of the land of Egypt, to giue vs a land that floweth with milke and honie, like as it is to see this day.

21 Neuerthelesse we haue not hearkened vnto the voice of the Lord our God, according vnto all the wordes of the Prophets, whom he sent vnto vs.

22 But euery man followed the imagination of his owne wicked heart, to serue strange gods, and to doe euill in the sight of the Lord our God.

Chap 2

1 Therefore the Lord hath made good his worde, which hee pronounced against vs, and against our Iudges that iudged Israel, and against our kings, and against our princes, and against the men of Israel and Iuda,

2 To bring vpon vs great plagues, such as neuer happened vnder the whole heauen, as it came to passe in Ierusalem, according to the things that were written in the Law of Moses,

3 That a man should eat the flesh of his owne sonne, and the flesh of his owne daughter.

4 Moreouer, he hath deliuered them to be in subiection to all the kingdomes that are round about vs, to be as a reproch and desolation among all the people round about, where the Lord hath scattered them.

5 Thus wee were cast downe and not exalted, because wee haue sinned against the Lord our God, and haue not beene obedient vnto his voice.

6 To the Lord our God appertaineth righteousnesse: but vnto vs and to our fathers open shame, as appeareth this day.

7 For all these plagues are come vpon vs, which the Lord hath pronounced against vs,

8 Yet haue we not prayed before the Lord, þt we might turne euery one from the imaginations of his wicked heart.

9 Wherefore the Lord watched ouer vs for euill, and the Lord hath brought it vpon vs: for the Lord is righteous in all his works, which he hath commanded vs.

10 Yet we haue not hearkened vnto his voice, to walk in the cōmandements of the Lord, that he hath set before vs.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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