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Last Battle of Judas

11 With that the hoste [of Bacchides] remoued out of their tents, and stood ouer against them, their horsemen being diuided into two troupes, and their slingers and archers going before the hoste, and they that marched in the foreward were all mighty men.

12 As for Bacchides, hee was in the right wing, so the hoste drew neere on the two parts, and sounded their trumpets.

13 They also of Iudas side, euen they sounded their trumpets also, so that the earth shooke at the noise of the armies, and the battell continued from morning till night.

14 Now when Iudas perceiued that Bacchides and the strength of his armie were on the right side, he tooke with him all the hardy men,

15 Who discomfited the right wing, and pursued them vnto the mount Azotus.

16 But when they of the left wing, saw that they of the right wing were discomfited, they followed vpon Iudas and those that were with him hard at the heeles from behinde:

17 Whereupon there was a sore battell, insomuch as many were slaine on both parts.

18 Iudas also was killed, and the remnant fled.

19 Then Ionathan and Simon tooke Iudas their brother, and buried him in the sepulchre of his fathers in Modin.

20 Moreouer they bewailed him, and all Israel made great lamentation for him, and mourned many dayes, saying;

21 How is the valiant man fallen, that deliuered Israel?

22 As for the other things concerning Iudas and his warres, and the noble actes which he did, and his greatnesse, they are not written: for they were very many.

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