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Cleansing and Dedication of the Temple

36 Then saide Iudas and his brethren, behold our enemies are discomfited: let vs goe vp to cleanse, and dedicate the Sanctuarie.

37 Upon this all the host assembled themselues together, and went vp into mount Sion.

38 And when they saw the sanctuarie desolate, and the altar prophaned, and the gates burnt vp, and shrubs growing in the courts, as in a forrest, or in one of the mountaines, yea and the priests chambers pulled downe,

39 They rent their clothes, and made great lamentation, and cast ashes vpon their heads,

40 And fell downe flat to the ground vpon their faces, and blew an alarme with the trumpets, and cried towards heauen.

41 Then Iudas appointed certaine men to fight against those that were in the fortresse, vntill he had clensed the Sanctuarie.

42 So he chose priests of blamelesse conuersation, such as had pleasure in the law.

43 Who cleansed the Sanctuarie, and bare out the defiled stones into an vncleane place.

44 And when as they consulted what to doe with the altar of burnt offrings which was prophaned,

45 They thought it best to pull it downe, lest it should be a reproch to them, because the heathen had defiled it; wherefore they pulled it downe,

46 And laide vp the stones in the mountaine of the temple in a conuenient place, vntill there should come a Prophet, to shew what should be done with them.

47 Then they tooke whole stones according to the law, and built a new altar, according to the former:

48 And made vp the Sanctuarie, and the things that were within the temple, and hallowed the courts.

49 They made also new holy vessels, and into the temple they brought the candlesticke, and the altar of burnt offerings, and of incense, and the table.

50 And vpon the altar they burnt incense, and the lamps that were vpon the candlesticke they lighted, that they might giue light in the temple.

51 Furthermore they set the loaues vpon the table, and spread out the veiles, and finished all the workes which they had begunne to make.

52 Now on the fiue and twentieth day of the ninth moneth, (which is called the moneth Casleu) in the hundreth fourty and eight yeere they rose vp betimes in the morning,

53 And offered sacrifice according to the law vpon the new altar of burnt offerings, which they had made.

54 Looke at what time, and what day the heathen had prophaned it, euen in that was it dedicated with songs, and cittherns, and harpes, & cimbals.

55 Then all the people fell vpon their faces, worshipping and praising the God of heauen, who had giuen them good successe.

56 And so they kept the dedication of the altar eight dayes, and offered burnt offerings with gladnesse, and sacrificed the sacrifice of deliuerance and praise.

57 They deckt also the forefront of the temple with crownes of gold; and with shields, and the gates, and the chambers they renewed and hanged doores vpon them.

58 Thus was there very great gladnesse among the people, for that the reproch of the heathen was put away.

59 Moreouer Iudas and his brethren with the whole congregation of Israel ordained that the daies of the dedication of the altar, should be kept in their season from yeere to yeere by the space of eight dayes, from the fiue and twentieth day of the moneth Casleu, with mirth and gladnesse.

60 At that time also they builded vp the mount Sion with high walles, and strong towres round about, lest the Gentiles should come & tread it downe, as they had done before.

61 And they set there a garison to keepe it: and fortified Bethsura to preserue it, that the people might haue a defence against Idumea.

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