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Campaign in Idumea

14 But when Gorgias was gouernour of the holds, hee hired souldiers, and nourished warre continually with the Iewes:

15 And therewithall the Idumeans hauing gotten into their handes the most commodious holdes, kept the Iewes occupied, and receiuing those that were banished from Ierusalem, they went about to nourish warre.

16 Then they that were wich Maccabeus made supplication, & besought God, that he would be their helper, and so they ranne with violence vpon the strong holds of the Idumeans,

17 And assaulting them strongly, they wanne the holds, and kept off all that fought vpon the wall, and slew all that fell into their hands, and killed no fewer then twentie thousand.

18 And because certaine (who were no lesse then nine thousand) were fled together into two very strong castles, hauing all maner of things conuenient to sustaine the siege,

19 Maccabeus left Simon, & Ioseph, and Zaccheus also, and them that were with him, who were enow to besiege them, and departed himselfe vnto those places, which more needed his helpe.

20 Now they that were with Simon, being led with couetousnes, were perswaded for money (through certaine of those that were in the castle) and tooke seuentie thousand drachmes, and let some of them escape.

21 But when it was told Maccabeus what was done, hee called the gouernours of the people together, and accused those men, that they had sold their brethren for money, & let their enemies free to fight against them.

22 So he slew those that were found traitors, and immediatly tooke the two castles.

23 And hauing good successe with his weapons in all things hee tooke in hand, hee slew in the two holdes, more then twentie thousand.

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