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Holofernes’ Council against the Israelites

1 Then was it declared to Holofernes the chief captaine of the armie of Assur that the children of Israel had prepared for warre, and had shut vp the passages of the hill countrey, and had fortified all the tops of the high hilles, and had laide impediments in the champion countreys.

2 Wherewith he was very angry, and called all the princes of Moab, and the captaines of Ammon, and all the gouernours of the Sea coast.

3 And he said vnto them, Tell mee now, ye sonnes of Canaan, who this people is that dwelleth in the hill countrey? and what are the cities that they inhabite? and what is the multitude of their armie? and wherein is their power and strength, and what king is set ouer them, or captaine of their armie?

4 And why haue they determined not to come and meet me, more then all the inhabitants of the West?

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