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Nicanor Turns against Judas

26 But Alcimus perceiuing the loue that was betwixt them, and considering the couenants that were made, came to Demetrius, and tolde him that Nicanor was not well affected towards the state, for that he had ordained Iudas, a traitor to his realme, to be the kings successour.

27 Then the king being in a rage, and prouoked with the accusations of the most wicked man, wrote to Nicanor, signifying that he was much displeased with the couenants, and commaunding him that hee should send Maccabeus prisoner in all haste vnto Antioch.

28 When this came to Nicanors hearing, he was much cōfounded in himselfe, and tooke it grieuously, that hee should make voyd the articles which were agreed vpon, the man being in no fault.

29 But because there was no dealing against the king, hee watched his time to accomplish this thing by pollicie.

30 Notwithstāding when Maccabeus saw that Nicanor began to bee churlish vnto him, and that he entreated him more roughly then he was wont, perceiuing þt such sowre behauiour came not of good, hee gathered together not a few of his men, and withdrew himselfe frō Nicanor.

31 But the other knowing that he was notably preuented by Iudas policie, came into the great and holy Temple, and commanded the Priestes that were offering their vsual sacrifices, to deliuer him þe man.

32 And whē they sware that they could not tel where þe man was, whō he sought,

33 Hee stretched out his right hand toward the Temple, & made an oath in this maner: If you wil not deliuer me Iudas as a prisoner, I will lay this Temple of God euen with the ground, and I will breake downe the Altar, and erect a notable temple vnto Bacchus.

34 After these words he departed; then the Priests lift vp their handes towards heauen, & besought him þt was euer a defēder of their nation, saying in this maner:

35 Thou, O Lord of all things, who hast neede of nothing, wast pleased that the Temple of thine habitation should be among vs.

36 Therefore now, O holy Lord of all holinesse, keepe this house euer vndefiled, which lately was cleansed, and stop euery vnrighteous mouth.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

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