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Apollonius Is Defeated by Jonathan

67 Furthermore, in the hundreth threescore and fifth yeere, came Demetrius sonne of Demetrius, out of Crete into the land of his fathers.

68 Whereof when king Alexander heard tell, he was right sory, and returned into Antioch.

69 Then Demetrius made Apollonius the gouernour of Coelosyria his general, who gathered together a great hoste, and camped in Iamnia and sent vnto Ionathan the high Priest, saying,

70 Thou alone liftest vp thy selfe against vs, and I am laughed to scorne for thy sake, and reproched, and why doest thou vaunt thy power against vs in the mountaines?

71 Now therefore if thou trustest in thine owne strength, come downe to vs into the plaine field, and there let vs trie the matter together, for with me is the power of the cities.

72 Aske and learne who I am, and the rest that take our part, and they shal tel thee that thy foot is not able to stand before our face; for thy fathers haue bene twice put to flight in their owne land.

73 Wherefore now thou shalt not be able to abide the horsemen and so great a power in the plaine, where is neither stone nor flint, nor place to flee vnto.

74 So when Ionathan heard these words of Apollonius, he was moued in his mind, & choosing ten thousand men, he went out of Ierusalē, where Simon his brother met him for to helpe him.

75 And hee pitched his tents against Ioppe: but they of Ioppe shut him out of the citie, because Apollonius had a garison there.

76 Then Ionathan laid siege vnto it: whereupon they of the city let him in for feare: & so Ionathan wan Ioppe.

77 Whereof when Apollonius heard, he tooke three thousand horsemen with a great hoste of footmen, and went to Azotus as one that iourneyed, & therewithal drew him forth into the plaine, because he had a great number of horsemen, in whom he put his trust.

78 Then Ionathan followed after him to Azotus, where the armies ioyned battell.

79 Now Apollonius had left a thousand horsemen in ambush.

80 And Ionathan knew that there was an ambushment behinde him; for they had compassed in his host, and cast darts at the people, from morning till euening.

81 But the people stood still, as Ionathan had commanded them: and so the enemies horses were tired.

82 Then brought Simon forth his hoste, and set them against the footmen, (for the horsmen were spent) who were discomfited by him, and fled.

83 The horsemen also being scattered in the field, fled to Azotus, and went into Bethdagō their idols temple for safety.

84 But Ionathan set fire on Azotus, and the cities round about it, and tooke their spoiles, and the temple of Dagon, with them that were fled into it, he burnt with fire.

85 Thus there were burnt and slaine with the sword, well nigh eight thousand men.

86 And from thence Ionathan remoued his hoste, and camped against Ascalon, where the men of the city came forth, and met him with great pompe.

87 After this, returned Ionathan and his hoste vnto Ierusalem, hauing many spoiles.

88 Now when king Alexander heard these things, he honoured Ionathan yet more,

89 And sent him a buckle of golde, as the vse is to be giuen to such as are of the kings blood: he gaue him also Accaron with the borders thereof in possession.

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