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Drought Ends

41 ΒΆ And Eliiah said vnto Ahab, Get thee vp, eate and drinke, for there is a sound of abundance of raine.

42 So Ahab went vp to eate and to drinke, and Eliiah went vp to the top of Carmel, and he cast himselfe downe vpon the earth, and put his face betweene his knees,

43 And said to his seruant, Goe vp now, looke toward the Sea. And hee went vp, and looked, and saide, There is nothing. And he said, Goe againe seuen times.

44 And it came to passe at the seuenth time, that he said, Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the Sea, like a mans hand. And he said, Goe vp, say vnto Ahab, Prepare thy charet, and get thee downe, that the raine stop thee not.

45 And it came to passe in the meane while, that the heauen was blacke with cloudes and winde, and there was a great raine: and Ahab rode and went to Iezreel.

46 And the hand of the Lord was on Eliiah; and hee girded vp his loynes, and ranne before Ahab, to the entrance of Iezreel.

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