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Jonathan Succeeds Judas

23 ΒΆ Now after the death of Iudas, the wicked began to put foorth their heads in all the coasts of Israel, and there rose vp all such as wrought iniquitie.

24 In those dayes also was there a very great famine, by reason whereof the countrey reuolted, and went with them.

25 Then Bacchides chose the wicked men, and made them lordes of the countrey.

26 And they made enquirie & search for Iudas friends, and brought them vnto Bacchides, who tooke vengeance of them, and vsed them despitefully.

27 So was there a great affliction in Israel, the like whereof was not since the time that a Prophet was not seene amongst them.

28 For this cause all Iudas friends came together, & said vnto Ionathan,

29 Since thy brother Iudas died, we haue no man like him to goe foorth against our enemies, and Bacchides, and against them of our nation that are aduersaries to vs.

30 Now therefore wee haue chosen thee this day to be our prince, and captaine in his stead, that thou mayest fight our battels.

31 Upon this, Ionathan tooke the gouernance vpon him at that time, and rose vp in stead of his brother Iudas.

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