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Campaigns of Jonathan

32 But when Bacchides gat knowledge thereof, he sought for to slay him.

33 Then Ionathan and Simon his brother, and all that were with him, perceiuing that, fled into the wildernes of Thecoe, and pitched their tents by the water of the poole Asphar.

34 Which when Bacchides vnderstood, he came neere to Iordan with all his hoste vpon the Sabbath day.

35 Now Ionathan had sent his brother [ Iohn] a captaine of the people, to pray his friendes the Nabbathites that they might leaue with them their cariage, which was much.

36 But the children of Iambri came out of Medaba, and tooke Iohn and all that hee had, and went their way with it.

37 After this came word to Ionathan and Simon his brother, that the children of Iambri made a great mariage, and were bringing the bride from Nadabatha with a great traine, as being the daughter of one of the great princes of Canaan.

38 Therfore they remembred Iohn their brother, and went vp and hidde themselues vnder the couert of the mountaine.

39 Where they lift vp their eyes, and looked, & behold, there was much adoe and great cariage: and the bridegrome came foorth, and his friends & brethren to meet them with drums and instruments of musicke, and many weapons.

40 Then Ionathan and they that were with him, rose vp against them from the place where they lay in ambush, and made a slaughter of them in such sort, as many fell downe dead, and the remnant fledde into the mountaine, and they tooke all their spoiles.

41 Thus was the mariage turned into mourning, and the noise of their melody into lamentation.

42 So when they had auenged fully the blood of their brother, they turned againe to the marish of Iordan.

43 Now when Bacchides heard hereof, hee came on the Sabbath day vnto the banks of Iordan with a great power.

44 Then Ionathan sayde to his company, Let vs goe vp now and fight for our liues, for it standeth not with vs to day, as in time past:

45 For behold, the battell is before vs and behinde vs, and the water of Iordan on this side and that side, the marish likewise and wood, neither is there place for vs to turne aside.

46 Wherefore cry ye now vnto heauen, that ye may be deliuered from the hand of your enemies.

47 With that they ioyned battel, and Ionathan stretched foorth his hand to smite Bacchides, but hee turned backe from him.

48 Then Ionathan and they that were with him, leapt into Iordan, and swamme ouer vnto the farther banke: howbeit the other passed not ouer Iordan vnto them.

49 So there were slaine of Bacchides side that day about a thousand men

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